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Baby Has Had Cold for Week, Still Sick

my 9 month old has had a cold for over a week now. he's had a runny nose but no temp. it doesn't seem to be getting better at all. i've put a humidifier in his room, but i don't think it's making a difference for him. how long is "normal" for babies to be sick?

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thanks for the help! he's finally over it- probably because he passed it to me! it's so nice to have my happy baby back. it's been awhile!

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One possibility is, he could have allergies. The weather has been changing and my doctor said that many people of all ages have developed allergies that they haven't had before, including me. I have had cold symptoms for over a month. My doc said that there is a bug going around, too. My son (16 yrs) has also been sick for going on 3 wks. I would just be patient. Have you taken him to his ped?

Find a good chiropractor that treats babies, you will be suprised at how much it will help! and no antibiotics!!!

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Our 5 month old just got over a cold that I felt hung on for a long time. When she woke up, she would be so congested with crust in her nose. Then, we realized that the humidifier filter was dirty. When we took it out, the congestion went away. Humidifiers are so annoying in that they need constant cleaning to work properly (who has time for that!?!). Could your filter be dirty? Just a thought!

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Depends on if he/she has any other symptoms but a runny nose. If not, it could be teeth coming in. Mine gets a runny nose just before teeth are coming. I can't necessarily see the teeth yet, but I know they're coming because of the runny nose.
If that's not it, just wait it out, try not to give any medication as they have recently said you shouldn't give to kids under 3.

Hi, is it possible he could be teething? Both my son and daughter would get a runny nose and "cold-like" symptoms right before and during getting a new tooth.

Check his mouth for swelling in the gums...sounds like teething, and he's the right age. If not, try Little Noses salene nose spray and aspirate, its about the only thing recommended by dr.'s for infant colds now. Most peds try really hard not to perscribe anything, and its better for baby to use his immune system to get through it. I've noticed that aspirating two-three times/day really helps get the virus to move on.

Allergies? It is not uncommon for a child this young to already have allergies. Anything can aggravate the lining in the nose. Pet dander, seasonal allergies, carpet, anything really can cause this reaction. Do you have pets? Carpet? Have you turned on the heater? Sometimes things in the airducts like dust can contribute to the problem too.

My little one last winter had a runny nose for about a month. She wasn't really disturbed by it except she wasn't fond of my trying to clean her nose. she was pretty healthy, not in day care, breast fed etc but somewhere she caught it and it stayed for quite a long time.

colds last 2 weeks and are at there worst between the 7th and 10th day. After that it gets better with just a cough in the am and pm. If not better after 2 weeks call your ped. or if a there is wheezing or fever that starts. it is very normal.

Find a good chiropractor that treats babies, you will be suprised at how much it will help! and no antibiotics!!!

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