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At What Temp Do You Go to ER

I cannot remember how high the temp is suppose to be before it is considered time to take them to the ER. Does anyone know?

My son is 4 and he is at 103.6 and only 3 hours into Motrin (I just gave him Tylenol).

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks, Ladies, for the info! We ended up waiting it out and it finally started to drop a tiny bit (which I was pleased with). At 6:00 this a.m. though he started throwing up and had a 104 temp. I called the doc on call and he advised us to continue to alternate the meds and bring him in at 8:30. I did and 4 hours & a bunch of tests later we ended up with a dx of pnuemonia! Hopefully we caught it early and he will be back to his normal self soon!

My son, even at almost 5, has only run a temp over 102 once before when he was 6 months old. We've been so blessed that he has been so well but it does put me in a tizzy when he gets sick -- especailly as sick as he was last night.

Thanks for your support! You are a great bunch of Mamas!

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104 If it goes down with meds, then it can wait until the morning. If it's not controlled with meds, get thee to the hospital. Hope everything is ok!

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my pediatrician always says if its more than 101 then thats when you give tylenol etc. if it keeps going higher and not lowering at different times then its time for the er.

It is too early. I am a Nurse - I would keep alternating Motrin & Tylenol. If he is vomiting and can't hold anything down. Don't give him anything until it stops. You also need to play it by ear - if things just don't seem right then he may need to go - it is normal to be a little out of it with a fever. Good Luck!

my pediatrician told me that they don't usually recommend the ER for just a high fever. if your child is non-responsive and has rapid breathing AND a high fever, then it's off to the ER

If it were me i would take him to the ER just to be safe! To me it is too high.

I have taken my daughter when it was just 101.5 and she was screaming for an hour with no sign of stopping.

i rather be safe than sorry!

My son ran very high temp for a while back in December - he was 104.6 when we got to the hospital and was lethargic and couldn't even walk. When we were assessed at the hospital by the ER doc, he basically told us that they really don't worry until they get to 105...well as a mom 104.6 was close enough for me! They stripped him naked to his underwear and tried to get him to drink fluids, but he had vomiting as well. They ended up giving him fluids, but honestly the fever alone doesn't really seem to worry them much. I would call your pedi today and see what he says. I am always amazed by the lack of concern at the ER. By the way, the ER no longer recommends switching between Motrin and Tylenol. I did get a big lecture when I was at the hospital that time. BTW - they also don't recommend a cool bath or cool compresses, just strip them naked to the underwear.

104 If it goes down with meds, then it can wait until the morning. If it's not controlled with meds, get thee to the hospital. Hope everything is ok!

With him being 4, I would try to get it down. I say that because I have 4 children and I've experienced high fevers with them and rushing them to the ER several times.....if he has no other symptoms, all they are going to tell you to do is alternate Tylenol and Motrin.

I would give him a cool bath or do cool compresses; alternate Tylenol and Motrin; give him plenty of fluids and watch him closely during the night.

If the fever doesn't go away or at least down by tomorrow, I'd call the doctor.

I would take him in, just to be safe. It is either 103 or 104. I can't remember, but your son is close enough...maybe try an alternative to the ER? There are several emergency care options around, like Acute Kids Urgent Care...worth looking into so you don't have the long wait! Hope he feels better!

Go to the hospital or all night clinic. That is too high!

First of all, you need to check for any cuts or scratches that are infected. They can cause a fever, and if that is the case then he will need to be prescribed antibiotics. Keep alternating tylenol and motrin every 3-4 hours and have him soak in a warm bath. Make sure it's not hott and definitely not cold, luke warm. That will help take his temp. down. If this doesn't work (it should) then it may be time to go but they won't do much more than you are.

Don't take him to the ER unless he's dehydrated, vomiting and hasn't been able to keep down fluids or hasn't urinated for more than 8 hours. That temp isn't that high, as a mom yes but as a pedi er nurse no.He probably has an ear infection, or strep or a bladder infection. just keep alternating tylenol and motrin, pushing fluids and call your pedi. Do you really want to wait in the ER for hours with a sick kid just for a fever? ERs are for serious illness or injury not fever. You can tough it out for a few hours until your pedi opens.

We have taken our daughter for 105 fever before, and they didn't seem too concerned (she didn't have any other major symptoms). They told us ways to get her temp down, cool (not cold) bath, cool washcloth on bare skin, etc. Alternately, we have taken her for a lower temp, but she was lethargic. Very dehydrated. She was labeled critical and was admitted into the hospital. Soooo, basically the best way to make that decision is to judge how your little boy is acting. Is he talking? Is he walking? Is he throwing up? Is he still drinking? (Maybe try frozen pedia pops). I would take all these into account. Good luck and I hope he is feeling much better!!


I know it is way late on this, but just so you were sure for future issues...alexis mentioned that it is no longer recommended to switch between Motrin and Tylenol...but that is untrue. We were at Children's with our son (the best peds hospital in texas) recently when he had a virus and fever spike that we couldn't keep down (we weren't alternating the two)...well it spiked to 104 and he had a fever (febrile) induced seizure. He was totally ok, no lasting effects, but every kid has a different threshold...for some it could be 105 for others it could be 103. So once it gets past 102 or so I would alternate the two. Up to 101, I don't even give my son anything because fever is the bodies' way of fighting whatever the illness is. Anyway...back to the point...you can and should alternate once the fever gets up over 102 for sure. And you also should/can put a cold washrag on their head...the doc at the hospital did this, so I think it's ok. Hope that helps!

Has his temp gone down at all since Motrin or Tylenol was given?
If so, I would not go to the ER. They won't be able to do much unless he gets dehydrated. As long as he's still taking fluids good and his fever is staying down with meds, then I would save yourself the hectic ER visit and wait until the morning to go to his pediatrician.
Another I noticed with my kids is the fever always gets worse at night. Try to make him keep a cool rag over his forehead and that will also lower his temp.
Good luck and hope he feels better soon... : )
Check out this site too...you might find some medical help there as well.

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