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Baby Shower & Bridal Shower

I am looking unique gift ideas to give at a bridal & 2 baby showers. I want the gift to have the "AAAAWWWWWWW" factor when being opened. Plus the stores my friends are registered at are pretty far from me and I do not like paying shipping costs.

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Hi K.,

I have a good idea for a baby shower gift. It was given to me and it was a total "woooowwww factor. My friend went to Micheals and bought a wooden crate. It was already painted white and she put the name of my daughter on it with really cute wooden letters that were also bought at Micheals. In the crate was a clothes line and on the clothes lines were toys, blankets and clothes hung by clothes pins. It was fun to pulll the clothes line out and see all the fun goodies. Sooo cute and such a great idea. My daughter is 2 and till this day I still use that crate for toys.


Hi K.,
A great idea is to buy a cute baby hamper and get a bag of tiny clothes pins and a clothes line or tiny rope and buy some adorable clothes, hats, booties, etc. and hang them from the clothes line. You can then set them inside the hamper and when the mommy-to-be opens it she will be so excited because everything will be hanging for everyone to see! I hope this helps!
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I saw a really great idea that would work for either - a tower/cake. The baby shower one was made up of cloth diaper rolled up and then held together with ribbons and built in layers. it included diaper pins, plastic pants and other stuff related to changing baby as "decorations". The bridal one was done with a kitchen or bath theme. Toels rolled then tied with ribbo and then "decorated with kitchen or bath items.

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If the gift is for a baby girl I have done the cake out of blankets and attached to it is a very nice wedding cake knife, along with a poem that reads:

This is a very special
Cake knife.
As you will see
You will use it to cut
Her Birthday cake
For many years to be.
And while she is so tiny,
it’s hard to believe,
One day she will be
All grown up
And ready to leave.
A trip down the isle,
She will take.
A home of her own
She will make.
So when you are ready,
To cut her wedding cake
You will have the perfect
Birthday cake knife
To take

You will get very little dry eyes and the WOWWWWWWWWWWW Factor.

For the boy you can do a white hanky like the one your grandmother use to carry in her purse. And the poem for that will read, it is easy to make it into a bonnet. Just a few stitches and a couple of blue ribbons for the strings. It was a great gift from my mother in law to me. She gave it to me in the box my husband got it in and I did the same for my boys. I just hope there special one will love it as much as I did. It did get used getting rid of lots of happy tears on my special day.

I’m just a little hankie as square as square can be,
But with a small stitch or two a bonnet I will be.
I’ll be worn from the hospital or on my
Baptism day,
And after that, be folded then carefully put away.
When on that future wedding day so we’ve been always told.
The well dressed bride must always wear
Something that is old.
So what could be more fitting
Than to find little me
And with a few fine stitches snipped.
A wedding hankie be.
And if perchance it’s a boy someday he’ll surely
Then his bride can have the hankie once worn
Upon his head.

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Definitely agree w/ using their registry as a guide. You can still buy items off the registry and make it unique. I'm a big advocate of gift receipts, even if you're getting items off the registry. B/c as I recently learned, Target for example, will only let you return items with a receipt. So if you get a duplicate, even if it's off of your registry, they won't even give you store credit without a receipt!

A big hit that I've done using registry items (or not) for baby showers is "pea in the pod." You'll need- a green blanket, 6 pairs of white or green bootie socks, ribbon, and a soft stuffed baby doll (girl for a girl, if it's a boy i try to find like a boy doll in a sports uniform of some sort or even a puppy). Lay the green (try to find a shade that matches w/ their colors) blanket flat, then roll 1/3 of each side (long ways) to the middle. So it should be long w/ 2 rolls. Fasten each end (leaving a couple inches) by tying a ribbon in a bow. Then, stuff the middle with the doll, and separate the bootie socks so they're individual. Roll the bootie socks to make the "peas" around the baby, and hence your "pea in the pod." I usually attach a cardboard square on one of the ribbon ends that says "a pea in the pod for your pea in the pod." It gets lots of ooohs and aaahs, and I've had a lot of people tell me they'll be copying my idea for other baby showers.

The towel cake/diaper cakes are also cute. For bridal, you can use kitchen/bath towels they registered for, or for the baby shower use either diapers, bath towels, receiving blankets, etc., off of their registry. Wrap each "cake layer" w/ a thick ribbon matching their color scheme and you can insert little items they registered for around the layers or as the top of the layer. for baby ie- toys, rattles, socks, bottles, pacifiers, etc. For bridal- kitchen utensils (spatula, spoon, ladel, etc) are easy to stuff in the towels.

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I recently found super cute gifts at www.sassybabybling.com. If you're looking for the AWWWW factor, that's the place! They could also make something up for the bridal shower, too. I'd suggest e-mailing the owner (it's a local company - they're based in Crystal Lake) to see if they could make something special for the bride. I'm sure they'll have cute ideas.

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we just had a baby shower for my sister, and my sister-in-law bought a wicker basket from wal-mart and a bunch of clothes. she layed a receiving blanket in the basket and then attached all the individual clothes items... one sock at a time, etc to a clothes line, with clothes pins and layed it all back and forth on top of eachother in the basket. when my sister started pulling on the clothes line, it came out of the basket with the clothes attached and stretched all the way around the room... each guest holding a little bit of it--- adorable, and then everyone got a good look at the darling little clothes.

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I gave my friend a year of pictures at one of the photo places. I printed out on the computer what the gift card was intended for. I used the paper with pink and blue footprints, and then put it in an 8x10 frame. She loved it! There are lots of places to choose from, my family now only goes to Portrait Innovations, I like that the photographer can move around with their camera, as opposed to the camera being mounted inside some big piece of equipment, or that they only take 12 shots.

For the bridal shower, for my best friend, I bought holiday decorations the whole year prior. She lived at home until she got married, so I had window clings, baskets, candle holders, hand towels, dish towels, ornaments, etc. Of course I did this over the year, so you may not have this kind of time. And I knew her tastes perfectly so that helped too.

A gift I really appreciated was a big laundry basket filled with paper towels, cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, etc. We also got 2 huge rolling trash cans with a hose, rake, broom, sprinkler, etc which was very much appreciated and needed. I do't know that this has the "WOW" factor you are looking for, but when we moved into a brand new house and had to go out and buy towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc, etc, it was nice to have this stash of items to look through first!

For my bridal shower, my aunt bought a set of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths and built a wedding cake with them by rolling them up and stacking them. She decorated them with fake flowers and ribbon. I have kept it intact and have actually redecorated my bathroom to match!! I have seen a tiered "cake" also done in diapers, decorated again with ribbon and small baby stuff... pacifiers, booties, nail clippers, small toys, etc. Those are very cute to look at, and practical of course!!

The best gift with an aawww factor at my wedding was a picnic basket with everything needed for a romantic date. It was awesome and a great way to start a tradition of dating my husband even after we were married. I would do like a bottle of champagne, the glasses a decked out picnic basket, maybe with a gift card for like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, or another more gourmet grocery store and a nice picnic blanket.

Big Lots has beautiful scrapbooks and lots of accessories for them Mchaels does too but they are more expensive but also more variety. Give things to start them in their scrapbooking. This can be an inepensive but really thoughful and creative gift. Hope this helps.

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