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Baby Pooping in Bathtub

I wasn't going to ask this but it's getting a little annoying. For almost two weeks now, almost every time my 13 month old son gets a bath, he poops in the tub. He gets a bath every other day in the evening. We eat dinner about 6:30-7:00ish and he gets in the tub around 8. I've been trying to make sure he eats earlier so he has time to get his 'business' done before bath time. Erlier in the week he pooed in the morning and I was happy because I thought that meant we were clear for the evening, but he did it anyway. Is this normal? I can't imagine I can really do anything about it, I'm just wondering if any other moms had this happen to them and what did you do about it and also how long did it last.

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Even though its very early to start thinking about potty training - we keep a potty right next to the tub, and watch closely - when one of the little ones is starting to poop - we pull them out of the tub and plot them right onto the little potty...and then give them lots of praise for going on the potty! Good Luck!!!!!

Eeeep! I think one of my daughters did once. I did not realize it was so common. I don't see why you can't say "no no" when he does it. This way he understands that you are not supposed to do it then. I agree with Karen, i would absolutley do a standing tub. I do that when i am in a rush anyway...i like the shower head that comes off...it makes it so easy.

I asolutely did not mead SCOLD, i am NOT that kind of mother. I think Rachael misunderstood me. I just meant a simple "no no" in a friendly voice. I think they are smart enough at 13 months to understand. The other mom had a great point that you can put a baby potty on the floor next to the tub. I HATE that some mommies like to jump to conclusions.

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Totally normal,as the other poster said its warm and yes its happened to us and yeah you just kinda go Oh well.... lasted for us a couple times and that was about it!

My son did the same thing, I think the warm water just made it easier! I learned the signs that it was coming, he would squat rather than sit and I held him over the toilet. He potty trained early, and it all started with pooping on the potty!!! I swear this helped!

Yes it is normal ther muscles relax with the warm water and they have no control. It will stop when he gets older and can controll it. LOL brings back alot of memories.
good luck T.
enjoy them because they grow up so fast.

It's normal -- all that nice warm water . . and the muscles relax, and whoooosh, out it comes. If it's firm you can just scoop it out with a bowl or something, and toss it down the toilet. :-)

warm water is relaxing. When my friends son was little he would get constipated. The doctor suggested giving him a warm bath and rubbing his belly. Voila! It worked like a charm......right in the bathtub! At that age they don't really know how to control it anyway, so they go when they want. I don't think I'd be too concerned, but if you're still worried call the doctor. It never hurts to ask!!

My DD did this a lot when she was about 2. I think being in the warm bath just relaxes them enough that they do "their business." It won't last long, I expect. It sounds like he doesn't need the bath as much for an evening routine, since he doesn't have a bath every night. What if you give him a bath BEFORE dinner? Or, a little sooner after dinner? It's totally gross, I completely understand...hang in there!

I would take advantage of the "problem" and put him on the potty the second you notice him starting to poop! I know kids that young can learn to poop on the potty.

Your situation made me laugh because I too, had a tub pooper. My youngest, who's now 3 1/2, started doing it when he was just shy of 2 yo. He would do it quite frequently, even if he did already poop during the day. Pray that your son doesn't do what mine did, however, and start THROWING it at me! The first time he did it I was so shocked, but couldn't help myself and started laughing so hard my husband came upstairs. Over the course of the next year he did it about a dozen times, sometimes hitting me with it, sometimes getting it to land in the sink! He has finally outgrown this disgusting phase. I think part of was like a conditioned response; he felt warm and comfy in his bath and automatically pooped, whether he really had to or not. I don't know the best way to handle it, but I pretty much did nothing except gently remind him not to throw it, I didn't want him to think pooping was bad (we were potty training). And keep a lot of Lysol or bleach in the bathroom to scrub and rinse the tub down when he's done!

You may also want to practice ducking!

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