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Baby Rolling and Bumping Head on Crib

My son has just learned how to roll from back to tummy and is a wild man in his crib. We're trying to let him soothe himself to sleep more and more, but he now rolls over and hits his head on the crib and cries. My husband and I take turns going in and helping him, but soon enough he rolls again, hits his head and is really upset. I know everyone says to leave bumpers out of cribs because of the risks associated with SIDS, but what should I do to protect his little head? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Thank you!

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Put the bumpers back in. If you tuck the bottom edge down between the railing and mattress there's effectively no gap to get stuck in.

SAHM of seven

Hi T.,
I understand what you are going through. my twins girls are quite the rollers these days as well. I spoke to my pediatrician and she said now that they can roll it is ok to have bumper pads in the crib. So I have the bumerppad on their crib and they actually snuggle up to it. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Jen B

I seriously would revisit the idea of a bumper. I am assuiming that the reason they say bumpers are bad is because one person might have not strapped it in correcctly and the child suffocated. The way I see it is if you keep a monitor in his room you will definitely hear him scream if something is happening to them. They are not quiet when something is wrong. I have just had my daughter may 3rd and she is attemtping the idea of rolling over. I was overly paranoid and she sleeps in her cradle next to my bed. Now that I know I can relax knowing she makes a noise when something is wrong...makes sleep so much more enjoyable. Even the baby monitors pick up funny breathing so you should be okay.

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Hi T.,
I understand what you are going through. my twins girls are quite the rollers these days as well. I spoke to my pediatrician and she said now that they can roll it is ok to have bumper pads in the crib. So I have the bumerppad on their crib and they actually snuggle up to it. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Jen B

Hi T.,
As long as he is able to move himself out of a position of discomfort he should be ok with bumper pads as long as they are put on snug. I have 3 children who at one point have slept with me and my husband they have all woken up kicking or crying when they are in a compromising position. As long as those bumper pads are not going to intangle him. I have never heard of any child dieing from having bumper pads in there crib this is just a percautionary thing they do. I have taken a class on sids for my CEH's. We never talked about this...... Remember know one yet knows what SIDS is caused from.:) Good luck to you and your son.

I was curious to see the responses on this. My daughter was born in Dec 2007 as well and she gets her little legs caught between the bars. I never even purchased a bumper out of fear of SIDS but now that she is older, I am looking at the Breathable bumpers and wondering if that may help. I just saw one in a catalog I got from One Step Ahead. Good luck!

When my daughter began rolling over from her back to her tummy, she'd start crying several times during the night because she couldn't roll back over to her back. So, I bought two of those wedges (available at Target), which were made to put under the crib sheets to raise her head, and placed them in the crib the long way (under the sheet). The higher edges were touched the sides of the crib, and the lower edges met in the middle perfectly. We laid her down to sleep in the "valley" and because the edges sloped upward, she couldn't roll up the slope. So, she wasn't able to roll over to her tummy. We all had great nights of sleep after this! This might help your "wild man" from being able to roll all over the crib! Hope this helps!

My daughter did the same exact thing, and we ended up putting the bumpers back in, even though we debated for a bit because I'd heard the same thing about SIDS. (as other posts mentioned, the risk of SIDS goes down once they have better control of their head and can roll back and forth). She was SO much happier and slept much better with the bumpers in place. But, she did tend to crawl over and snuggle up to the bumper, so my husband or I did go in and check her on occasion to make sure her little nose wasn't squished up against the bumper :-) I think we were more paranoid than we needed to be. If you do decide to put the bumpers in, make sure they're tied down tight. Good luck!!

Both of my kids had bumper guards once they were able to roll around in their crib, and that was one of the reasons why. The other was that since alot of body heat escapes from the top of the head they would put the top of their head against the bumper guard to help keep warm. Since he's a mover and shaker now =) he'd probably do ok with bumper guards, but I understand your hesitation.

Hi T.

By the time they can rollover the risk of sids decreases drastically. We have the same problem, except she gets her arms or legs stuck in between the slats. We decided to shove a blanket on the side to protect her from hitting the bars with her head or legs/arms - temporarily and so far it seems to be working. I don't think anything is wrong with putting something in there to protect his head just make sure it's secure.

I'd have to agree with Patty K... my thoughts exactly. We did use the breathable bumper for a number of months... which still allows them to breathe, but keeps arms and legs from getting caught. I'd also thought that it was ok to use a bumper once they're able to roll around. I would suggest running it by your pediatrician... Good luck!

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