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Baby Cries While Riding in Car

My 9-week old baby cries while riding in the car. At first, she only cries when the vehicle is stopped. After a few red lights, however, she cries continuously. I have tried stopping the car to console her, and she's OK as long as her binky is in, but once I start driving and the binky falls out, it's all over. I don't think it's the car seat because she rides in it just fine on the stroller. I am currently feeling trapped in the house and worried about going back to work (and the 45-minute drive to work and daycare). Will she outgrow this? Is there anything I can do? Thank you!

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I am glad to say that with your advice she now rides in the car without crying!! Hooray! I did some test drives to try out some different things before actually trying to go somewhere. It's kind of a project to get her out (careful timing plus lots of stuff) but we are no longer housebound and I'm not dreading the commute to work (well, not for the crying reason anyways). Thanks everyone!

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It's probably too early to say what's going on, but I'm wondering if the time that you are going for a drive is the time that she may be due (or overdue) for a nap and the vibration of the car coupled her being cranky tired makes it hard to settle herself for a nap on her own without her pacifier to suck on. If that's the case, then I would continue taking her on car rides so that she can become accustomed to the vibration of the engine and learn to develop her self-soothing skills (or learn to hold onto her binky). You may also want to put her in a vibrating bouncer for a few minutes each day to get her used to the sensation.

I'm really thinking that you should give her a little time to get accustomed to being out in the world and eventually her nervous system, sleep cycle and ability to self-soothe will smooth itself out.

Good luck.

I wish I had advise for you but I know exactly how you feel. It will get better. My oldest did this. It was awful but after a few months she stopped. I found that classical music helped at times.

good luck and hang in there,


yes! she will outgrow this. i hate to say it, but with my son it came and went. i would think the spout was over and hed start all over again weeks later. sometimes playing kids songs with childrens voices actually singing worked the trick. my friend said rap music actually helped her! is trial and error. It will pass, I promise!

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It's normal, and common. My son did that too, when he was an infant. The phase will pass as they get older.

I would just grin and bear it, whenever we had to drive somewhere... it can't be helped.

Perhaps, put one of those baby mirrors on her car seat so she can "see" other things besides the back of the car seat. Sure the binky will fall out... but well, as they get much older they will be able to put it back in by themselves.

Perhaps attach a "Crib" toy type thing to her car seat... anything to distract her. Or, calming music.
For me, I used to have to keep talking to my son... as we drove... he couldn't "see" me since they are rear facing in the car seat... but if he heard my voice talking to him, he felt better.

Also, sometimes, I would attach one of those helium balloons to the rear seat of our van (not next to him, in case he grabbed it or got tangled to it for safety sake)...and this seemed to entertain him and keep him distracted. Those helium balloon lasts awhile.

Don't feel home-bound...just do what you a have to do. Go in the car. No worries. They will cry, but it will pass. Our son did that for a couple of months... then it slowly subsided. Oh well. It's just one of those things. Many more phases will come up.

There are also "tether straps" you can buy, to attach her binky to it and the car seat... and you can also use these tethers to attach toys to the car seat as well. That's another thing I did.

Your babe is only 9 weeks old... they have so much to adjust to at this age.. so new to our world yet. But yes, she will outgrow this "phase."

Good luck,

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My son did this for a few car trips... Do you have the head support thing in the seat with her? My son got way too hot with this and once I removed it he was a content little man.

I am the mom of four, and my first three loved being in the car right from the start, so it was a big shock when #4 came along and DID NOT! He cried and fussed and was generally unhappy in the car until about 5 or 6 months of age. I never figured out why. It was just him. I certainly did not let it stop me from driving. And he did grow out of it. I know, as a first timer it is difficult, but she will grow out of it. Hang in there for a few more months. :0)

My daughter did the same thing and for her it was just a phase she had to outgrow. I always felt like it was because she wasn't able to entertain herself very well yet or see everything. My daughter is now 7 months old and she has her moments but has been happy in the car for a while now. I definitely know the trapped in the house feeling but it will pass and hopefully very soon as you will be returning to work.

yes! she will outgrow this. i hate to say it, but with my son it came and went. i would think the spout was over and hed start all over again weeks later. sometimes playing kids songs with childrens voices actually singing worked the trick. my friend said rap music actually helped her! is trial and error. It will pass, I promise!

AM radio static works like a charm for me!!!

Don't worry! My daughter was exactly the same way!!! And she definitely out grew it :) It took some time and she still doesn't LOVE being in her car seat, but it's a world of difference now. She probably started not liking it around 6 weeks and gradually became more and more used to it by the third and fourth month. She's 7 months now and never complains at all! Unless she's hungry. For quick fixes, have you considered a pacifier? Also, we found that cracking the windows caused a white noise distraction for her. We also played a certain song when we comforted her in our house that she associated with mom and dad, and then played that in the car when she got upset, which seemed to help calm her too. Hang in there!!!

They will outgrow. it just may take a while depending on the baby. both of mine have, the younger still does, 4m. She just hates to not see anyone. I just plan trips around her nap. so when i go somewhere I will be there for 2 hours and then i know she is about to go to sleep then I will hop in the car and take off. btw toys never works for me.
It is a delicate balance for me. Some I think just let them cry. as long as they are not hungry or so. I only did this out of desperation, traffic is the worse cuz i couldn't even go anywhere.
It gets better but my daughter didnt truly adjust until she was two. I mean she was fine, but she didnt like and and just put up with it, better than screaming
once they get turned around then they seem to feel better about being in the car.

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