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Baby Keeps Getting Sick from Daycare

My 12 month old keeps getting sick. I don't know how to help her. She goes 3 days a week to a high quality daycare. She keeps coming down with head colds and they either turn into a sinus infections or ear infections. She already has tubes in her ears from chronic ear infections. I asked her Peditrician and he said there was nothing I could do except keep her a way from other children! Unfortunately, I have to work and that's not an option. Please help!

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try eliminating dairy. my kid was a major snotty mess would get sick easily. Took him off of dairy. Switched to organic rice milk (by the way it's cheapest at trader joes) and the snot is goine.

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try eliminating dairy. my kid was a major snotty mess would get sick easily. Took him off of dairy. Switched to organic rice milk (by the way it's cheapest at trader joes) and the snot is goine.

Hi A.,
I am not sure if hiring a sitter to come to your home would work, but that might be a nice option to try. I read some where that it is not uncommon for children to get the common cold around once per month for the first few years of their life. That seems extreme, but some are more severe than others. The tough part is that if these "colds" are turning into sinus infections or ear infections then I assume your daughter is being placed on antibiotics. This again does not allow the body to build an immunity to these infections as easily. I had chronic tonsilitus when I was a child up through my teenage years. I finally stopped taking antibiotics every time I had a flare up and they eventually decreased and went a away.
I am not sure if any of these suggestions are a solution for your issue, but thought I would throw some options your way.
Good luck,

I had the same problem with my eldest! My mom recommended I build up her immune system, which after a couple of months worked so amazingly well. She's a Shaklee Distributor, which lead me to become one as well. I'd be more than happy to help with any questions you may have. All of my children are on the supplements and my youngest at five has only had two prescriptions ever. It's been such a relief not having the middle of the night ear infections. Please see my website: www.shaklee.net/denisefriedl
I hope you find what you are looking for.

Take care,


My 4 year old was the same way, and she stayed home with me so she was never really exposed to any germs. She would get sick about every other week. It was hard. But now at 4 years old it she is finally getting better. She still gets sick a lot, she just gets over it faster. She had 3 sinus infections and scarlet fever twice this year but she got over it pretty fast. Now It seems like my son, who is 1 is the same way. I do agree with the milk thing. We now have our son on enriched rice milk and our daughter does not drink any milk. We do give them both calcium supplements. I also agree with the probiotic. However it is not an overnight miracle. I think it does help as well as a good multivitamin. Good luck. It does get better.

have you tried to build up your child's immune system with vit c, echinacea, or an infant probiotic. all of those things might help to make her body a little stronger. also, my daughter recently had an ear infection and i did some research into alt med for dealing with it. you might want to look into chiropractic if it is chronic. there are chiros who specialize in kids. that is what i would do if it became a chronic problem. the idea is that kids that get recurrent ear infections are helped by having the pressure relieved and allowing the fluid to drain. i have a friend who did this with much success.

There is long standing debate about why some children are more prone to catching colds than others in the same evryday situations.I found that with my kids, and my grown Daughter who has been a sitter then a Nanny for almost 12 yrs and sees this too,the amount of daily dairy intake plays a huge role in the volume of trips to the Ped office.The children who drank milk or ate cheese all day were always the ones with runny noses, productive sneezes (all over your nice blouse) chapped red cheeks (from the displaced mucus) watery eyes, coughs and congestion. There is evidence that milk produces excess mucus in the body/lungs so that creates a perfect breeding ground for virus' colds etc.PS It also causes gas.I would try cutting back on dairy for a few weeks, give your baby more yogurt,clear fluids/w ater instead, you can also try acidophilus milk (shamrock farms it has a friendly bacteria added to help the body break down and digest the milk) and see what happens.Its just a suggestion and couldn't hurt your child at all to try.Take it from an older Mom who had a rough time with bronchitis kids, they did fine without the sick days, trips to the Ped office,threats of ear surgery, constant antibiotics and steroids UGH and we found other creative ways to get their daily dairy.

I too have had this problem! More with my oldest than my second, but it is so annoying. I have resigned myself to the fact that it builds their immune system, and if it didn't happen now, it would happen as soon as they start kindergarden. So you pay the piper now or later! Just ask your provider to keep your daughters hands and face clean and wash her hands before you leave the facility. Also, it is cold and flu season so it's hard to avoid sickness during this time of year anyway, no matter how old we are!

I've heard about that issue w/ day cares, unfortuanetely it is the season of illness!! N And no matter how clean they keep the place, germs are always going to be spread. I am so sorry for your having to go thru this!!! The good news is she'll have a strong immune system one day. Has your dr. looked into her having a milk allergy or immune deficiency? My dr. says that is the next step after tubes....

Maybe try an in home day care with less kids?

I went thru the same thing with my girls when they were little. I worked and they were in pre-school and/or daycare everyday. They have to build up some immunity to fight off the colds etc. It takes time, but pretty soon, they will be over the hump so to speak. By the time they get to First grade they will be past most of the always illnesses. Hang in there, it take time.

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