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Babies at NFL Games

Hi Moms! I have a 4 month old that's very mellow. He's happy hanging out in public places as long as mom or dad carries him or is in sight. He's done well at all types of functions. My husband has 4 tickets to this weekend's Dallas Cowboy game (plan is to drive roundtrip from San Antonio to Dallas). If I take my son, we would spend the night and make a weekend out of it. Neither of us have family in town and our options for a reliable sitter are slim to none, so here goes my question...I'm considering taking our son to the game w/us. Of course, he'd be properly dressed and would buy something to protect his ears in case it's pretty loud. I'm getting some negative feedback from the rest of the crew that is going. I have one good friend, she is the only one that I trust my baby with, HOWEVER, she is moving this weekend and has a baby that is 5 months old. She's offered to watch my son but I don't want to burden her. I will be helping her move the next couple of days. Has anyone taken their baby w/them to a professional sporting event? Football, basketball, etc. I'm lost here and seeking any advice or experiences. Thanks so much!

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I received some great advice from all the moms. Thanks so much!! I'm still up in the air about the game, I have one day left to make a decision. If I decide to take him, I will definitely take everyone's advise about snacks, clothing, car break, etc. Thanks again to all of you. Have a great and fun weekend.

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I dont see a problem with it - and hopefully he will aloow his parents to enjoy the game. My tailgate group frequently has kids - usually small like that before they get too big and too fidgety.

My cousins have had season passes to the Cowboys games for several years and have always taken their kids with them. She would just put them in the sling and they were fine. Have fun!

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I took my daughter, at 5 months to a Cleveland Browns home game. The stadium is right on the lake, and it was snowing. I bundled her up, took extra clothes, etc in the diaper bag, and packed the car with snacks and drinks in case I had to go back out the car.

I'm sure you'll be just fine, and that the group you're going with is just worried that if the baby gets too cold, or something happens, they'll miss out on their fun. Just make sure they know that the baby will not affect them having fun.

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Well, I think that it would be fine for you to take him, but make sure you have everything that you need for him...
On the other hand... I think this would be a great opportunity to have some alone time with your husband and your friends. Your friend offered to watch your baby so I don't think that it would be a burden to her or she would have never asked!! You are going to help her move..friends do for each other!!
Go enjoy yourself because you have to snag all the outings you can, it gets harder when they get older :)

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If you feel more comfortable taking your baby to the game, then take him. We took my 11 yr old son to a Texas Tech football game, in an outside stadium, when he was 2 weeks old! He was dressed appropriately, and slept through the entire game. We also took my youngest daughter to an outside theater performance when she was 6 months old. She and I spent some time in the bathroom, and at the back of the ampitheater, but it wasn't an awful experience.

The only problem I might see is the noise level and the temperature. Just think about those two things. The other advice given is very good!

Take him if YOU will be more comfortable. We Texans always think anything under 70 is too cold, but it's really not. My friend in Chicago took her babies EVERYWHERE with her in the winter -- I found it shocking, but she was always prepared with all they needed and even at truly freezing temperatures, they were fine.

If you think your friends will disapprove of taking the baby for either selfish or safety reasons, then either stay home in HOU with him or go on the trip to Dallas, but you and the little one could skip the game and go on a Mommy & Me outing or just snuggle in bed and order room service! That way you get the best of both worlds; you're not having to leave your baby behind and you still get to go on a weekend trip.

If you do go to the game, I agree that a front carrier or baby sling is the absolute best way to go to give you more freedom of movement and less bulk to deal with.

BTW, I'm a single mom so I've pretty much taken my daughter EVERYWHERE with me. At larger events, I believe it was a bit overstimulating so her coping mechanism was just to go to sleep. She'd wake up to be fed and be precious for a little bit, then back to sleep. Her sleep schedule was a bit off for a night or two, but I never regreted having her with me!

I H. you enjoy your weekend and your little one whatever decision you make!

Take care, S. (single mom of 1 precious little girl)

Don't listen to the negative feedback, take him! Sounds like everyone else agrees too. Most likely he'll sleep the whole time. You have to do what you have to do and for those who have older kids or no kids, of course it easy to leave them and it is easier if you have family and a reliable sitter. I H. you go and have fun!!! I live here in Texas and never been to a game maybe one day since my in-laws live 15 min. from the new stadium!! Go Cowboys!! Have fun & be safe!!!

My husband rodeo's so I have been taking my boys (now 6 and 4) to rodeos with us since my oldest was 8 days old. I make sure they are dressed for the weather and if it was going to be loud, I amde sure I had something to protect their ears but other than that, they were always fine. As babies, they slept through most of them.

It's fine. As long as you protect him from the noise and physical "tussles" and keep him snuggly warm--it's gonna be COLD this weekend! Have a Plan B, though. If it's too cold or rainy, etc., be prepared to go back to the car and turn the heat on. (Be sure to gas up, in case you have to sit in the car with the motor running. Bring some magazines or books, etc. for your entertainment in the car.)

I personally would not take my child to the game. I know I would not get to enjoy the game as much. You will be constantly worry about your son. But if you do not have a reliable sitter than you have no choice. It will be very loud. I recently took my two boys ages 4 and now 1 to a high school game, thank goodness I had my sister and her husband there to help. My youngest clung to me like glue. My youngest was heavy and going back down the bleachers was not much fun and then we had to get back to our vehicle. I was exhausted....my husband chose not to go, but I thought my oldest would enjoy it. Good luck with whatever you decide.

I don't see why it is a problem.

My cousins have had season passes to the Cowboys games for several years and have always taken their kids with them. She would just put them in the sling and they were fine. Have fun!

When you say negative feedback from the otherw, what do you mean? Do they want an adult-only outing, and that is why they don't want you to bring the baby? Or are they worried about the baby's safety? If it is the latter, I'm sure your little one will be fine, as long as you take all necessary items - diaper, bottles, blankets, etc. However, if it is the adult-only thing, then I would reconsider. I've been on both ends of that. I've stayed home from events that I know others just wanted some adult time because I couldn't find a sitter. And I've been the adult that asked if kids wouldn't come. Sometimes, we have to miss out on things if that's the case. You know, if you and your husband had a sitter and had an event planned, and then if your friends decided to bring their baby? It's something to consider.

We took our daughter to Cowboys games when she was a baby, and it was great. She had a few cowboys outfits, and slept through most of the game. Using a sling or other carrier could help so you don't get tired of holding him through the whole event (and keep his face out of the air and wind if it gets really cold at the stadium, which happens occasionally). Just make sure he is dressed in layers so you can keep him at the appropriate temperature, and bring a hat and a couple blankets.

My parents tell me they attended all the Cal Berkley football games with me when I was an infant. They sat in the middle of the card tricks section, and I supposedly slept through almost all of it.

I have seen babies taken everywhere some places I can't just believe. I would take your friends offer to watch the baby if I was you. You would get to spend some time with your husband. Also, it is going to be pretty cold in Big D and the noise level would not be great for your little ones ears. Even calm babies will get overstimulated in environments like these which might not make it too pleasurable for you. Just some advice of a working mother of 2 very busy kiddos that are 17 months apart.

I dont see a problem with it - and hopefully he will aloow his parents to enjoy the game. My tailgate group frequently has kids - usually small like that before they get too big and too fidgety.

We took our youngest with the rest of our family (me, my husband, and our three other kids) to a Silver Stars game when he was probably about 8 months old. He did pretty well. There were a few times when it got to be a little too much and we had to walk out of the stands with him, but he ended up falling asleep by the end. We also went to the circus with him when he was about 5 months old and the same thing happened there. I would say if you feel okay about it, do it. Just be prepared to miss some parts of the game. And don't let anyone else make you feel guilty about your choices.

Take him! The pictures will be fun, and though he won't remember, it will teach him about fun, positive experiences with you.

To me, the weather would have a huge influence on my decision. I just looked at the forecast for Dallas... High of 56, not including the wind chill.

Infants can not generate body heat and most of his heat will escape out his head and face. And you also need to consider the effect of the temperature of the air he will be breathing in. Cold air in his lungs will decrease his core body temp also. So, even if he is dressed in all his snuggly warm layers, he will still lose body heat and physically his muscles are too immature to replace it... or, he will be so overly dressed that he overheats. Babies are really vulnerable to temperature regulation, which is why all the doctors say that infants under the age of 6 months need to be kept in 72-76 degree environments. They might be able to tolerate chilly weather for short periods of time... like when you take him for a walk. However, if you're thinking of him being out there for 6 hours, honestly, that's kinda silly...

You can google 'infant, hypothermia' and get more info.

If you do go, I suggest you take 2 cars in case you need to leave early.

I say take him, I'm sure he will be fine and he may even sleep most of the time. Although I didn't take my son to any games, if the opportunity had presented I definitely would have. I took my son many places at that age without a problem (and I was breastfeeding.)

Although your friends offer is very nice, it sounds like she has her hands full, and 2 babies at that age are a handful. (Especially if they both are hungry or need to be changed at the same time.)

Go and have fun, it will be a family trip to remember!!

I say go for it! My daughter has been to several Eagles games at different stages of her life when we lived in the Philly area and I don't see what the harm is. It may put a damper on your fun since you'll need to be tending to your child but if you don't mind missing a few plays, why not? At 4 months, there is really not too much to be concerned about---he can't understand bad language yet, he's not walking around the scary stadium steps, and you can dress him weather appropriately! Have fun...but I am a NY Giants fan so I do not want Dallas to win!

We have taken our daughter with us to most things concerts, games. She is three now and has the same selactive hearing as any other child her age, only better stories to tell. LOL.
Sounds like you have thought it through. I wonder why the others going are conserned. Is it because they want an adult's only outing? It could be a social thing for them rather than a safety thing for your son. Otherwise it is perfectly fine. you have your bases covered. have fun and take pictures. It will be a good story. He will enjoy it when he grow up.

We took our son to an astros game, there was a lot of other babies there too. I guess its a matter of taking them or not going, and I'd rather get out.

I took my daughter to indoor arena football games when she was a small sprout. Aside from the noise which I did my best to protect her from, she loved it. All the lights,people, and the big green field. My husband and I are tennis players and she still goes to watch tennis matches all the times and she is 6 mos right now. She loves to watch the people moving around and I think the big green and blue court is interesting. And when people cheer loudly she looks around but doesn't cry. When she is at home and we watch a football game she loves to watch it too. Same thing, loves the big green field and the people moving around. I say take your son. If you never expose them to things like this then when you do they will be afraid of it. My daughter can be in the most crowded, loud room now and doesn't flinch when cheers break out.

Have fun!!

I say take him with you! We were taking our son to UT football games when he was 5 months old and he LOVED it! The noise didn't bother him at all, in fact he fell asleep at the games. I would bring a sling, it just makes it so much easier to haul a baby around. There will be so much to look at that he will love it, take him and have fun!

When my son was a baby I took him to several professional sporting events...a Denver Broncos game and a couple of Rockies baseball games. My best friend still lives in Denver and she's taken her baby to several Broncos/Rockies/Avalanche games. Both of them loved it...the noise, all the activity on the field and around them, the cheering. My son learned the symbol for "touchdown" during his first Broncos game!

We both always took a sling (no stroller)...and for the Broncos games, extra layers of clothing (a backpack is much easier to handle than a regular diaper bag)...and don't forget the sunscreen!

I vote for the friend. The babies are one month apart so she is accustomed to the needs of an infant. You have agreed to help her move, so it's a trade-out, only you should offer to go the extra mile and keep her baby for a day or so after the move so she can put things in order after the move. The week-end will give you and your husband a "free" week-end together, which, quite frankly, will do you more good than you realize.

I have taken my kids to professional baseball games (minors and majors) since they were just a few months old. Sporting events are great for kids, just be prepared that you may need to walk the concourse or watch the game from it if your little one gets upset or twitchy. Etiquette would rule that you not stay in your seat if your baby is screaming. If you are breastfeeding I would recommend taking an espressed bottle in case the baby gets hungry during, though you can also nurse just before and after in the car (I just say this because sporting events aren't fully enlightened in general to breastfeeding in public, I had no problem nursing in other places like airports or parks, etc... in public). A stroller, even if just an umbrella one is a great idea too. Have fun.

Congratulations on your baby! We took our daughter when she was about four months old to a few Astros baseball games. She did great and loved just watching all of the new things and faces. It may not be as relaxing for you, as you'll be watching the baby more than the game. Just be sure you're well prepared with enough bottles, warm clothes etc. for the baby. Does he take a pacifier? Make sure you have one that clips onto his clothes. My daughter was still nursing - so she was a little distracted to drink pumped milk from a bottle. I guess if the rest of the crew isn't supportive, then don't ask them to take turns holding the baby and be ready to get up and walk around if he starts crying. I'd say go for it, and have fun!

TAKE THE BABY! It'll be great exposure :) Have a great time, and congrats that your baby is mellow enough to do that-mine's a little more high strung. Go with your first instinct, and ENJOY yourself!!!

Back in April, I took my then, 4 mo. old daughter to a Dallas Stars game. I dressed her appropirately and brought a blanket with us. I did not worry about the noise. She loved it. She was very attentive for a while, then crashed on her daddy. She slept through the rest of the game. When they would score and the cheers and siren would go off, she would jolt awake and be right back asleep before people stopped cheering. She was fine.
I would not worry about taking your son to a football game at all. Just have him dressed for the weather and be prepared for maybe having to walk around if he gets fussy.

H. you have a great time.

I have taken my babies to all kinds of football games and even Spurs games. They actually seem to love all the noise and the craziness at the game. Just take extra snacks, diapers etc.

Also, you really want to try and find someone to keep the baby - you could try one of those drop-in daycares. I have lots of friends who use them here in SA and really enjoy them. Good luck and have fun!

Sounds like you know how to keep a baby comfortable. Ear protection, wind protection(their field is open) You will have him in your lap the W-H-O-L-E game!! Just have plenty of what he eats and extra warm things!!Its supposed to be C-O-L-D. Have fun sweetie!!!lol

i have taken my daughter who is now 15 months to numrous games and events. just be sure to cover their ears okay? they do tend to get loud! I soooo jealous of you going the cowboys game!!!!!!!!!!! have fun!

Hi H.!

I took my 6mo. old boy to a Dallas Cowboys game several years ago. It was a great experience. We all dressed in our team apparel (baby too) and we were able to stay for the entire game no prob! The only thing I was a little worried about was even with ear protection he did jump every time our area was cheering etc. Other than that, it was a great time that made for great memories, especially for my hubby! Good luck!

My son is mow 7, he's been attending Hockey games with us since before he was born (in fact I was at an Iguana game when I felt him kick for the first time!!). He loved the games as a baby & still does!! I've always dressed him warmly, because of the ice of course. But the lights, the crowds, even the noise was/& is very entertaining for him. Don't worry, you're son will have a blast!!

Hi! I'm in the minority here, but I wouldn't take him. Mainly because pro football games are extremely loud. Not quite rock concert loud, but loud enough to where I wouldn't want to take my baby at that age. We took our son to an Astros game when he was about 9 mos & the sudden cheering & screams from the crowd scared the pants off him. We ended up walking around most of the game but at 4 mos, your son will probably be more chilled out. Also, I'm not sure how much fun you guys will have at game while caring for all the needs of your baby. If you really don't have any other options, get protective wear for his ears (he'll need it) & take him. I wouldn't miss out on the trip because of it, but if there is any other option, I'd go with a sitter 1st.


You say your son is very laid back. Your friend has a baby that is one month older. The babies are not at a "mobile" stage, so your friend does not have to worry about them getting "into" things during the move. They will probably sleep in a back bedroom while she oversees the moving activities. The facts are: (a) you trust her; (b) she is accustomed to caring for a baby your son's age; (c) caring for one extra baby at the pre-crawl stage is not a great deal more trouble than caring for one's own. I believe that it will be a more enjoyable weekend - for EVERYONE - if you leave your baby with your friend. Here is why I think so:

(1.) For your son's benefit:

- Safety first. There is a terrible stomach virus (diarrhea and nausea) going around right now that just "wipes out" adults for 3 days. I think taking babies into giant gatherings of people before their immune systems are fully developed is a genuine risk. So, there is NO WAY that I would be taking a 4 month old into a crowd of 80 thousand people, each spreading their brand of germs.

- Comfort. Unless your husband received tickets to an "athletic box", the regular seating at sporting events is quite tight. The rows/seats are comfortable for the occupants, only. If you are holding your son on you lap throughout the game, both you and he will be exhausted. Plus, even if you are accompanied by the only the absolutely necessary baby accouterments, you will be pressed for storage space around your seats. Those around you will be imposed upon as you make you way into and out of your seats with everything that you must have with you. And you are right about the noise. It is LOUD! Also, you have no way to determine in advance what the fans around you will be like: most will be considerate and not encroach on you. However, you could get stuck next to a jerk who is drinking too much, rough-housing or worse behavior. Unfortunate fan behavior in adjacent seats has certainly happened to me, and it is difficult enough to deal with as adults. I would not have wanted an infant in the midst of some situations that I have been exposed to at sporting events.

(2) The adults benefit:

- You are (already) receiving some form of negative feedback. You do not mention WHO is objecting or suggesting that it might not be a good idea, but SOMEBODY is not thrilled with the idea of taking your son along. It is unclear how many people are in on the trip. You say "the crew" but your husband only received 4 tickets (?). Are the other travelers a couple or two singles? Male or female friends? Think about the situation from their perspectives. If your companions are unmarried and/or childless, then having a baby along may be a bigger dose of reality than they would like to experience during a "big outing." And even if it is another couple that has children, perhaps they are looking for a little "get-away." There is certainly nothing wrong with that; in fact, it is a very heathy perspective.

- Maybe the above objections are even coming from your husband. I think it would be SUPER if you make a weekend of it with your husband and friends and make it a date weekend! Enjoy adult conversation, be romantic with your husband, have a wonderful experience at the game. This opportunity can be one of those "out of the ordinary" special outings that you can make the most of; it can be the type of trip that you and hubby will look back on this all of you lives and say, "Remember when we took that trip to Dallas..." Make some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime with him this weekend.

You are only talking about an overnight outing (you'll have to leave your son overnight sooner or later, and I recommend sooner.) Your baby boy will be happy in a "more normal" situation - almost like home. True friends are never "burdened" when they are helping out. And you can do something very nice for your friend to repay her for her kindness.

If you DO decide to take your son to the game, don't forget sunscreen!


i would take your baby. we bring our children infants or not to all sporting events. do not worry about the rest of the crew who are so negative. also if they just want adults and you paid for your tickets i'd say that is their problem and you can bring whom ever you want no matter how old they are.

Yes. Make sure to put in some ear wax. It fits snugger and stays in better than ear plugs. Have bottles and snacks handy. I would carry mine in a front (backpack) carrier. Your hands will be free - no crazy stroller issues and baby will likely fall sleep with the movement.

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