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Baby Is Making a Weird Breathing Noices While Sleeping

Dear Moms,

I have a 6 1/2 month son. For about 3 months, I noticed that he makes a weird breathing noice while sleeping. He does this a least once every two weeks. It sounds like he is having a bad dream. But when we awake him, he may still make the noice for a minute after. I wish I could discribe the noice more accurately. But it almost sounds like the noice or breathing sound that a baby makes when he/she has cried too long and they are trying to catch their breath. I brought this to his doctor's attention and she said that it is called grunting and it perfectly normal. However, I do not believe that we are on the same page. I believe that the noice that she thinks he is making is not the noice that I am hearing.

Does anyone have an idea of what I am talking about? Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you do about it?

Concerned mom.

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Is he still breathing normally when he makes the noise? If he continues to breath normally he may just be having a bad dream. If the breathing pattern is slowing or stopping it may be an apnea problem and that needs physician intervention. Just trying to help. I hope it all works out.

Les W

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If the sounds is like a weizing then it could asthma or he could be developing a bronchitis infection. The doctors can usually hear that through hearing his chest. Another cause could be in his nose where he may not getting enough air. You can try putting a humidifer in his room.

Is he still breathing normally when he makes the noise? If he continues to breath normally he may just be having a bad dream. If the breathing pattern is slowing or stopping it may be an apnea problem and that needs physician intervention. Just trying to help. I hope it all works out.

Les W

I agree with Meg either video tape it to share it with your doctor or tape the sound with a recorder. This way you both can hear the sound together, if it's nothing then great if it's something they can hear it with you since they can't go home with you. Best of luck to you I know it will work out.

I bet it is a normal sound. My kid makes all kinds of noises while sleeping. So do you, so do I, so does everyone. You are probably focusing on it because you have no other children to compare it to. We have ALL been there with our first children. I am sure your doctor hears about funny noises and movements and everything else under the sun, so if he says don't worry....Plus kids are NOTORIOUSLY restless sleepers, I am surprised this is the first thing to stick out while baby is sleeping.

My kid used to twitch and just like spaz out and I freaked OUT! My doctor came back to me with, babies and kids are literally "little" people. They really do go through all the same stuff physiologically we do. Sometimes they won't eat, sometimes they won't sleep. They makes noises, have mood swings really just everything we do. If you think like that, a lot of what you panic over will seem more normal.

As long as baby doesn't hold his breath for longer than like 20 seconds, then I wouldn't worry. Fast breathing periodically while sleeping is normal too. Kinda sounds like they are panting with a little vocalizations. Like dogs do lol.

Try not to worry. I bet baby is fine. Let us know though.


If you are worried then it's valid. Find another doctor or perhaps video tape the episode and show it to the doctor. Maybe it is nothing, maybe it's something.

I have 5 kids and two of them have a genetic disorder that causes breathing problems. What I have learned is that if you think something is off you have to fight. It may end up being nothing but your children can't fight for themselves.

Tell your doc you'd like to talk about it more seriously and if they aren't receptive find another doc. I had to fire a lot of doctors before I finally found one that actually listened to me.

YOU are your child's biggest advocate! Good luck!

Hey, When my daughter was about 6 months old she started making weird sounds to. We said she sounded "bubbly" or like she was full of something. I don't know it this is what you are hearing or not. I would freak out and take her to the doctor but by time we got there she wouldn't be doing it anymore and they all thought I was crazy. Well it got worse and worse to the point where she was struggling(her skin would pull in under her ribs). By the time she was a year old the docs were seeing it too and she was diagnosed with Asthma. The best thing we did was see a asthma and allergy specialist in Atlanta. The doctor there is wonderful and she didn't make me fell like I was crazy. Check her out at www.familyallergycenter.com. You are the mother and you know it something is wrong. Trust your instincts.

Sounds normal, most babies make noises like this, don't be too alarmed. if it makes you nervous ask his Dr. Or if it sounds croupy or maybe Asthmatic,then you should take him in.also have him checked for acid reflux.It is always best to make too many Dr. calls than to stress over it,if you aren't satisfied get a second opinion.GOOD LUCK!

My 9 month old daughter does the same thing. Maybe reflux?? Let me know what you found out. We have been video taping it so we can show the doctor.

Find a new doctor! Any time you are concerned about your baby's health and your doctor doesn't fully investigate that should send up HUGE red flags! I agree with the other moms. My baby was born with childhood asthma and I had to give him breathing treatments three times a day (now down to one! Hooray!) I got a lot of disparaging comments with my first child, "Oh you're just a first time mom..." stuff like that. Stick to your guns, you know when something doesn't sound right.

My baby is doing the same thing, she is 4mos old. In between the regular breathing she has breathes like she has been crying and trying to catch her breath, except she wont stop the whole time she is sleeping. Did you ever get this resolved?

I also agree with meg.My baby is now 16 months but he was born with pnemonia in his chest due to my strep B and had to spend a week in the hospital.And after he came home for a few months I could still hear this weezing type grunting noise.Kinda sound like he was sighing in his sleep.I had took him to the hospital one night b/c of it and they told me it was acid reflux that was causing the noise.He would even hold his breath OR stop breathing while eating.After my doctor prescribed 2 medicines for the acid reflux it stopped.

My son had a weird noise too - and it turned out to be reflux (which we didn't find out until we had his adenoids removed at 22 months old).

I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing, but i hope we are. if it is short spans of fast breathing it is perfectly normal, most babies do that. my oldest son did it until he was about 6 months old, my little one only did it until he was 3 months old. i think it helps strengthen thier lungs. i'm also pretty sure that it's more common in boys because thier lungs don't develope as quickly as girls. good luck and don't worry too much, if he seems fine otherwise he probably is, babies do all kind of things i never knew about until i had my own.


Hey Keisha,

My son Max did that starting when he was just a few weeks old. It sounded like he was hyperventilating. At first I thought he was dreaming but when I woke him he didn't stop. It never lasted very long but it was scary. Our pediatrition said he would grow out of it and he did before he was a year old. Max never had any reflux or other issues.
My daughter also made the noise but only a few times. I hope this helps and that all is well.


It sounds like something my son did about that age. Almost like a hypervenilating cry. My son did it for a few months but eventually he outgrew it. My son have acid reflux and strider (a wheezing noise when he got excited) but I took him to an ENT and they stuck a scope down his throat and said everything was normal. He did outgrow it, but I know that it can be a very scary noise. Just keep check on him and as long has he is getting enough oxygen, he is probably ok. But if you are still concerned take him to an Ear, nose and Throat doctor and have him checked out.

My daughter just turned 3 and I started noticing the same thing around age 2 1/2, like she has cried to hard and they breathe in and out hard and fast then a slight pause then she breathes in and out hard and fast again. I have to wake her before she stops. Its like she is having a bad dream. Is that what it was like? did your son grow out of it or did the doctor ever figure it out?

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