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Baby Fell off Bed!!

I feel HORRIBLE. My 6 mo old baby rolled over and fell off our king bed today. The bedroom is carpeted but still... He cried something fierce for about 10 minutes but then seemed to be OK. Within 20 min, he was back to his happy self. He gave me QUITE a scare. I cried for over an hour, and 6 hrs later, I still get teary eyed when I think of it. I've been kissing and snuggling him all night b/c I feel so terrible. Has this happened to any of you? Will he be OK? He doesn't seem to be hurt but I can't be sure how hard he hit his head. Would I be overreacting if I took him to get checked(my boyfriend think I am)? Seeking reassurance. :(

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Your responses made me feel SO much better!! I can't thank you enough. My little boy is doing just fine. 20 minutes after the fall, he was laughing at his papa's funny faces. No bumps or bruises,thank goodness! I think it hurt me more than it hurt him. Thanks again!! :)

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It's happened to us twice. My daughter was born March 17 2006. Are kids are almost the same age. It happened both times to my husband. I was really freak out about it. But I know she was ok. It just worries you. Have you got got responses from any mom with kids are ages? I work full time but I also don't know many mom with kids my daughter age.

when my youngest was 4-5 mos. old she fell off the bed and aquired a small cut over her eye brow.As I panic,my 4 year old came running in screaming "My baby" and jumped back and hit her head on the dresser. We all laugh about it to this day.They are now 10 & 14 and are straight A students and are extremely smart.No worries it happens.

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The first time it happened to me I was a wreck. But realized quickly that my son was more resiliant than I imagined. Just as long as he is not throwing up, feverish, or anything unusual to his character. Then he should be fine.

Oh and by the way... this is the first of MANY MANY MANY bumps on the head, get used to it. My son fell off a playground jungle gym yesterday. At least 3 feet. He is fine.


I completely understand. When my daughter was about the same age, I was visiting my moms and my baby was on her bed napping. I put pillows around her so she would not fall off the bed. Well she woke and I did not hear her, she managed to climb over the pillows and fell off my mom's high bed hitting her head on the bedside table on the way down. I cried right along with her and felt terrible. She is now 12, stays on the honor roll and has been nothing but pure joy. Though she has asthma, has broken her arm, strained a foot enough for a boot for 2 months, got metal in her eye, in a minor car accident with her grandfather, in a car accident with me on the tollway 2 years ago, and numerous other minor injuries, she is fine and I just know whatever the next sport or activity is, there is a chance of injury.

Like the others said, your sweet baby is probably fine but if you need that reassurance, call the doc. Most babies fall off a bed, sofa or something. Good luck and enjoy him.

Man, I feel your pain....no falls off the bed, but I accidently hit her head on a low light in the breakfast nook...left a little bump, felt like a BAD MOM! Also, I fell out of the crib many times and I am fine...well, somewhat..LOL

I have heard of many babies having that kind of an accident and it being no big deal.....

~Take care

Hi There,
Well i can honestly say that i did and reacted the same way when my daughter fell off the bed. It comes with trail and error,lol :)....Your son will be fine and he probably doesnt even remember the fall.. Its ok to feel a lil bad but dont be to hard on yourself it happens to most if not all of us.. Remember your a great parent.. and reguardless of the errors we make our kids still love us..

It has happened to us all, I know the feeling because it happened to me, but don't beat yourself up it was an accident and he is fine :) Good Luck in the future...

Let me think -- is there a tall piece of furniture in my house my 23mo HASN'T fallen off of? :-) She rolled off the very-tall master bed more than once and usually landed square on her head. She rolled and/or bounced off the couch more than once, and at least once hit her face on the coffee table. She fell out of her crib once and landed square on her head. I guess that leaves plenty of furniture, but my point is, don't worry, it happens -- and it happens before you can stop it, to every caregiver. Like others said, call your pedi if you're still worried. They'll tell you what signs of concussion to look for, but I'm sure he's fine. They seem to be very, very elastic at this age, and I'm sure this is exactly why.

Girl, I can top that one. When my little boy was about that age, we were at a check up at the doctor's office. I turned around for a split second to get a fresh diaper out of his bag and he fell of the doctor's table. Now that was a fall!! He fell onto the hard floor too. I felt like the worst mom ever!! They looked him over but what they were looking for was any bumps or bruising. There were none (thank God!). He was fine and I had my first encounter or what I have coming for the rest of my life. I am sure that you little one is fine. If you see any bumps or bruises come up, I would have those checked maybe but if not, welcome to the world of raising boys!

Bless your heart! I know you felt awful, but it happens and will most likely happen again. The signs to look for in children ages 3 and under who sustain an injury to their head is vomiting, dizziness and wanting to sleep often. After any head injury, it's best to keep the child up for at least a couple of hours afterward if you can. But your baby sounds fine. If you are still worrying and just want to put your mind at ease, call the doctor. (no matter what your fiance says) :)

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