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Baby Shower Games - Phoenix,AZ

Hi everyone:

I am planning a baby shower for a friend. I have some games in mind, but really like some other ideas. I would really like to know what games you really enjoyed playing at a shower and what games you thought were a waste of time. Any other cute ideas for the shower would be appriciated. Thank you!


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I did not really play any games at my shower, but I strongly suggest having a diaper raffle. I had triplets, and I did not have to buy diapers for almost 5 months. I had 3 gift cards (gas card, movie tickets, applebees card), and each person that brought diapers or wipes got a raffle ticket. The gifts were great, but the diaper stacks were almost as tall as I was. Even if she is between sizes, the store will exchange them for either the brand or size she needs. Hope this helps.

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Hi B.,

I just thru a baby shower not that long ago. The one game that every one LOVED was the dirty diaper game. I took small candy bars and melted them in the diaper and in order for them to figure out what they were every one was smelling them. It was fun. The other ones I did was they had to guess what the babies were of other animals, For ex. pig is a piglet, cat is a kitten and so on. But it got hard once they had to figure out what the baby to a swan or the goat. Another one was I made up cute little cards that had a place for them to guess the babies birth date and weight and once the baby is born, whoever is the closest I am going to send a gift card to. I kept all the cards and am going to make a scrap book page out of them for her.

Good Luck

One that I have used for bridal and baby showers is really not so much a game as a great way to help the honoree send thank you cards. You buy the thank you cards in advance and put stamps on the envelopes (if there are not to many people), then you have each person address the envelope as they come in. Towards the end you have the honoree draw an envelope and that person receives a prize and the honoree receives the already addressed/stamped envelopes and only needs to put a thank you message in the card and drop it in the mail...online websites with the search words "baby shower games" offers a ton of great ideas as well!
Have fun!

Hi B.,

I just went to a baby shower and played a game I never have before and it was pretty funny! You get a bunch of baby bottles and fill them with apple juice (or your choice) then pass them out to everyone. Whoever drinks it the fastest, wins! It was funny to watch a bunch of women sucking on these bottles. Plus, the mom-to-be, gets to keep all the bottles! The other one I liked was making the cutest baby out of playdough. The mom-to-be gets to pick the winner! Hope you guys have a great time!


The one I have always liked is to make a book of advice for the new mom. Pass out sheets of paper with each letter of the alphabet on them and have them write a little bit of advice using that letter as a starting point. After the shower you can put them together and have them bound at Kinkos for the mom. You could also include some photos from the shower, a guest and gift list, etc.


Hi B.,

One of the games we played at my shower was that everyone had to guess how many squares of toilet paper it would take to wrap around my belly. This can also be done with a spool of yarn or some ribbon.

Another game is writing famous kid actors on cards and clip them to the guests back but the guest does not know who they have. They then have to ask the other guests questions like male/female, past star, current star, famous parents etc and try to guess who the famous child is.

Another idea but not a game. If you have an ultrasound photo, matte it and then have all the guests sign a little note to the soon to be arrival on the matte. If you don't have a photo, just use a matte and then once the child is born, you can put the child's first photo etc in the matte and frame it and hang in the baby's room.

Hope this helps.


We just had a shower for my sister-in-law this past weekend so I have some games fresh in mind. I agree with Liisa G. about disliking the game where you can't say the word "Baby" or you lose a clothes pin. It definitely stops people from conversing naturally and it just gets annoying. Some games we played that were fun were guessing how many jelly beans were in a baby bottle, word scramble, guessing how many sheets of toilet paper it takes to go around the mom's belly, and pin the pacifier on the baby (a take on pin the tail on the donkey). We also always play the Dirty Diaper game at our family showers. The host melts a sample of a different candy bar into numbered diapers and the guests have to determine what candy it is by looking at and sniffing the chocolate. Some people might find the game unsavory but it depends on the crowd. We're a pretty comical group so we always laugh about it and you'll get some pretty funny pictures too! :) My mother-in-law always gives a small gift to the game winners like a $5 gift card to Starbucks or some small Bath & Body Works items. It doesn't have to be anything big but it's a nice touch.

I also have another idea that isn't a game but it creates a nice keepsake if you or a friend can sew. Ask each guest to mail you a piece of cloth (of specified size) with a baby oriented print and a special message written on it in permanent marker. You can use some batting and soft fabric to make the pieces into a blanket to give to the mom at the shower.

At my shower and a friends shower we got play dough and we gave everyone a ball and told them to make a baby out of the play dough that they thought the baby would look like. Not only was some of them completely funny and ugly but some were great I kept all of my babies and now my daughter thought they were cool. It keep everyone entertained but didn't seem like a waste of time. Also do a word search or scramble and make them find words ect...

I just went to a shower where they had us write down advice for the new parents. Some were absolutely hysterical, but all were great. It brought back memories.

I do love games where you unscramble baby words or remember the next line from a nursery rhyme, etc. as it gets the conversation going about baby stuff. I don't like when they don't let you mention certain words or you will lose a baby pin or whatever. It really made some people not talk at all. Don't like that.

Have fun!

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