B-day Party for 10 Year Old Girl

Updated on October 09, 2007
K.K. asks from Mount Pleasant, SC
14 answers

Just wondering if anyone has some unique (somewhat inexpensive) birthday party ideas for a 10 year old girl. We've done the paint your own pottery, bowling, and a fun park. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Augusta on

What about a beauty party?Give them some real makeup and let them do each others makeup and hair. Or if you know someone close to you that does nails to come and do the girls nails.I say work around your daughters interest.B/c what really matters is that she enjoys it and is happy with the theme.

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answers from Spartanburg on

How about a rose party?? You can make circles out of tissue paper, have some rubber bands, band them together on a popcicle stick. The tissue can be cut into relatively the same size circles, decorated with glitter, then stacked together. You push the center of the tissue down and form a cone with them. Put the rubber band around the tip of the cone and attach it to the stick. The Girls can make several of these and have their own Bouqets. A flower birthday cake is very easy to make. I have the directions in a book that I can email you if you want them. You can buy the materials at the dollar stores and at Wal Mart. I hope that she has a great birthday!!

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answers from Columbus on

Hi K., I don't know if high school musical and hannah montana and disney princess is what is "in" where you are from, but it is here. I know that from 5year olds to high school girls are going crazy over the songs from all of these movies/singers/characters. I work with teenage girls and I personally have a daughter turning 6 in two weeks and both ages love the karoake idea. We had a lock-in with girls from 6th grade through 12th grade and we spent 4hours doing karoake last friday night. My daughters b-day party is a high school musical karoake party. She is so stoked about it! We found karoake cds at walmart that were appropriate for her age. It is going to be inexpensive and self-entertaining for the kids as well as the adults.
Good Luck, E. N



answers from Savannah on

Camping with girlfreinds? This can even be done in your family room/backyard. Let them all make their "snacks" to camp with.

Or just a plain old pjama/come as you are type party.

Just provide their fav music & don't worry too much about entertainment as they are very social at that age. Maybe a spa day (let them do it to each other)

Good luck!



answers from Columbia on

My daughters recently went to a party at a bakery where the girls got to decorate cookies and cupcakes and take home what they made. All the girls had a great time. Maybe you could do something like that in your home.



answers from Macon on

Hi K.

I suggest these themes for parties: Hannah Montana, Spa Party, Rock Star, Movie Star, and Tea Party. Just to name a few. I am in the process of planning my daughters 2nd birthday for this Saturday. The theme is "Rainbow Tea". I hope this helps.



answers from Augusta on

My dance studio, Center Stage Dance Academy, offers dance parties. For $50 for 1 hour or $75 for an hour and a half, you can invite as many kids as you'd like. We provide the building, music, and can teach a mini-class. We also have plans where we will provide food, cake, plates, cups, drinks, etc. If you think that you might be interested you can call me at ###-###-####. Thanks!



answers from Myrtle Beach on

MagiQuest is a lot of fun. They have a party room. The kids keep the wands for future use and I believe it is pretty reasonably priced. check out their web.



answers from Savannah on

What about a beading party? You could either go to a beading store or buy a bunch of beading sets at a craft store.
hope this helps,



answers from Lima on

you can take the girls go to a beauty college to have manicures and their hair styled. then back to your place to have cake and ice cream.



answers from Charleston on

What about taking a few of her friends to have a mini-manicure at a salon. I have 3 boys and one step-daughter but she's not very girly! I would love two have a girl one day to do this kind of stuff with. The older kids get the harder it seems to be creative with ideas. Good Luck



answers from Augusta on

this may sound old fashion but how about a roller skating party? or do a movie themed slumber party with movies like princess bride or maybe Sky High.



answers from Savannah on

You could have a photographic birthday!(I am a photographer sorry! LOL!) Sunprint kits, one of the oldest form of photo, are still available online. They are very inexpensive and fun. You make a beautiful blue image by setting the paper out in the sun and lying objects (leaves, jewelry, or even kids hands and feet) on its surface. After a minute or two you rinse the paper in tap water and the image appears. Like magic! I have dont this project with kids many times and they always love the instant picture they have just made.

Since almost everyone has a digital camera you could also have a photo-scavenger hunt. This works for teams or individuals. Just make a list of items and send the girls scavenging. You could even hide things around your house and yard. She who finds the most objects wins. You could even reward the person who has the most creative photos.

Good luck to you! Jess



answers from Savannah on

Pool party. Most if the YMCA have indoor, heated pools, and I know that the one here (GA) is $15 per hour.