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Baby Is 11 Days past Due Date

A friend is 11 days past her due date. All of her previous children have been born naturally without any medication. 2 at home, 1 at a birth center and 1 at the hospial. She does not want to use medication to induce labor, does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone been 11 days or more late?

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Thank you so much everyone for all your wonderful advice. I am happy to say that my friend's baby was born today, this morning on St. Patrick's Day at 10am! And on top of that, me also being the doula had to be coached over the phone by the midwife, because she was not able to get there in time, so yes I was a part of helping delivering her baby. Mother and daughter are excellent. The midwife arrived just before the placenta was birthed. My friend had the baby in a water tub that she bought for the delivery. This was her fourth child she delievered in the water. The baby is 8.5lbs and is in good health. Thank you again for all your support. I love this website and I look forward to the day when I get to share the news that I am pregnant! I am not giving up!!! God bless you all.

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She can roll a tennis ball with the inside of her sole. It will stimulate the right reaction insode and ....boom!

It worked with me!


I was 19 days overdue when they had to induce my labor because I did not have enough fluids and the placentia was not doing it's job anymore. My other two children where on time and quick deliveries (45 min & 3 hrs from leaving my house). My induce was 24 hrs so I would not recommend it unless baby or mom are in danger. I was bedrest with the induced baby and worked out up until my due date with the other two so if she is able to walk around and keep busy it may help.

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I had a girlfriend who is a massage therapist do deep tissue massage on my ankles, feet and shoulders on my due date. My little girl (#5) came 4 days past her due date (she was a natural delivery) and my others have been 1-2 weeks late.
Deep tissue massage will release endorphins and hormones that whould bring on labor.
Best wishes!!

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My first was 12 days overdue. That was 11.5 years ago... We did the stress test at about 5 or 6 days I believe and scheduled an induction for a Friday at 8am. He decided to start making his way that Friday at 3:45am and was born at 10:19am with no medication, no complications, and an ounce shy of 9 lbs. My second baby, born 14 months ago was born on her due date, but also started to make her way at 3:45am and was born at 1:11pm with no medication, no complications and an ounce shy of 9 lbs. as well. God is in control. Unless there are signs of problems, let it roll!

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I had the EXACT same situation. I wanted natural and was getting more and more past my EDD. I would strongly suggest ACUPUNCTURE, ACUPUNCTURE, and more ACUPUNCTURE. The night after i went for a session I started having unmistakably strong contractions. My acupuncturist explained to me that if the baby and body are ready acupuncture can really be effective in getting those hormones going to begin labor. I believe that if I could have gone back every day it truly would have worked. It has induced labor for many women. Unfortunately, we had some high stress situations going on at the time and I was unable to keep going. I did end up getting induced at 14 days past. I would have waited longer but my doctor was pretty insistent. I have heard of women delivering up to 5 weeks past "due date". I hated being hooked up to an IV but was still able to deliver vaginally without other drugs.
I hope she gives it a try if she hasn't already and I wish her a beautiful delivery! I know how hard that postdue countdown feels.
Adam at Accutonix in Venice is my acupunturist- a great guy!
best of luck-J.

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Probably the due date was calculated incorrectly. She should be drinking red raspberry tea now and also after her delivery.

For my firstborn the last 5 weeks I took black and blue cohash. She should not take the cohash unless it is under the direction of a natural practictioner or someone similar who knows correct dosage. It is also only to be taken close to delivery date.

Generally the more babies you have, the faster the labor.

The doctor can tell if she is past due or not. If she is she can jog, take a ride on a bumpy road, or do a lot of walking. My second son went until he was over 3 weeks due...we were in Africa and the doctors thought I miscalculated. He was definitely postmature...skin sloughing off, almost head control and able to follow with the eyes, finger and toe nails needed cutting and about 9 lbs. The doctors today also can tell how big baby is...you don't want him to get too big or delivery can be real rough on mom. Tell her to go to the doctor...they can break the water that may indue the labor like it did in my 3rd son:)

Has your friend tried acupuncture to help induce her labor?

14 days late. no problem, healthy birth, no drugs no induction... Babies are ready when they are ready... I realized that the doc's were counting from my last period, but I got pregnant two weeks later... I knew exactly when we got pregnant... Not that often we are that careless...
Good luck!

Hi there,
I was 10 days over my due date. I was induced after 7 days past my due date, and then it took 3 days for the baby to come by C-Section after I only dialated to 3. If I would have known that was going to happen, I would have just left the hospital the next day. So disapointing!!! Anyway don't worry, babies are born when they are ready. For my next baby, I will wait it out.
Good luck with your new baby!

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