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Baby on Cereal with Milk Protein Allergy

Hello All, my daughter is 4 months old and just started gerber rice cereal this week. She is also on nutramigin for milk protein allergy. she has been on the cereal for 4 days and her face is broke out and she is fussy again as she was before the formula switch. Does anyone know if gerber rice cereal is a problem for babies with this issue and if so, what should i give her???? my ped says no cereal till 6 months old but she is 16 pounds at 4 months and eating 8 oz every four hours waking up at night still..

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thank you to all for your opinions...she was sleeping 8- 9 hours at night until her growth spurt at 3 1/2 months. we tried increasing her formula to ease her hunger but she would just spit it up..I only give her the cereal in the evening and with a spoon.,..NOT in her bottle and she does wonderful with it. I guess I will just ask her pediatrician at her next appointment. thanks

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my older daughter was allergic to rice, so I would give her NO cereal for a week, then switch to oatmeal and see if that is ok for her.

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If your pediatrician recommended waiting, why are you trying this now? Babies with known intolerances should wait so that they are more developed before starting solids.

Also babies that were preemies should wait the additional 'preemie' amount so that their bodies can catch up to where they are supposed to be.

I would stop and wait. My daughter didn't do solids until 6-7 months.

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It is possible, but not definite, that the cereal and milk protein allergies are related. My son is highly allergic to all dairy products but had no problem with the Gerber rice cereal, or with soy in general.

Since she is having trouble with it though, I would suggest waiting until she is six months and trying again with a different brand. The fact that it is making her really fussy probably indicates that she isn't ready for solids yet.

My son was also 16+ pounds at four months but we waited till six months based on the recommendation of his ped.


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The solid food could be making things worse. I would stop, and go back to what you know, wait, and then try again in a month or so.
It is not uncommon for a 4 mos old to still be waking at night for food.
It took my DD 6 mos before she stopped waking in the night, and I had to nudge her along at that point to stop at night!
Best of luck!

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First of all, no cereal till 6 months. She's drinking the proper amount of formula. Babies can't digest cereal properly and that's why they feel fuller. It just sits in their little tummies. It won't make her sleep longer. So, if your ped says 6 months, then I'd wait till 6 months.
Second of all, yes it could be the cereal. Just wait until you go back her doc and see what he/she recommends. Cereal is not even a necessary thing for babies to eat. You can just start her on baby food when she hits 6 months.

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If she has these sensitivities and your ped didn't recommend doing it, why would you even do that now? 4 months is the BARE minimum for starting solids. If she wakes up in the night hungry then get up and feed her in the night. It is very very very NORMAL for babies to wake up in the night to eat. Wait for her digestive system to develop more before you start trying to give her other things. Granted I used a different feeding method but my kids still woke up in the night till they were about a year. Stuffing her with more things that she isn't ready for yet isn't going to make her sleep longer. Neurologically most babies this young are not ready to be sleeping for that length of time. You are lucky to get 5 hours straight.

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Worth repeating as the open gut issues is mostly unknown to new moms. Please do some reading so you understand the reasoning behind the 6 month time frame
feel free to email me if you have any questions

Sarah D...."Have you read the research behind delaying solids?

Your baby has an "open gut". You have to wait until the stomach is fully developed and "closed" before starting solid, otherwise you set them up for life-long allergies and digestive issues. There's no reason for her to start cereal for another 2 months. Some old-school doctors still recommend it, but that is against all nutritional and AAP recommendations. Just stop and try again in 2 months when she's actually old enough to start solids...."

Our first son had a milk protein intolerance, our dr told us that children with milk protein intolerance are highly likely to also have a soy protein intolerance. He was right - our little guy couldn't tolerate milk or soy.

Gerber has soy in most of their products, and for sure has it in their cereal (I know as we started with Gerber and had to stop). We used Beech Nut Soy Free Oatmeal Cereal, he had no issues with that. Maybe check with your dr about changing to a soy free cereal.

Good luck!

Feeding her cereal will not make her sleep through the night. That said, I started my boys on it at 4 months, many docs say anywhere between 4 and 6 months is fine. You know they are ready if they can move the food from the spoon to the back of the mouth and swallow without gagging. (never give cereal in a bottle) My boys did not have any allergies though. I would check the ingredient, there may be dried milk in the cereal, it is in a lot of things. You will need to find all the names used to add milk or milk protein to product and than make sure you are reading labels. Here is one list I found"

What items on a food label contain milk?
These ingredients contain milk:
Milk Solids
Calcium Caseinate
Non-Fat Milk Solids
Sodium Caseinate
Buttermilk Solids
Chocolate (may contain milk solids)
Half & Half
Whey Solids
Milk Chocolate
Malted Milk

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