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Baby Shaking Head

My daughter (6 months old) has started shaking her head frequently as if to say no. She does it when she's excited, angry, tired.... It just seems really wierd. For example before bed she shakes her head, when I am going to wash her hair she shakes her head.... Is this somthing that is common and happens with a lot of babies? I'm a little concerned.

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You said she's shaking her head when she's excited? A friend of mine had that problem. Her son shook his head almost violently at seemingly random times (I only saw him at church, so I don't know if they really were random or not). She talked to her ped about it, and he said not to worry about it. It's just a fun sensation or something, and eventually he grew out of it. But ask your pediatrician at her next visit and see if he/she agrees.

now I must say in advance....THIS MAY NOT BE THE CASE WITH YOUR BABY! My daughter did that alot but with her it is because she is legally blind, I cant tell you if its normal because my oldest didn't do it but what I can tell you that my vision specialist told me that it was a habit that I needed to break and when she shook her head to lightly touch the top of her head and that would distract her! Sure enough it worked after about 3 days of doing this, so if you want it to stop no harm in trying this!

My daughter (who is 9 mo.) did that for a whole month a couple of months ago. It was always at bedtime or naptime while she was nursing. It almost looked like she was shaking without having any control over it. I was told that it was her nervous system winding down. It eventually went away, but it scared me to death at the time.

My nephew does the same thing. It started when he was about 6 months and now he does it when you talk to him. People get such a kick out of it. It looks just like he is telling me no all the time. You can barely talk to him without him doing it!

She IS telling you no at least some of the time. Babies can learn sign language at that age, and they are anxious to communicate. (Wouldn't you be?) I had a niece that said no for everything we asked her because she had it confused with yes. It made life a challenge for a while. Look on the internet for sign language videos - there is even a video dictionary on the internet so you can quickly learn the signs you need.

My 7 month old son does something similar - he rocks his head back and forth. It makes it a pain to feed him dinner, but it is cute. When he does it on the floor or in my arms, it is like he is rocking and getting the rocking motion going. She is probably just learning how to manipulate her muscles.

My son (almost 6 mos) does the same thing, especially when hes tired, it's like he rocks himslef to sleep that way. A lot of my friends kids have done the same thing, so as far as I'm aware, you shouldn't be too worried :)

Totally normal. And isn't it the cutest thing?? Well, with my daughter it was super cute anyway because she always had this huge smile on her face while she was shaking her head "no." My twin sons did it, too, as well as my 4 year old daughter when she was around 6 months or so. It's just a new sensation they get when they do it. It messes with their balance and equilibrium a little and they can get a little dizzy, so it's fun for them. It's not dangerous or anything, she's just exploring her body and her abilities. Learning to control her head. Strengthening her neck muscles. Don't worry about it too much. If it seems she's hurting herself or something, then check it out with a doctor, but most likely, it's just normal.

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