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Okay im a soon to be dad. My wife is 5 months pregnant. Does anyone know what are the rules in california as far as last name go?
My wife wants both our last name to be on the birth certificate and im okay with that as long as my last name is the primary last name.
So my question is how should we put it on the birth certificate to make sure we have both last name but make my last name the primary name? By the way me and my wife kept our own family name.

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I know a family where they combined both last names with just a capital letter in the middle and no space. i.e. John SmithDoe The husband, wife and 3 kids all are like that.

In NY, babies get their mother's legal last name, unless a parent specifically requests something else, then there is a ton of paperwork to be filled out. For example my kids have their father's last name, not because it's HIS last name, but because it was MY legal last name when they were born. It is good to work this out beforehand. However having been through it multiple times, you'd do well to let Mom call the baby what she wants, tehehe. Congrats, and Good Luck!

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Hyphenate it or give him your wife's maiden name as a middle name(or even first name). I would like to add that I hyphenated my last name as:
A. mine-his. I go by his name however. He told me this was going to give me problems later in life. He was RIGHT ! Had I put my husband's name first I could have avoided many government problems with social security now that I'm retired. So, kinda keep that in mind. I don't know California's rules are so good luck,

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To be the primary last name, it is the last name on the cert. Even if there are 6 names on there, whichever is first is first, and last is last. Hyphenating actually creates an entire seperate set of circumstances (the double barrelled last name... and the protocol there gets a bit dicey... because it changes via culture and usage). In my personal experience in a hyphenated DB name, the most prestigious/powerful/oldest name goes first, while in a non-hypenated DB, the primary goes last. But again. That, too, changes via culture and usage.

Fun wiki on the subj.

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My kids have both last names with no hyphen and I just have to say that it is a nightmare for certain things: medical records, insurance cards, school... Might you consider giving your child two middle names (the chosen middle name and your wife's last name both as middle names) and yours as the formal last name? That would give the child both, but avoid a lot of confusion with schools, DMV, passports....

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You have probably already been over this with your wife, but would she consider her last name being the middle name of the child? I understand where she is coming from. The way our society does it feels unfair. I gave up my last name and always sort of regretted that, but I am glad I didn't saddle my kids with a last name as long as your home state.

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By using a hyphen and putting your last name last? If your wife's last name is Smith and yours is Jones then your child's name would be:
"First name, Middle name, Smith-Jones"

I am pretty sure the "rules" on these things, these days are pretty relaxed and you can name your child whatever and however you want to...as long as your both present at the hospital to sign all the papers!

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there aren't any rules, do it however you like. pain in the butt for your kid, but you can put it on there however you want it.

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Call the state office that issues the birth certificates and ask. Why dont you consider a hyphenated last name with hers, then yours? If not why dont use consider your wifes last name as the middle name of the baby? Hope this helps. Congrats to both of U.

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The last name on, is the primary last name. I'm hyphenated with mine and my hubs name and everyone when they read it on paper just calls me by the last name listed, my hubs. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of joy!

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