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Average Weekly Rate for Nanny: 2 Year Old & 3 Month Old

Help! There is no way I am going to attempt to get 2 kids out of the house every morning or pay the price to keep them both in daycare. What is the average going rate for a nanny these days? I hate to admit it but I am exteremly picky and will have a laundry list of high expectations (daily craft projects, no TV lots of reading, planned activites for the week, etc...).

I have also heard craigslist is a good place to start looking - thoughts? I have also heard to use a service - thoughts?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, our nanny also gets $700 for 2 kids. She does not get benefits, but gets 2 weeks paid vacay and 3 sick days. I think, as others have said, this is about average in Chicago.

Also, I'd suggest starting with Sitter City and Northside Parents Network,
www.npnparents.org. Or maybe a placement agency. I'm not sure Craigslist is the most reliable place to find someone to care for your kids.

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We'll pay our nanny $650/week for our 2 kids (I'm due in August - we pay her $550/week now).
When negotiating, we learned that the average for 2 kids is between $7-750/week here in Chicago. Basically $12-15/hr.

We found our nanny from a referral from a friend. She's AMAZING and I wouldn't trade her for anything! I believe a good resource that a lot of my friends have used is www.sittercity.com.

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we used sittercity...your rates depend on the amount of experience that the caregiver has. we have a nursing student who needs the money for school. we dont have the tv on unless my daughter is ill and then it is a treat for her. she takes her to classes, the park, the library, etc. so if you are expecting your nanny to drive them around build ingas money to their salary and make sure they have a reliable car and valid ins.

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With high expectations like that, make sure you have a monitoring system set up, once you are out of that door you have no idea if she is actualy reading to your kids and not doing all the crafts just to show you. Economy is not great now, lots of potential nannies are out of work so you will be able to negotiate, hopefully, start at $500 or $550 a week and see who responds, you can always kick it up if nesessary. You can get a lower rate with a live in. Good luck.

There are many, good nanny placement agencies. If you go with Craigslist or similar search engine you have to begin to do your own background search etc. The local child care resource and referral agency can provide you with a list of nanny agencies as well as other resources to assist you with you search.

Wow, I heard $750 a week, and I want to quit my job and become a nanny - seriously! Especially if it is cash!!! I mean, that is $3,000 a month, or $36,000 a year...WOW! That is how much some people make a year! I guess it is fine for a lawyer, or someone who makes great big money, but for the normal folk...WOW!

I guess I was lucky - I have a friend that comes to my house and I do give her cash, and I give her $50.00 a day for either one or two kids - depending if it is summer or not. That is usually for 7-1/2 hours to 8-1/2 hours each day. Basically $6.00 an hour Cash.

I guess Nanny's get more money than Babysitter's!!! I know my babysitter (aka Nanny) is AWESOME - plays with the kids (actually alot more than I do)! She has more energy I guess!!!!

Alot of times you can find out from the local school and/or Church in the area, and alot of times they have Mom's who want to watch kids in the area.

Good luck!!!

I don't know what the going rate is for nannies, but my sister used Olive You Nannies to find her nanny. She is hard to please and had expectations like yours (which I don't think are that high, stick to them) and found a nanny she absolutely loves. Good luck!

I am answering a little late, but I would recommend checking out NPN Network. It is $45 to join but you can find so much information on nannies and nannysharing etc. It is a lot less expensive than going through an agency. Good Luck!

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