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Baby After Vasectomy

My husband had a vasectomy done after our 2 boys were born. I really want to have another. I cant afford to do in-vitro, and have heard that a reversal is expensive and not effective. Any advice?

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My youngest son is the result of a vasectomy reversal. I'm not sure as to the expenses because it was covered by our insurance at the time. My husband had a reversal after our second son was born (my oldest two sons are not my biological children). After we were married we decided to give having another child a try. He had the reversal after 11 and a half years. Your chances of it working after 10 years drop by 50%.. and it doesn't start out at 100%. So the dr told us to give it two years if there's no baby, there isn't going to be. We stressed every month for almost 2 years when I started my period and everyone asking if we were pregnant yet. Finally we decided it wasn't going to happen, told our family to please stop asking cause it apparently didn't work for us. We stopped worrying and thinking about it and I got pregnant. So point being... yes reversals can work, and they work alot better when you're not stressed and "trying" to get pregnant lol
Considering the age of your children the success rate should be very high. It also depends on the procedure and how much of the tube was actually cut away. Fair warning for your husband, the reversal is more painful than the vasectomy. Basically because they have to pull on the vas deferens tubes to get them to rejoin again.

Good luck!

P.S. After I posted this I was reading some of the responses and was rather annoyed. To some of you people: obviously the decision to have the vasectomy was a joint decision not just her husband's, and the decision to have reversal is also, obviously, a joint decision. She didn't ask for advice on her and her husband's decision.

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Hi T.,

My husband had a reversal 16 yrs after his vasectomy. We were pregnant 3 months later. The Dr. we used is in NJ but he is awesome. He is old but he has an asst. who does most of the surgery. Your husband is awake for the procedure & home the same day. You do have to go back the next day & get the drain removed. My husband was back to work in 2 days. At the time it only cost $5000. Here is the the site http://www.vasectomyreversalnj.com/.

Good Luck!!! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. Also, we are pregnant with our second child due in August.


what does he say? you talk about what you want, but needs to be a joint decision

I have no advice to give you, sorry to say. I just want to say, your story touched me. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you get your wish to have another child.

Hi T.,

My friend had two daughters and her first one at two years old needed a liver transplant so they decided they were not gonna have anymore children from all the stress that they were under with their daughter and then having a newborn on top of it, so her husband had a vasectomy done. and they decided about two years later they wanted more children, so they looked into a reversal and they live in Las Vegas and it was costly so they ended up finding a place in oaklahoma I think that was alot cheeper, they looked into everything and he flew out there and got it done and then flew home, they now have a beautiful 8 month old boy and are trying for one more ! If you want to know more about it let me know My friend will be more than happy to e-mail you about it! Good Luck !

Have you considered adoption? We have 2 wonderful children via adoption...

Good luck!

I'm sorry to say I don't know the chances of success on the vasectomy reversal. However, I was in a similar situation where my doctor recommended me not get pregnant again after baby #3. Which made a lot of sence at the time. However I was raising three sons, by the time my youngest got to kiindergarten I was having regrets about the stirlization, even though it was the right thing for my body, but not my heart. We decided to adopt a little girl from Romania. Don't get scared off yet. You don't have to do a foriegn adoption, try the foster care system in your state. You will find that foriegn adoption cost about as much as invetro. You will be giving a child love and educational opportunities they would have never had in the country they came from. Not to mention you would be changing generations of their children to come. It takes love and commitment. I'm sure looking at your own two sons you realize how different they are, as all three of mine have their own personalites, looks and interests. Please pray about all of this. You know the prayer, God help me to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference? Well just keep your options open. If you have a calling to have another child this might be Gods way of nudging you toward something greater. Good Luck,(by the way my daughter is now 15, she came when she was 3 (we wanted a toddler) she is very well adjusted, a good athelete and loves school. I'll pray for you. L. C.

Your husband had the vasectomy. That should tell you something about how he feels about more children. Why do you want another child? Has Chris had a change of heart?

Hello, my husband had a reversal and our insurance covered the whole thing. He is 39 and never had kids until he met me. We were pregnant 4 mths after he had the reversal!!
It does work and you need to check with your insurance because some of them are now covering reversals. We went into thinking we would have to pay alot and ended up only paying $100
Good luck, let me know if you have anymore questions.

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