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Avent Nipple Progression for Age

Hey ladies quick question for you.

I use the Avent bottle and have had no problems with it. I began with the newborn size 1 nipple and have since replaced it with the size 2 which is suppose to be for ages above 1 month (it has 2 nipple holes). I went to increase to the number 3 (3 nipple holes) when my son was 3 months old, as recommended but he wasn't able to tolerate the increase in flow. he began spitting up a lot, regardless of how often we burped him before we put him down.
He is currently 5 months old and seems to have no problems with the number 2. My husband wondered if he should be going to the next size because he feels he takes quite a long time to eat at meals. I thought that we would upsize when he began to show signs of the milk not coming out fast enough, or frustration. Neither of which he has shown signs of. Do i start the process or wait for him to show signs he is ready to upsize? Is it bad for him to only be on a nipple with 2 holes? Should he be drinking faster?

Any thoughts?

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I recently tried to progress my 4 month old to the size 3 nipples and all I ended up with was a very soaked bib and shirt. As long as you don't see nipple blisters, little white bumps on their lips, and he doesn't act starved, leave it alone and let him progress when he's ready. How long does he take per feeding?

I have a 21 month old son who has never progressed past the #1. He just likes to relax and take his time eating which is fine with me. The only time I even use the #2 is if I give him a bottle with water. It's all in the child's eating speed.

Thank you for asking this question because I was wondering the same thing! My son is almost 5 months old and we still just use a #1 nipple. I use a #2 if I have added rice cereal to his bottle (to help with reflux per his GI doctor).

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I have an eight month old who still will not tolerate a size 3 nipple. She eats fine and is very healthy. I have been told by friends that the baby will show signs of frustration when they are ready to move on to the next size. I wouldn't worry about this as all babies are so different.

My son is 5 months old as well - he will not take any other nipple but the newborn - probably because he only gets one or two bottles a week - - - we have tried other nipples but he wont take any of them.

I don't think it matters - as long as your baby is happy - - - besides you don't want him to learn to eat super fast - he is learning to enjoy his meals overtime which studies have shown (in France) is a much healthier way to eat than typical Americans who wolf down their food quickly.


Enjoy your son....

Hi R.. Congrats on your little one! I have used the Avent bottles for both of my boys (ages 3 and 1) and loved them. I used the #2 nipples for my second son up until he weaned at 13 months. In fact, my husband gave him the #3 once when he was 12 mos, and milk just went all over the place! He has always been a great eater, and never showed signs of being frustrated with a low milk flow with the #2. I could have sworn that my older son was using the #3 nipples at some point (he used a bottle until he was 15 mos), but maybe I'm wrong (it's funny how you don't remember these things from one child to the next). My advice is to stick with the #2 because they seem to be working well for your son. He'll let you know when he's getting frustrated wih a low flow. Hope this helps!

My son just turned one and still uses only the stage 2 nipples on the Avent Bottles. Every time I try the stage 3, he makes a mess and coughs, spitting up a bunch of milk. The stage 2 still works great and has just the right amount of flow for him...he's now very fast at sucking it down. I hope this helps!

Dear R.:

We used Avent bottles with the #2 nipple with our son until he was close to nine months. He had a sensitive gag reflex when we tried to switch too. He still at a year uses the #3 nipples. Avent also makes sippy cup spouts that you can use with their bottles but we found the flow on those to be too fast too. We ended up buying Gerber sippy cups when the time came as the flow was not so fast.

Hope this helps.

N. :)

Here is my feedback. I talked to my dentist when I was pregnant with #1 child and he told me don't change the nipples. Here is why. Most people go for a bigger nipple so the feedings are quicker since everyone is always in a big hurry. But what a bigger hole in the nipple does is more milk flows out and it "pools" in your baby's mouth giving the sugar from the milk more time to settle into your babies teeth. Not to mention getting the milk into him faster could promote over eating in the future. He drinks it so fast he doesn't get a chance to get full.
Stick with the #2.

hello R.! i have a 8 month old baby & i just started her on the #2 nipples. i have read that it is best to change the nipples when you can tell it gets frustrating for them that the milk isn't coming out fast enough.always go with your mothers instinct! =0) hope what i told you helped.

Hi, i would advise you to relax.. as long as your little one is enjoying his feeding, so should you. The nipple you are using is a new one to me. I have raised many a well adjusted child to adulthood and only had 1 hole in the nipple! good luck


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