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Baby Eating but Not Gaining Weight.

My son is 10 months old and he only weighs 14 lbs. He's very long though, about 26-27 inches. He's true to size as far as onesies and shirts, but I have to put him in 3 mo. pants. The doctor and I are worried about his weight gain. He eats consistently every 2 hours and I alternate between formula and baby food. He's taking 6 oz of formula and 2 jars of baby food. We've tested for cystic fibrosis and other things, but there doesn't seem to be any problem. He eats way too much to not be gaining any weight. Has anyone else experienced this or know what the problem might be?

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Just a suggestion... have you had him genetically tested for dwarfism? This is one of the hardest things for doctors to detect without the testing... several kinds of dwarfs have normal sized bodies with very short legs. You might look into it.

Just wanted to tell you You are not alone as you can tell.
My daughter is 2 1/2 and weights about 22 pounds. The doctors did lots of tests and I finally told the doctor enough. We went though the whole year doing test on her so we were tired of her going though the test and them finding nothing. If he is happy and active then he maybe just a small child. There is nothing wrong with small children. As they say great things come from small packages. Good luck and let us know how it's going...

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hello My daughter is 4 1/2 and she doent gain weight either. The dr told me to put her on a vitamins and pediasure. You can get gentric ones too. They have vanilla, choco, and strawberry. My daughter now weighs 29.6 lbs so she is slowly gaining weight. I know where ya coming from. I hope this was helpful for ya. I hope everyhting is going well for you and yyour son. Ya know my daughter is 4 and she wears clothes anywhere from 18 months to 2 t she is small and my 2 yr old stillwear 12 months alos.. I have tiny girls and they were born fullterm over due.. lol But, they will check up with the other girls...... Gl to you and your son.

My brother gained weight slowly. When he potty trained at 3 years old, Mom had to hunt and hunt to find size 2 underpants (what would fit the average two-year-old). He was small for his age until Mom figured out that he was allergic to a lot of things. Once she quit feeding him all the things he was allergic to, he began to gain weight and now he's 6'10" and I'm not sure how much he weighs, but before he went into the Marines, it was more than he should.

Something else you might want to consider. It could be that his digestive system is overwhelmed. A baby of 10 months should be able to handle longer waits than 2 hours--most newborns can go at least 2 1/2 hours between feedings. My baby is 4 months and she can go anywhere form 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours between feedings (usually not more than 4; she only goes more if she's exhausted from a missing part of a nap and sleeps a bit past a feeding time during the next one). And the interesting thing is, she went from feeding every 1-2 hours to feeding every 3 1/2 to 4 hours in a matter of 2 or 3 days. I just learned how to make a routine that works for her. I feed her, keep her awake, and put her down for a nap after wake time--without feeding. When she wakes up, I feed her again. I'm not strict with the times; she lets me know when she's tired and she wakes up when she's hungry. She used to just snack, but now she eats all I've got at each feeding and is content until the next one. And she's gaining fine. So try (for a week, perhaps, to see what happens) stretching the time between feedings and feeding him more at each feeding, so that you get the same amount of food in a day, just in fewer feedings. This will give his tummy a chance to rest between feedings, giving the body energy to do other things, like grow.

And if you do it, and especially if it helps, please drop me a line and let me know.

Has the doctor tested him for a tape worm? I wouldn't be terribly stressed - my three year old wears a 5T to get the pants to fit length wise, but he can put on his brother's 12 month pants and wear them as shorts. He eats well and is healthy as a horse - he's just tall and thin. Wish we were all as lucky. :)

Simultaneously, it's hard not to worry when your doctor is stressing - so maybe add Ensure Plus to his diet, assuming he doesn't have intestinal parasites.

Hey...I am a 36 year old mom of a 9 year-old and twin 2 year-olds... I always joke that I am raising circus midgets due to their slow growth and small sizes. My children all have different eating patterns but one of them eats like a horse, one barely eats, and the oldest was in between with proper spurts like any normal child. All three have the same nominal growth pattern in weight. They seem to grow fairly normally for their size (they are all small for their ages) but weight gain is a struggle. My oldest went through ALL of the tests to be sure there wasn't any ailment causing it, but apparently some children just have high metabolisms and process their food faster than others making weight gain harder. All 3 of my children despite their slow weight gain are healthy and happy children and i get to only purchase clothing 2x per year instead of 3 or more like most of my friends!!! If you're really worried considering your son's previous health issues ABSOLUTELY run the gamut of health teasts for weight gain...but do not be surprised if they turn up nothing...

try to put cereal in each of his bottles or at least every other bottle and that along with the baby food should work. also you can try to up his two jars to three. good luck!

I am not sure what is wrong, but my oldest daughter has the same problem. Except that not that she is almost 2 she still can wear 6/9 month clothes. All the doctors she has ever been taken to said that it is alright cause she stays right with the 10th percentile line. If you find something else and could share it with me I would appreciate it.

My son is doing the same thing. He eats and eats and just when I start see a little belly in a day or two he grows a couple of inches and his weight goes down. As long as he is happy and healthy don't worry so much about the weight. I have a niece that is two and stills wears 12 -18 months clothes. But she eats all the time, the doctor told us that she is underweight and underheight for her age, but she is healthy and we can't find anything wrong with her. Just give him some time.

You're not alone. I'm currently experiencing the same problem with my daughter. She's 9 months old and only gaining about 6 ounces a month despite eating really well. She was born 11 weeks early, spent 8 weeks in the NICU and has chronic reflux. She's under the care of a pediatric gastro doc - who's carefully watching the weight gain (or lack of) closely. Right now we don't know what the cause is either.

Does your son have reflux or any symptoms that would indicate it?

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