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Baby BM Question

Hi Moms,

I have a 6 mo. old baby boy. He's on Similac Advanced. His pediatrian started him on rice cereal at 3 months. He adapted quickly. Then, we incorporated fruit at 4 months. In conjunction w/the start of fruit, he also started having allergy/sinus problems - was sick all the time and now he's back to normal. However, now after the fruit and sinus problems, everything that he eats/drinks gives him a "blow-out" (how it's referred to at Daycare). He loves the fruit juices, but that's an automatic blowout. The fruit/veggies, etc. take a little longer, but by the end of the day, I've at least had to change his clothes and bathe him. Same thing at daycare - I come home everyday w/a bag of dirty clothes. His doctor says that it's normal. I'm wondering if it is or maybe I just need to change doctors. Anyone had this happen? If so, how did you fix it? What if I'm thinking this is normal and he has a serious stomach issue? I'm at a lost here. Other than the blow-outs, he's a very happy baby. Only thing that happens before the BM is that he sits still and really concentrates, won't smile and I know it's time for a diaper change - no crying or fussiness. Thanks in advance to replies.

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Thanks to EVERYONE for your responses. I've taken out the fruit and fruit juices completly out of his diet and am sticking to rice cereral w/formula as well as veggies in the evenings. In the past 2 days, he's done better w/the blowout situation. If there is, well, at least from the majority of the moms, this is somewhat normal and will happen. In the meantime, I am going to search for a new pediatrician because I called him a few times to ask about the fruit juices/fruits, his response "water it down and it won't cause problems". Which is what I did and the other thing he did say was that applesauce firms it up, so I kept giving it to him to cure the problem instead, I think it was causing more of a problem. For those that responded "just formula" - it's kind of hard to do that when baby is visibly wanting to eat food. He will smack his lips, his mouth waters and he opens up his little beak, when we are eating something so I feel bad not giving him more substantial food. Other than the blowouts, he's not had any type of food allergies. A few more days of no fruit should narrow it down. Again, thanks to all that responded. I love this website!

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I would take him off fruit juice entirely and manage fruit and veggie intake - one of each a day. Also look into a second opinion.

Sounds normal. You have to dilute fruit juices with water when they are that young or else they get bad diarrhea. My 2 year old STILL gets diarrhea with fruit juices unless I add water to it. I know they like the fruit juices, but mostly milk and water are best for them-- fruit juices have a LOT of sugar.

You don't have to change doctors. But, you don't have to follow their advice either. Cut back or out whatever you think is causing a problem. Babies under 1 year old need nothing but mother's milk. They don't need food yet. They really don't. It just helps them get accustomed to food so that by the time they need it it is an easier adjustment.

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It's okay he is perfectly normal. "blow outs" as you call them are fine, when you need to be worried is if he is doing them over 6 or 7 times a day. Also, don't worry about the way he looks when he is going to BM, think of yourself, do you want to smile and play around when your going BM!

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My son is now 9 months and when he is sick we still have the blow outs. I wanted to let you know you are not a lone. We would go through fazes where it would be bad and then fine. I buy very cheap clothes for daycare - because they do not wash out the clothes as good as I do at home - and just pray in the morning we get to school before we have one...at least then they can deal with clean up.

Smile. Laugh. Enjoy the time because soon enough your little blow-out will be grown up and you can tell the blow-out story to all his girlfriends!

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I have a 4 month old and he has "blow outs" too.. That's funny that you call it that.. I say his "butt exploded".. Yes, I have to change clothes and diapers.. It doesn't seem to hurt him though-- he never fusses.. Yesterday morning he was laying in his bouncy and I was standing next to him, and he "exploded".. I looked down at him, and he just smiled so big!!

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I don't know if his BM's are normal or not. What is really normal with a human? My baby has had her share of blow outs, however every day seems a little extreme to me. I have a few different ideas to share and I apologize if you've already heard these. I didn't read the other responses. First, I would lay off the fruits, especially the juice, and try some veggies. Try sweet potatoes. They seem to go over well since they have a sweet flavor that babies love. I probably feed my daughter who is 8 mo. something with sweet potatoes in it everyday so you can never give too much of that healthy food.

I would also consider trying a switch to Similacs non-dairy formula for a little while. Just to see if that does the trick. When a baby has a bought with diarrhea it can make them a little lactose intolerant. This should clear up in time but sometimes you might get caught in a vicious circle where the milk product continues to cause trouble. It won't hurt to try it out and you might find it makes things a little more "normal". We did this with our daughter and now she's back on the Advanced formula too and does just fine.

The biggest suggestion I have is to try probiotics!!! They help support the growth of natural flora in your digestive tract which can also get "washed" away in times of diarrhea. That's why yogurt is so good for you. You can give him a yogurt in the morning. My daughter loves the Yo-baby with cereal in it. After that you can find probiotic granules at the pharmacy. Just ask the pharmacist. They are over the counter but they keep them in the refrigerator behind the counter. They can also tell you how much to use. They are perfectly safe and a natural way to "regulate" things. My daughter went through a spell where she had really runny diapers several times a day. She was too young for us to really know if they were diarrhea but we just felt they were too runny so the best we could do was assume. I started doing some research on the benefits of probiotics and decided to ask her doctor. The doc said it was a great idea and that either way it couldn't hurt to try it. We had already switched her to the non-dairy formula, which helped a little but within a week of mixing the granules into her bottle she had more "normal" BM.

To end my speech... :-) listen to your instincts. If it doesn't seem "normal" to you then it might not be. If you son isn't in pain or is not showing any signs of something wrong than that's a great thing! But you still need to listen to your feelings on it. He might not be able to tell you that his smile is because his tummies not churning anymore after he finally poops. And it's always a good idea to investigate new doctor's advice if your concerned at all about what you're hearing. Again, listen to your instincts.

Good luck!

P.s.. This advice was given to me from a mom of 3 when my daughter had a stomach bug that lingered for a week. I was getting frustrated with the constant clothing changes too. She said to try the plastic diaper covers that are used over cloth diapers. Gerber makes good ones. I tried them and they worked great! You still had a mess to clean up since you have to pull them off their legs but they kept the mess inside the plastic cover long enough to get her clothes off.

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Dear H., Are you diluting the juice? Maybe try that for awhile and see. If you have diluted the juice maybe just a little bit more water than juice will help. cause their tummy a so resilute (mspld) they can take just about anything. So maybe try that.And after reading all of the responses WOW So many different advices. Some of the a good but then again WOW No need to change Pedi. When our daughter was 3 weeks old we put her on rice cereal and she did just fine. and that was 31 yrs ago and I don't think babies have changed that much. Listen to your heart and own head and then do what you think is best.

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As others have suggested, I'd cut out the fruit juice. The only other thing I can think of is to try cloth diapers. Your daycare may or may not support you on this, but you could sure try it at home. I've had two kids, one of whom just always had loose stools. So we had our share of blowouts, mostly with disposable diapers. I've never had a leak of any kind when my kid was in a cloth diaper and a Super Bummis Wrap cover (that's a name brand).

I know cloth isn't for everyone, but it's probably easier to manage than you think, saves a ton of money, etc. It's just something else you might try.

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Wow! You have some interesting responses here. To me, it sounds like that this is "normal" behavior for your son, and it doesn't sound like it's making him uncomfortable at all. I read a few say to try to dilute the juice (if you aren't doing that already.) That's what I did with my son when he was much younger...even up to a few yrs old. Maybe try a different diaper size too. Good luck! I know that you are doing a great job! Every person's and every babies BMs are different, so don't get discouraged by some of these responses.

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Good morning H.,

I am laughing so hard right now because this really brings back memories for me...especially the "concentrating" part LOL!

I did not give my children (I have four) juice at all...bananas will tend to firm things up...so will rice cereal.

Pears and prunes tend to work in the opposite way...

Good luck!!

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