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Baby Bouncer Seat Versus a Swing

I received a Baby Bouncer seat as well as a swing for my newborn baby as a shower gift. Would you suggest I keep both or do they do the same thing? I'm under the understanding that the bouncer seat is for vibrating motions and the swing is a swaying motion back and forth? Just didn't know if it's worth it to keep both. Sorry is I sound so clueless about it. Thanks!

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I have 4 children. My first 2 loved the swing and used to fall asleep in it. My third loved the bouncer without the vibration because he could sit and see everything. As he got older, he liked the jump-a-roo. He never really liked the swing. My 4th likes the swing, bouncer, and jump-a-roo. So all kids are different. I also like the bouncer the best because I could put it next to the couch and lay next to him while both of us nap.

I used both. The bounce seat i didnt use as long but i could take it from room to room very easily and on the road. The swing i wouldnt live without. I used it forever. Even til age 2. They, all three of mine, slept in it for naps forever and hated to give it up.

I had both. Both my boys lived the bouncy seat when they where young and that was all that the babysitter could even get them to sleep in. My oldest did not like the swing till he was a little older. I would suggest to keep both!

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If I were to keep only one, it would be the bouncer hands down. I always say if I could only have one baby item it would be the bouncer. I use it all the time, my daughter loves it. As a newborn she would only sleep in that because she had acid reflux. Now she likes to sit in it alot, like while I make dinner, work outside, shower/get ready in the morning,etc. If you need to put the baby somewhere it's perfect. My daughter never took to the swing. I have it but she doesn't like it.

I would definitely keep them both! The swing is a must, and the bouncer seat is also nice because it's more portable. You can move it from room to room with you, and mine was even so light that I could take it in my care to someone's house if I wanted to use it there. My son loved both of them!

In my eyes they were both a must!

I had both. Both my boys lived the bouncy seat when they where young and that was all that the babysitter could even get them to sleep in. My oldest did not like the swing till he was a little older. I would suggest to keep both!

Definetly, both!! My first son loved the bouncy, but didn't care too much for the swing, but my second son loved both. So, even if you don't use both for your son, you may want them both later if you have another. Congrats on your new baby boy!

You will learn by doing in this case. some babies love the swing, hate the bouncer, and vice versa. he may love them both, and it will depend on what is more convenient at the given point in time. I would keep one packed away for taking on long trips, so you can have one at your destination, I used to take the bouncy EVERYWHERE, just so I knew he would have a safe place to sit, not everybody has babies you know! the bouncy also doubles as a good first feeding chair, prior to the high chair. Hope this helps!

It will completely depend on your baby and what they like or prefer. My baby only likes the swing about 50% of the time, but she always loves the bouncer. I still use both of them and she is 5 months old, but she prefers the bouncer.

We also got both and this was our experience. The swing was a Graco Open Top and it was great for soothing the baby. Mine went into a trance and didn't make a peep for an hour or more. I have heard about others finding it the only solution to calm a colicky baby. He started liking the swing at about 2 months old.

The bouncer was a Fisher Price Rainforest Bouncer which is now the Precious Planet Bouncer. And this is by far the best baby thing we got. There are lots of types of bouncers and some look great but aren't bouncy or aren't comfortable. This one is perfect and I have not found another bouncer that is as great!

My baby is now nine months and long ago learned how to bounce himself and can spend an hour or so just sitting in the bouncer and looking around.

I have several friends who have fancier bouncers but their babies likemine the best.

I would think you should KEEP both gifts depending on what kind of swing and bouncer they are. Exchange them if you think the model/brand isn't something your kid will love.

If you need to take one of them back, I say keep your bouncer if it is colorful and bouncy and will accommodate your child's growth for at least six months.

My baby stopped really caring for the swing but I think most babies love swings. And when you are busy with dinner or taking a shower, it is nice to have options for how to keep your baby occupied.

Feel free to email me if you'd like to know what kinds of swings my other friends have gotten and hated or loved.

Congratulations on having a baby! They are the best!

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