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Baby Falling a Lot

Ok, so I am not sure if I am just being paranoid, but my 11 month old (turning 1 on Sat) has been walking for about 7 weeks now... and pretty good. Recently my husband and I have noticed that her balance is off. She just falls and wobbles for no good reason. I do not think that she has an inner ear problem because she hasn't been pulling at her ears and she isn't acting sick. It's just so weird to me that she is falling all over the place when before she was doing really well. It's almost like she looks drunk all the time while she's walking... similar to when she first started walking. I am just scared... and I was wondering if anyone has had their child go through something similar.

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Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice. I took her to the doctor this morning and everything is fine. He said that since she has been walking for a little while now she's more confident and doesn't really pay attention to being as careful as she was when she first started. He compared it to a 17 year old driver.... which I thought was so true! So I am just going to watch her and make sure it doesn't turn into anything more serious... which I don't think it will.

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My little girl did the same thing - and I, too, worried...however - things cleared up and seem to be fine, so I assume all is well and normal!

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My son did that, too, right before he turned 1 year old. He had been a very good, early walker, then all of a sudden he began falling all of the time. I was so worried that I called the doctor. They said it sounded behavioral. And that's what it was. He was just getting more confident and looking around more while he was walking...then he'd lose his balance. Most of the time he fell when he looked down. He's 20 months old now and into everything, jumping and climbing and running.

If you're DD isn't acting sick, then it sounds like it's probably just a behavioral phase. If you're really worried, a quick call to the doctor will likely help alleviate your fears. Good luck!

My kids tend to walk a bit odd, and seem much less coordinated when they are growing. My almost 4 year old started being clumsy all the time - couldn't seem to stay on his feet for more than 10 steps without tripping or falling and a while later I noticed his clothes were smaller on him. New or different shoes (or beginning to wear shoes while walking) could also effect her coordination. My 14 month girls been acting that way too here lately and she's been walking good for about 3 months. I don't know that it's anything to worry about at this point.

just because she isnt pulling at her ears or running fever or any "classic"symptoms doesnt mean her ears arent infected in fact loss of balance is a "classic" symptom.

She might have a depth-perception issue. My son did at that age and fell ALOT just because he couldn't gauge the distance of things around him, inculding the floor.

My little girl did the same thing - and I, too, worried...however - things cleared up and seem to be fine, so I assume all is well and normal!

My 9 month old just started walking and is doing the same thing. She got too confident. Before,she was slow and easy, and now she just tries to go to fast and falls. The doc said to expect alot more bruises! :)
She's my 2nd, they fall. Alot. Expect more...

Hello A., my nephew who lives with me is 22 months old. He also falls all the time. He's been walking for about 7 months and walks great but still falls alot. His pediatrician has assured me this is normal and not to worry.

I haven't experienced this myself but if you are truly concerned go to a developmental specialist (regular pediatricians in my experience don't seem to think in terms of SID because things are more quickly explained with other logic) or read up about sensory integration dysfunction--the body's unonscious ability to receive external data and react with a physcial or emotional response. With SID, one of the senses that can be affected is vestibular (which I think is knowing where your body is in space and how it is moving). Google it for early symptoms and see if any fit. My youngest son has SID and we didn't know it until he had problems in school.

I'm editing my response to say that everyone's advice is good. I jump to the senosry conclusion just because it has been my personal experience. It's been a while since I've had a toddler though, lol.

Is she doing it to be silly .. it's amazing how often kids like to make themselves fall and walk wobbly?!

If it becomes a problem and you think she truly can not walk w/o falling or that her legs can't seem to hold her weight .. then calling your ped wouldn't hurt .. but at 11 months I think that sounds about right. :-)

My daughter did the same thing. In fact she is still pretty clumsy. I was worried about her at first but now I am noticing she just gets in a hurry or isnt paying attention. We just tell her to dust it off when she falls and she never misses a beat. Good Luck

She may be going through a growth spurt. Both of my kids had horrible balance when they were having growth spurts. My son must be going through one now, cause he looks like a little old drunk man!! (He is 16 months.) I'd say give her a week or so and see if it improves.

Several things are a factor most likely..she is getting too confident for her own good, she could be growing and having to adjust a little, and finally, she could be focusing on learing a separate skill, and is not focusing as much on walking. I remember when my first was young, and she was crawling really well, and then, when she started eating finger foods more regularly, she was not ctawling as well. I was puzzled, and the pedi said that it is normal for one skill (totally unrelated ones too) to lapse when their minds and bodies are focusing on something else. Is she trying to talk more, or eat better, throw a ball, etc..? Now, that said, while it is unlikely that you need to be concerned, if your gut tells you to worry, then get it checked out! And do not accept anyone telling you nothing is wrong if you continue to feel uneasy about it (even the doctor)!! Again, it is likely not a problem, just watch and see how she does! ~A.~

Sounds like an ear infection. My boys did the same thing. Call your pedi PDQ


P. <><

I would take her to the pedi. Make sure that she doesn't have something medical going on and if not, chalk it up to learning to walk:-}

Even though your baby isn't showing any obvious signs of an ear infection. There can still be fluid in the ear even without the symptoms. I would encourage you to talk with your daughter's doctor about your concerns. The only stupid
question is the one you don't ask. Good Luck

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