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Baby Helmet?????

Ok heres another issue of mine and it has been bugging more than ever now, she is just crawling and crawling and crawling i cant put her down for two seconds and she is into something or trying to stand on something... I know babies will be babies but how do i stop her from falling and hitting her head like a dozen times? She has fallen already a lot and hasnt hurt herself yet. I love my daughter to death and i dont want her getting severly hurt or bruised.. Or anyone thinking im a bad mom or im abusing her if she falls and gets a bruise or hurts herself... Ive baby proofed everything already from the sockets to the tables to the extention cords but she still loses her balance sometimes and falls and she doesnt cry all the time but when she falls hard she does... I mean i cant sit with her on the floor all day long and make sure she doesnt fall on her head.. Any solutions??

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Thanks everyone for your good advice!! umm two days after i posted this request my lil princess decided to go dive head first into the cabinets in the bathroom.(i was using the toliet at the time)... she tried to stand up and her hand slip and she hit her face on like the corner and has a big bruise on the left side of her face... she cried for like 2 seconds and i gave her a kiss and she continued on playing. i have been trying to ease up on the worrying and let her explore. she is getting more stable in standing up and starting to get the courage to let go of whatever is holding her up. which im am so not ready for to start walking... thats going to be a different story! and then plop she goes on her booty...lol BUT THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE ADVICE SO I GUESS BABY HELMET IS NOT NEEDED HERE!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO

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I remember when my son was going through this phase I always had the homepathic arnica tablets and cream handy. He got a couple of big bumbs but ultimately was fine. Falling is a part of learning to balance and walk. Don't worry too too much, the near misses will only continue through childhood. My son is 6 now and continues to freak me out with his stunts. We can only protect them so much.

Babies are designed to take a lot of wear and tear. Granted, my daughter was pretty coordinated and fell infrequently. The few falls she did have were pretty hard: a couple of bloody ones when she'd fall on her face and cut her lip on her own teeth; a couple of somersault falls from trying to go head first off a bed. She learned very quickly to be careful. I think it's very good for baby to learn from her own mistakes. She will become more coordinated the more she moves. Best!

I think you've done everything you can do. Do you have a stationary entertainer /bouncer that she can sit in and play to let you have a break? Another idea is a long accordian style gate to keep her in the safest area of the house. They're sold at most retailers that sell baby gates.

Mom of 4 ages nearly 1, 3 3/4, 6 & 9

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Read the new book, "A Nation of Wimps." I forget the author, but you'd easily be able to find it on Amazon. The book's premise is that America is turning this generation of kids into wimps because they're overly protected and not allowed to explore or do things on their own. Babies will fall and lose their balance. Having experience falling will improve your baby's balance in the long run. Yes, she'll get a few bumps and bruises along the way; but that's how babies eventually develop their coordination.

There's an old e-mail going around on the Internet titled, "How Did We Survive?" It tells how the older generation grew up without car seats, bike helmets (though those are a good thing), super babyproofing in the house, and playgrounds with every inch double padded. The idea behind that was that even though people of my generation (and my parents' generation) were not overly protected by their parents about every little thing, we still survived the experience.

So let your daughter crawl around and fall down. Nobody will turn you in to the authorities because she has a couple of cuts and bruises. My son took some hard tumbles when he was a baby and he survived without any lasting damage. Lighten up and let your daughter explore the world the way she was meant to.

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Hi F.!
I know how you feel... I have 4 kiddos and all of them went through the same thing too. When my oldest was about your daughters age she fell into the coffee table and gave herself a HUGE black eye. Of course I was very concerned and took her straight to the Dr. As I tearfully explained what happened the doctor responded with great advise. He said that he is always more worried when little people don't have bruises. We all learned a bit of the hard way not to do something or perhaps to do it a diffrent way. You've made sure that your home is safe as it can be to protect your little one and the rest will come in time. Don't worry, kids will hurt themselves and there is nothing we as parents can do to stop it, most of the time. Sooner than later she'll become much more steady on her feet and you'll be wishing that she was still just crawling. :) She's exploring her world now and you'll both keep learning together. Best of luck to you and your daughter. It's hard being a single mom but it is oh so worth it. :) Take care

She will fall about a million times and you can pad the world but she will find the one place to fall that is hard!! With my first daughter I did everything that I could to shield her from the world - we gated everything and padded her one "safe room" which was the living room. My second daughter, we did nothing and we had since moved. We put on cupboard locks and outlet covers, but we didn't do anything else. She had at least one bruise on her bald head/face every day for about six months, but by then she had figured out how to climb up on the barstools and sit up without falling off, and other really outrageous things that a small child doesn't usually do. Anyway, if you let her challenge herself, she may become stronger for it. If you "keep her off of the monkey bars" so to speak, she may never develop those muscle groups and she will be worse off in the future. Only you can judge your own tolerance and your daughter's emerging abilities, but falling is sometimes a healthy thing to do!

Your daughter is on a most magical journey. She is studying the world of balance as only babies can. You sound like you are doing fine. If you have a safe environment, keep her low to the ground, always put her down in positions she can comfortably assume for herself, (lay her on her back and let her move to the place she wants to be unless she is sitting on her own) the rest is up to her. I would recommend you look into Resources for Infant Educarers, RIE Parent/Infant classes for some great support and to meet other like minded moms. You can find them at RIE.org. Another great site to look at is Pikler.org. They have been raising orphan babies for over 60 years and allowing them to learn by doing.

Remember " a baby will try and fail and try again. It is what they do, it is what they must do and what they do best" We must trust them, observe them, and love them. Sounds like you have lot's of love. I say no helmet just a safe world and you.

L. Hinrichs
Topanga, CA

Just watch her like a hawk when you are able to. If you need to do laundry or something and can't watch her, put her in the playpen or exersaucer so she'll be safe. People understand that new crawlers and walkers will have bruises. (You should see our 18 month old's legs right now.) No need for a helmet, just watch her, and catch her when she's about to fall. Happy crawling! :)

I am going through the exact same thing. It's tough...but I am sure once they get more agile, it will get easier! My little one bumps her head daily on the travertine floors, her excersaucer, the coffee table, even her crib slats. She is just fine...minus a few bumps and bruises and even a black eye..poor girl. Makes you appreciate how easy life was only a few short months ago when they couldn't get around so fast :)

I think you've done everything you can do. Do you have a stationary entertainer /bouncer that she can sit in and play to let you have a break? Another idea is a long accordian style gate to keep her in the safest area of the house. They're sold at most retailers that sell baby gates.

Mom of 4 ages nearly 1, 3 3/4, 6 & 9

Just a few days ago I was looking through my Family Fun Magazine and I saw a baby helmet that was designed to protect your child's head while learning to walk. It is a little silly looking - I would only put it on at home. Here is where you can view the Thudguard protective helmet - babysfirstheadgear.com

You know what I always think about - We survived childhood and our parents had even less safety equipment than we have now. When I was born, my mom held me in the car on the way home from the hospital. Crazy how far we've come in only 30 years. It is natural to worry as a mama, but be sure that you allow your child to explore and learn through trial and error. Sometimes those are the lessons that stick. Good luck to you and trust your instincts.

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