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Hello, The pediatrician mentioned that my 3 1/2 month old baby is developing a slightly flat head in the back. She suggested that when he's awake to try to avoid having him lay flat on his back. For example, when we're at the mall, etc. put him in the Bjorn rather than in his car seat attached to the stroller. The problem is, I find the Baby Bjorn to be very uncomfortable after a short time. I've had neck/upper back problems in the past. The Baby Bjorn aggravates these areas. Am I wearing it incorrectly...too high, possibly? I've experimented with different positions, but nothing seems to help. It's such a popular, well-liked product and expensive, in my opinion, but maybe it's just not for me. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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My husband would pull the cross in the back lower to about the center of my back so that it wasn't pulling my shoulders down. He would do this when my baby was inside. I loved the baby bjorn so I hope you can get it to work for you.
Good luck!

Oh my gosh, so many responses! I am a mom and a chiropractor. I'm so happy to hear everyone loves the ergo. I do too. Baby wearing is great for you and the baby but everyone needs to feel good. Getting adjusted really helps too. It affets the nervous system by adjusting the spinal bones, which all of us moms could use. As far as you baby boy's head, my daughter's head was slightly mishaped and we treated her with Crainal Sacral. Her head completely transformed into a nice round ball. Please let me know if I can help or if you want any more information.
Wishing you well,
C. Lindstrom

I had a lot of trouble with the Bjron also. The Ergo carrier was great--it put all the weight on my hips and off of my shoulders and back.

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You can try a Mei Tai style carrier which also holds the baby upright like a Bjorn but for me at least was more comfortable. The straps on the Bjorn seemed to cut into my shoulders. I'm petite and found the Mei Tai which you wrap yourself to be easier to custmize to my body type for a comfortable fit.

Hi Julie,
The Bjorn really hurt my back a lot. I have and love The Ergo. It puts the babies weight more on your hips. I wear my 21Lb 6 month old baby in it atleast twice a day. I love that she can be in the front,back,or side. The only thing I liked better about the bjorn was that she could face out. When she was younger and I did not think it was good for her legs to be so spread(almost total splits),I would put her in it kinda squating and she loved it.

The Ergo websight says that is it better for the babies development if her knees are leval with her hips. Where in the bjorn they are hanging down by their crotch.
Not sure about the facts of all that but my baby and I are both more comfortable in the ergo.

Good Luck, A.

Try the ergo. It's a snugger, better designed fit. I would also just try any other carrier you can find, there's sure to be one out there that fits well.

I hated that carrier also! Try the Ergo baby carrier. It is very pricey but worth every penny! You can use it from birth to 4 year old. I use mine for both my kids. I have a 3 year old and a 20 month old and can switch from one to the other with not much adjusting. I just love it! My younger child is very clingy and I can do everything with him on my back. I cook, clean, dance with my older daughter all while wearing my son. You can use the Ergo as a back carrier, a front carrier, or a side carrier. And when you change back and forth it is really easy and fast to adjust. I give it 10 stars!

try an ergo. Much better for the baby's structure and for yours! Will work with an infant insert if your baby is small and will last for a looong time. I can't remember where ours came from but I'm sure a google search will turn up a few good choices. Good luck!

My husband would pull the cross in the back lower to about the center of my back so that it wasn't pulling my shoulders down. He would do this when my baby was inside. I loved the baby bjorn so I hope you can get it to work for you.
Good luck!


Try an Ergo carrier. I have only heard people complain about Bjorns for the reasons you give, but the ergo is ergonomic for you and the baby! You can carry them on the front or back or on your hip and it is set up so that the babies weights is carried on your hips not shoulders and back. My 6 month old daughter loves hers. The seat area is wide for the baby so they are not carrying weight on their crotch which is apparently bad for their spinal development, makes sense. The ergo really is an investment as you can carry them in it until they are 90lbs! There are additional things you can add to it like a backpack that attaches and a front pouch etc etc it really is well thought out for parents. Another good thing about it is that it is super easy to alter so multiple people can use it very easily. At 3.5 months you may still need an infant insert if your baby doesn't yet have good head control. We used our insert until our daughter as 5 months and then transitioned to wearing her on the front.

Here is their website http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/

Happy baby wearing!

In spite of being such a frequently-purchased product, lots of people have problems with the Bjorn. There are so many other better alternatives these days, and an active baby-wearing community to help you with them. One great one is called the Ergo, which is short for Ergonomic. it's great on your back and can be worn comfortably until babies are very heavy (I wore mine up to 31 lbs!). They have an infant insert that you can use before putting the baby in the standard Ergo position, which is with their legs straddling your tummy. There are also lots of other options. I'll email you a contact to the local baby-wearing group. They can help you out and also have monthly meetings to help get you acquainted with possibilities. They rock. Good luck!

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