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Avent Bottles

I was wondering if anybody else has heard about Avent bottles being recalled in Canada? My friend called me today from Canada and told me that Avent products are being taken off the shelves up there. I have being giving my almost five month old daughter one bottle a day for the past six weeks so I could give myself a break from nursing and also because I work a few hours every morning. I am hoping to begin a slow weaning process in the next few weeks so I have stocked up on, of course, Advent bottles....

Thank You everyone for your replies and a Happy Mother's Day to you all! I just wanted to add that I called Babies r Us in Schaumburg this morning and I spoke with one of the managers (who I won't name) and he didn't seem at all concerned or informed about the situation. I was so disappointed by this because I love going to the store.... Anyway I am going to nurse until I replace my bottles. And for anyone else who like me, has all Avent products, I am going to hold onto the Avent bottles just in case a refund or store credit is offered.

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This is a great website that has lists of BPA-free bottles/sippies, etc plus lots of other information for parents - www.safemama.com

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Canada has done a recall of all bottles that contain BPA, and Avent is one of them. Any of the 'clear' plastic bottles typically contain BPA... if it's a cloudy plastic, it probably doesn't have it.

The US has not officially recalled BPA bottles, but more manufacturers are boasting BPA-free on their labels, and some retailers are pulling them willingly... Wal-Mart is supposedly one of them according to a recent article I read. Run a few google searches to see what the buzz is all about. from what I gather, the 'danger' is greater when the bottle is warmed or heated, and it then is able to seep into the formula/breastmilk.

I fed 3 babies on clear plastic bottles... my 4th and last is getting glass bottles...and has a few BPA free cloudy platic bottles.

Canada declared BISPHENOL A (BPA) "toxic." It is the first country to do so due to the findings in lab animals. They have linked the exposure of BPA to early puberty in girls, breast and prostate cancer, the neurological issues already mentioned and infertility in women (all the Nalgene bottles and those like it have BPA). It is caused by the bottles exposure to heat which causes the BPA to leach into what ever is in the bottles. If the bottles are scratched, this also causes the leaching. BPA is bonded to the polycarbonate to make the hard clear plastic. Any hard plastics with a recycle symbol with the number 7 contains BPA. Not all of them have the #7 symbol so just look up their website and you usually can find if they contain BPA. There is a website www.nuturepure.com that actually ranks the exposure in the bottles and ADVENT has the highest amount, then EVENFLO, GERBER, DR BROWN, and PLAYTEX.

Walmart Canada voluntarily pulled all baby and children products containing BPA from their shelves. This includes the sippy cups. BPA is also found in the lining of formula cans. Any clear hard plastic baby bottles contain BPA, including ADVENT and DR BROWN (that is why DR BROWN has a glass bottle.) The clear/cloudy softer plastic bottles are usually BPA free, Playtex, Medella, and Gerber to name a few. They are made with Polypropylene plastic.

There are only a few of the hard plastic that are BPA free.
They include: BORN FREE (has a amber hue to their bottles.) There are two more, THINK BABY, and GREEN To GROW, but I have only been able to find these online. Babies'r'Us sells Born Free but they have not been able to keep them on the shelves due to recent headlines about BPA. (Babies'r'Us also has the best price on them that I have found)

By the way before this hit the news we were using ADVENT bottles with my 13 week old. We switched to BORN FREE and her refux is actually better with them. Better even than when she breast feeds (much to my dismay) Hope this helps, I search the internet all day when it first hit the news and my husband and I decided the risk was not worth it.

Canada - and California soon too I believe (and definitely WalMart) - are removing all baby products with BPA in them. Avent bottles are included in this list. You can get a complete list of baby products and companies that make BPA and BPA-free bottles at:

It's all incredibly confusing to us moms. I have all Avent bottles that I used for my son a couple years ago (working/pumping). I'm expecting baby #2 in about 4 weeks and will be breastfeeding again, but am planning to replace the bottles with either glass or a non-BPA plastic when I go back to work.

They SAY that the BPA only leeches out with high temperatures - so dishwasher, microwave etc. IMHO, why take the risk? There's enough about it that's unknown that I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I haven't heard about the recall, but it's about time! Avent bottles contain BPA...
Try glass bottles or Born Free bottles (BPA-free).

Canada recently banned BPA in baby products which is a toxin found in the plastic. Several US stores are banning the sale but our gov. Hasnt done anything yet. The toxin releases as bottles are heated. I'd advise to discontinue use and switch brands immeadiatwmely. There are a ton of BPA free bottles out there now.

I have heard that they are part of the recall. I have all Avent bottles, too. My plan is to keep them out of high heat (dishwasher, microwave) because it is my understanding that it is the heat that causes the bad chemicals to emerge. I don't have the money or the need to stock up on a new bottle (althought there are safe ones out there). Just my two cents worth...

There was an article in People magazine regarding the use of a chemical in the manufacture of certain plastics, these bottles included. Also it is in various other sport bottles. You can identify the bottles containing this potentially harmful chemical by looking for the recycling seal on the bottomn and if there is a 7 located in the seal it is one of them. There have only been preliminary animal studies done and they show a possible link to some health issues. Hope this helps.

Avent does make a "drop in" disposable bottle too. That way you don't have to start all over again buying new bottles and you can still use the same nipples :-)

All bottles with BPA have been banned in Canada. Those are the clear bottles that are made of polycarbonate. I wouldn't freak out about this but I have thrown my polycarbonates out and now am using the non-clear ones. There are some clear varieties made with polyamide eg. Born-Free.

the issue is that when sterilizing, dishwashing etc. the polycarbonates leach BPA and it can have neurological effects. The US is always slower than Canada to ban things that are dangerous, especially with the Bush Administration.

So I wouldn't get too alarmed - your baby is probably fine but I would get new bottles that are not made of polycarbonate.

I don't know if at this point your daughter would mind switching brands, but we got the Evenflo glass bottles for our 2nd (we had used Avent for our 1st). I got them at Babies R Us and they're really inexpensive - 6 for $9.99. If you're concerned about BPA, this is a good and reasonably priced alternative, I think.

I've also been told that Gerber makes a BPA free bottle that's very similar, if not compatible, to the Avent bottles.

Good luck!

This is a great website that has lists of BPA-free bottles/sippies, etc plus lots of other information for parents - www.safemama.com

Here's are some articles about BPA bottles in Canada:



My friend also told me that certain Babies R Us are accepting used bottles that have BPA (like Avent) I know the BRU on Touhy is taking them and giving store credit. No receipt or questions asked. You might want to give BRU a call before going.

If you also want to petition against companies that are producing these BPA bottles, follow this link.


I don't have any babies, my kids are 6 and 3. However when we moved last month I threw out all my avent bottles and they were my FAVORITE bottles. :( I had heard about the BPA thing and I figured they would have something better out by the time we have #3 (and if we do).

If you are only giving one a day... and you are not warming the "milk" in the bottle, your child should be fine (my kids used them ALL day for months and I warmed in the microwave and they are JUST fine!). I wouldn't worry about it but there are sites on the Internet that list BPA free products, I think Playtex has some.

Hi! I threw away all of my Avent bottles because of the reports about the levels of BPA. I ordered bottles from the website Born Free and all of their bottles are BPA free. Here's the website

Good Luck!

yes, avent bottles have been recalled in canada due to the plastic leaching when warmed (when anything warm hits the plastic). the US is currently looking into doing the same thing. here is a link to a more in-depth answer (short article!): http://www.mommyauctions.com/blog/2007/10/01/kitchen-raid...

as the article points out, it's not just one type of bottle, it's ALL PLASTIC that has BPA in it.

Yes. It was all over the news a few weeks ago. Return the unused bottles and any others that you have...get receipts showing the returned purchases and others if you have, just in case mommy.

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