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Baby Root Canal for My 5 Yr Old

Just wondering if anyone else has had to have their child get this done. I am taking my son today to the dentist for the baby root canal and a bit worried for him

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thanks everyone for your responses and support my son did extremely well yesterday at the dentist was nervous and sooo was I but he listened to the dentist and stood sooo still it was unbelievable he got something to numb his gums first the md just rubbed on his gums than he got a needle in the area he got one root canal w/crown and one cavity filled not in much pain afterwards either thank god

thanks again

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when my son had this done he was in hospital and put under, this way it was not distressing to him and he would not remember it. He enjoyed his day at the hospital and bought home Doctor PJ's. One has fallen out 2 years later and his dentist capped it with a silver tooth cover! yes he now has alien teeth!! good luck

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when my son had this done he was in hospital and put under, this way it was not distressing to him and he would not remember it. He enjoyed his day at the hospital and bought home Doctor PJ's. One has fallen out 2 years later and his dentist capped it with a silver tooth cover! yes he now has alien teeth!! good luck

My daughter had to have a root canal as well at the same age. She was in school and another student through a toy and it hit my daughter in the mouth breaking off her front bottom tooth right done to the nerve. She did really well with it and had no problems at all. She is now 20 years old and still has the same root canal has since had it bonded to look like a real tooth but that was done around the same time as well. She has had no problems. Hope your son is still doing well.

My oldest son had a root canal when he was almost 5 and he did wonderful. I was also a complete wreck about it- I have awful teeth and have had several root canals. We took him to a pediatric dentist and she is a MAGICIAN- he never even knew he was getting needles, she gave him a little gas and then the novacaine and he never flinched the whole procedure!! He loves the dentist and has since had 3 fillings done- he also now asks if it is time for his check-up(he's going to be 7 next week)- It will be fine, I'm sure. Probably harder on you than him, Good luck.

My nephew had to have a root canal at 3 or 4. He was fine, the toth eventually fell out and he had no issues with his perm. teeth. Sorry that you have to go through this! Good luck!

No, but I have had a root canal myself. Have you ever had the procedure? It sounds awful, but it's not really any worse than getting a cavity filled. Certainly more of a severe treatment, but in terms of pain and recovery it wasn't any worse for me.

Good luck.

Good luck D.. My son is 5 1/2. He didn't have root canal, but he did have teeth pulled under anesthesia. My daughter also had cavities filled under sedation. Both did fine! I am sure he wil be fine.

Please get a second opinion from another dentist in another dental group/office. It sounds like a pretty drastic proceedure for a child, who is still in the stage of loosing baby teeth. I would feel very uncomfortable about it.

I have been through this before with myself and my now 12yr old son. If in fact it is a baby tooth I would personally have it extracted. Root canals are a waste of money. Honestly it really isn't worth it (to me). Even if it was an adult tooth( only a molar) I would have it pulled. Root canals only last so long and then in that short time you have to go back and have it drilled and filled again. It just seems like a big trouble to me. My kids don't get any temporary dental work unless they are in pain and it affects their self-esteem. I hope this helps you a little.

My daughter had a root canal of her two front teeth when she was two. It was a cavity at the gum line, and she needed her front teeth to bite... If it hadn't been her front teeth I would have said to pull them.

They gave her a dose of liquid medication, ( a sedative) and we waited for it to take effect. She was put in a papoose which is a Velcro harness attached to a board to "swaddle" the child during the procedure ( I don't know if your guy is too old for that. They gave her nitrous and Novocaine, and it would have been fine if they just hadn't strapped her into the papoose,, She struggled against it so !

She had caps on her teeth till they fell out at around the age of 6. It was really hard on me, and she still remembers feeling frightened, But that's because of being restrained, not the root canal itself.

My daughter had to have this done when she was almost 6. The pediatric dentist told me to give her benadryl 1/2 before getting there & they also used nitrus oxide to help her relax - although she was relaxed & out of it, I was a bundle of nerves.

One thing to remember is that our children may be young, but they can sense things. So if we're nervous, they'll be too. Our dentist allows me to stay in the room with my daughter which lessens things a bit. Good luck!

My son had one at age 4. We went to a good Pediatric dentist who used sweet air... my son was fine. Make sure the dentist is good with kids... and don't worry!!!

D., I don't know if you'll get this on time but I worked in the offices as a holistic dentist so I learned quite a bit about healthy teeth and stuff while I was there. Thankfully this is a baby tooth and it will come out eventually anyway but root canals can be very dangerous for health reasons. Don't panic, but please take some time out before something like this happens again and read the book "It's All in Your Head" by Hal Huggins, biological dentist. If you email me I can send you a dental chart. Each tooth is connected to a meridian and you may just want to keep an eye on his health in that particular area. ____@____.com the best! Hopefully they won't put amalgam in.

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