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Baby Hates to Ride in the Car.

I have a 7 week old boy that hates to ride in the car. All he does is cry and scream. I have tried everything, putting him in right after he eats, so that maybe he will sleep, after nap time, before he needs to be feed. I almost always have someone else in the car with me to talk with him, give him a bottle or binky, but nothing seems to be working. None of my other kids cried that much in the car, they would always fall asleep. Any ideas?

Update...I didn't think about my little guy being car sick, my daughter now 13 gets car sick, me too at times if I am not driving. I have tried toys, and it's my 13 year old that rides back there with him, when we are out and about. I do have a cover about the carseat to keep him warm, but now that the weather is better, I don't zip it up anymore. I will try to put him in the car seat while in the house to help him. I don't like to turn the raido on, because they I can't hear if he is crying or not. He has passed out once because he is crying so hard. Have to talk to the doctor about that, this week when we go in.
I can't put him up front with me because of the way the seatbelt and there is a airbag, and it can't be turned off. I will test out his straps, and it's a new car seat, seeing that about my now 2 year old was born we were done having kids we gave evertything away we had to get all new stuff with this one.
So will give the ideas a try, thank you all

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Well sometimes the car ride is better. I had one of the womb sounds bear, it's one that goes on the crib, but I was willing to try anything. Turned it on, and the car ride was a little better the first 10mins then he went to sleep... I was excited! Then it didn't work at all the next time, so I played with the radio, he liked it when I wold keep changing the station, but I couldn't stay on one to long or he would start crying again. When someone else is in the car easy to do, but not when I am driving...
Just seems like he might just grow out of, as mow it just seems like it's the time of day or the day it's self.
Thank you all for all your ideas and help... I am waiting for the mail to get some of the cloud b stuff... seeing that will be smaller than the bear for the crib.
Best of luck to you all in loving on your own kiddo's

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My daughter hated the car too. As soon as she was old enough I got her a front facing car seat and it was all better. She loves looking out the window. If she is in a car where the seats are to low to see out the window, she gets upset again. You could try those baby mirrors that don't break. He could see you or outside.

My daughter would cry all the time as well until I put in Martha Stewart's Sleepytime CD - she loved it instantly! My husband and I love it as well.

Hi M.. When my baby gets fussy in the car, I sing/chant to him a song that he is really familiar with, a song that comforts him, and I try to keep my energy calm. You could also try chamomila homeopathic before care rides to help him stay calm too.

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My Daughter was the same way. It felt like we couln't go any where because she cried so much in her carseat. we went through 3 different carseats before we found one that she was happy in for short car rides. Her problem was that she was a baby with lots of gas. When we did go out it was miserable for all of us because she was so unhappy we would have to pull over all the time and soon as we took her out of the seat and held her for a few min. she would pass gas and feel better, but after about 10 min. of being the the seat it would start again and we would pull over and get her out of the carseat and she would again pass gas. So once we found the better carseat she was happier and I think that is because the way she was positioned in the other seats made her have bad gas pains in her little tummy and in the new seat she was in a different position and that gave her tummy relief instead of being cramped up in her infant carrier seat. so I would try a few differnt types of seats. They have seats that are used for the 3 stages (rear facing-forward facing-booster) that go from 5lbs to 100lbs that's the ones we ended up using and she has loved it since we bought it and still prefers that seat compared to others and she is now 3yrs old. Good luck with finding out what the cause of your little ones unhappiness is and I hope this helped some.

M....I have a great solution that has been tested by all of our friends. Our daughter did the same thing at that age. There is something about the 6 weeks to 12 week time period for some babies where they cry a lot, especially in the car and at night. We used white noise at a very loud volume. At first I just turned the car radio to a static station and she stopped instantly. Then we used a rain CD and have continued to use it for bedtime. She is 19 months old. I don't know why it works but we've all found it very helpful. Personally, there is nothing more challenging than driving with a screaming baby!

Good luck.

My daughter did this as well as my neighbors son. My solution was to buy a new carrier, because the one we had was one from a nephew, so I went out and bought one and she loved it and still does. THe new ones are a lot bigger than the older ones. (I'd say the one I borrowed was maybe 4 yrs old) My Neighbors solution was to put her son in one of those car seats that was comfortable and holds like 5lbs - 100lbs or w/e the weight limited would be and it can face the back also. Hope something works!

Is it possible that you've tightened the straps too tightly on his carseat? I'm NOT recommending that you make them loose, but they shouldn't be so tight that they are uncomfortable. I made this mistake with my son when he was tiny because I was so worried about making sure he was safe. I was just about squishing him with his carseat straps! There should NOT be extra slack, but it shouldn't be uncomfortably tight so that it's digging into shoulders, etc. Just a thought...


I'm sorry that I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to let you know that I just went through the same thing. I just had my 4th baby too, and he is now 7 months old...he, like your baby, was the first of my 4 to hate riding in the car. He wasn't a screamer in the house, but he would cry as soon as he was within sight of his car seat, and would cry for the duration of all car rides. I just wanted to let you know that hopefully for your baby it is just a phase, as it was for mine. After a couple of months, he just started getting used to it, and now he doesn't mind riding in the car at all. I hope your baby gets used to it soon. (Oh, by the way, 2 of my older 3 kids also get car sick, too (we have to give dramamine on trips), so perhaps there's more than a coincidence there, too.) Good luck.

My first little boy, also screamed in to car. It made going any where almost impossible.
We found that the motion of the car made him car sick. Not that he through-up or anything. We found that, we we turned the car seat around so that he could see out like you and me, life travelling with Kevin, was much easier.

Our first born was the same way, but at an earlier age. Looking back, it was probably a combination of different things, but motion sickness might have played the bigger role. We had to ride the turtles on the road if we wanted any peace (the bumps). A friend suggested that maybe he needed some non-nutritive sucking, which at the time we were trying so hard to not introduce the binky. Of course, at our witts end, we try it and low and behold IT WORKED!. So as crazy as it sounds, we introduce our son to a binky at 3 months, but boy did it solve some problems. Good luck!

I have a 21 month old. He was a cryer in the car from day one. I would just limit my time to be out of the house. When we went on trips my husband drove. I sat in the back. Moderately loud music worked and he would fall asleep, but it was only country music. We turned him around at 17 months to face forward (he is small and only weighed 19lbs.). Still the crying continued. We invested in a portable DVD player. Honestly the best purchase we have made. Car rides are pleasant. Me and my husband no longer fight after long rides, a crying baby can be frustrating for everyone in the car. I did talk to the Dr. about car sickness and she said to turn him around. When that didn't work she said he just didn't like the car. Well I kind of figured that out. Good luck, looks like you got a lot of advice and I hope some of it works for you.

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