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Baby Acne - Garland,TX

I just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 21, 2008. I notice last week that her forehead seem to have a rash which i have now found out to be baby acne. Since last week here entire face, head and her upper back now has bumps everywhere. Is there anything anyone can suggest to help clear it up?

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My daughter had a similar break out around the same age. I took her to my dermatologist and she recommended Cetaphil. We used Cetaphil was and lotion on her entire body for about a month. She is 5 now and we still use Cetaphil exclusively for her face and the lotion for her body. It takes awhile to clear up but works wonderfully! Good luck.

Just give it time and it will go away. You can use Cetaphil on it and it may help, but I doubt it will go away completely for several more weeks.

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Congratulations, D.! I know how frustrating it is to have a beautiful newborn daughter with a terrible rash right before Christmas (i.e. not just needing a photo for the birth announcement, but also knowing that there will be many photos taken for her first Christmas)! My oldest was born November 20 and has very sensitive skin. Yes, all newborns have some "baby acne" due to the major hormone shifts of birth, but some also have skin that is more reactive to environmental irritants.

I recommend that you wash her clothes with Seventh Generation Baby laundry detergent (http://www.seventhgeneration.com/Baby-Laundry-Detergent), which is available at Whole Foods, many traditional grocery stores and even Target; if this isn't a workable option for you, at least use a "Free & Clear" laundry detergent (ALL makes one). Use plain distilled white vinegar instead of liquid fabric softener (yes, there are "natural" and "free & clear" alternatives, but for the money and lack of build-up in your washing machine, you can't beat vinegar); use the same amount you would use of traditional fabric softener...I don't measure it, I just pour it in my washer's auto dispenser, but I'd estimate it's about 1/4 cup. I don't use dryer sheets at all (if you don't overdry your clothes, there isn't usually a static problem, and the clothes will already be soft from the cleaner rinse they get with the vinegar), but if you "need" them, be sure to buy unscented/fragrance-free!

For bathing a newborn, often water is all you really need (I like to use de-chlorinated water, but don't stress overly much about this unless your daughter has on-going issues). When a cleanser is needed, California Baby makes a Sensitive Skin version that is a combination shampoo, body & face wash and gentle enough for a newborn's skin. They also make a fragrance-free lotion. We love these products! They are free of irritants and still do a great job of cleansing and moisturizing. (Do make sure you are providing plenty of moisture this time of year. If lotion alone isn't enough, a humidifier may be a worthwhile option depending on the humidity level in your house...it can help with respiratory and skin issues.) I also highly recommend Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil, which is great for cooking as well as applying directly to skin!

Good luck to you! Relax and enjoy this time as much as possible.

Mustela NewBorn foam shampoo. This is for baby acne cradle cap etc.
You can get it at Babies R Us and a lot of other places.
The California Baby cream(whole foods and target) in the jar is great for this too.
If that doesnt work then only use oatmeal bath...no shampoo or soap.
good luck and yes it will run its course.

I feel the same as some of the other moms....you really have to just let it run it's course. Both my children had it as well. Although it's not attractive, it is, what it is. And it will go away. Hang in there!

My daughter had a similar break out around the same age. I took her to my dermatologist and she recommended Cetaphil. We used Cetaphil was and lotion on her entire body for about a month. She is 5 now and we still use Cetaphil exclusively for her face and the lotion for her body. It takes awhile to clear up but works wonderfully! Good luck.

Good morning! What ever you do - do not break or rupture the baby acne. They will scar and even as a teen and young adult - will show on your child's face.

We were told to use some things to dry it and we did that but wish we had not. I think even touching it was too much.

Just dab clean damp cotton ball if needed otherwise, don't worry - it will go away and your baby will have the most beautiful baby skin. :)

Unfortunately you just have to wait it out. Both my boys had it badly. Give it a few weeks at it will be gone.

Just give it time and it will go away. You can use Cetaphil on it and it may help, but I doubt it will go away completely for several more weeks.

Very normal. The best thing to do is wash her down with soap and water with a wash cloth daily (a little spa as I like to call it). My first baby had it pretty bad as well. It is from the breast milk and/or formula. Also, if she spits up it is from that as well. Baby skin is very sensitive. Also, when you do bath her use a soft infant brush with soap to wash her hair. That will help prevent cradle cap. My baby is pretty chunky so she gets bumps and redness underneath her chin from sweat and spit up. I have to clean that area a few times a day and keep it dry with corn starch. That really helps it from getting too bad. You may want to use a little corn starch on her body to keep it dry. However, I found the best thing for baby acne is just to keep it as clean as possible. It should clear up before Christmas :)

Just thought I might mention my situation. I have a 5 month old little girl that I thought was having baby acne at about a month old and passed it off as that for about 2 weeks until I took her to her pedi and it ended up being an allergic reaction and might I add one of the worst causes he had seen, however he gave us some hydrocortizone cream and it cleared up with in 2 days. It ended up being one of her blankets that we were putting her on. So I guess you never know, but I hope this helps a little.

My pediatrician recommended Hydrocortisone cream. I use the Aveeno brand and it worked like a champ!

My son had no baby acne but then I switched soaps because I got it from my baby shower & he broke out. I would try different soaps, I have had numerous friends that the Johnson & Johnsons baby wash did the same thing. When I switched back to the Baby Magic it completely went away. Not saying that is the case but you could always try something else. Aveeno also works for my kids.

Good luck! And, congratulations on your baby girl!!!!

Cetaphil face wash and follow it with the lotion.
Its great! You can use it as well.

This is pretty common with newborns as they work through the mama's hormones. It will clear itself up in time- do not pick it though. I would say if it persists for more than 6-8 weeks, then I would take her to a dermatologist.

Hi D.:

My baby boy had baby acne as well. His pediatrician told us to put Eucerin on it a few times a day. You would think that it is so heavy and greasy...

It worked!

Good luck! She will outgrow it very soon!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your new baby girl!

Do not pick it, it will go away on it's own. I could not resist to pick a couple on one of my sons nose and it left a deep hole for several years...

I have a 2month old, and my doctor said that this is so common. It is actually not baby acne it is caused by dandruff. So here is the prescription he gave us.
1% hyro-cortizone cream ( can get at walgreens) and then every other day use anti-dandruff shampoo (selsun blue) be sure not to get it in the eyes. I used the selsun blue once (was too afraid of getting in her eyes) and just did the hydro-cortizone cream 3x's a day after cleaning her body. It went away and has stayed away.
Hope it helps!

Totally normal---it will go away on it's own. My pediatrician told us it was cradle cap on her face, body, etc rather than baby acne--and told us to use Selsen Blue--which I was not going to do. Whole Foods has a great cream you can buy--it's a little pricey but lasts a really long time and totally worth it. It's by California Baby---calendula cream. It has other uses too.

Good luck and congrats!
p.s. I thought it was never going to go away...sad to see my beautiful little girl like that but it did!

Kiehl's baby lotion- I swear by it. I had 4 friends tell me about it before I tried it. And yes, baby acne is very common. I tried all the other stuff first (but my doctor advised against the hydrocortisone- said he would not recomend it for a little baby). The Keihl's is a miracle cream. My baby's face cleared up in 24 hours! She had the most beautiful perfect skin within 2 days. I use it any time she gets any kind of rash or dryness. It's not cheap, but last forever. $18 at Saks, Neiman's or look up online. Good luck!

My baby just had it on is face and a friend of mine told me to use the diaper cream. I was like what? So I tested a small area on his chin and it worked.

My eldest daughter also had bad baby acne. Just leave it be and it will clear up in a few weeks. It is just a reaction to leftover hormones from you. I can't imagine a doctor saying to put any medication on a newborn!!

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