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At What Age Did Your Child Stop Sitting in a Highchair to Eat?

Just wondering the average age for children to stop sitting in highchairs to eat. I have a 20 month old daughter and we still keep her in the highchair, but I'm wondering when I should maybe look into getting a booster seat or something so she can sit at the regular table with everyone else.

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It really varies from child to child. I have 4, my last two (twin boys) stopped using the high chair at 18 months. I knew they were ready to eat like "big" boys, because they would kick their trays off when they were done eating. Try her at the table with a booster and see how she does. If she is unable to maneuver eating with "minimal" mess, she's probably ready. If not, gradually acclimate her until she is. Hope this helps!

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I think at about two years old it is time to get a booster. Any sooner than that could just make a big mess. You might want to get her a booster seat and just let her try it out to see how she adjusts.

I think it is different for every child. We moved my daughter to a booster seat at 16 mths, and she did great! We needed the high chair for my son, so we really didn't have much choice. However my son, who is 18 mths now, does NOT do well in a booster seat. he won't eat and doesn't stay in his seat, etc.

You could always buy a booster now, try it and see how it goes. If its horrible, jut put it away and try again when she's older.

My three year old has a booster chair and a high chair. If he will sit in the booster chair and eat, then he sits in the booster. If he gets distracted, with his 3 year old short attention span, and starts running around during dinner time then we put him in the high chair. The high chair is like a "time out supper chair" at our house. "OK if you can't sit in the booster chair, then it's time for the high chair."

I've never used a high chair. I used a Bumbo until he could sit well enough for a booster. This is the best booster- portable, hygenic, and cheap!!

My baby is 17 and 1/2 months old, and she faught sitting in her high chair and would try to stand up and then want to sit in our laps. So we put the booster seat in a real chair to see what happened. She loved it and we have been doing that now for about 2 weeks. So to answer your question.... mine was 17 months old when we took away the high chair.

My daughter is 21 months old and she decided for herself a month ago that she didn't want to sit in a highchair to eat anymore. She refused to eat unless she was sitting in her brother's booster seat or on my husband's lap. We went to Walmart and got her a booster and she's doing great in it.

My Sons stop sittng in high chairs when they no longer
thought they were babies around 3 yrs

It varies. My oldest stayed in the highchair forever - until she was literally outgrowing it! I honestly can't remember when we moved her, but I know that she was 27 months when her sister was born, and we actually bought a new highchair for #2 and had both of them in highchairs for a little while. I think when we saw that she could get in and out of the highchair by herself, we figured it was time to get her into a booster seat! :) Ah, the first child - isn't it a delight? We had so much fun! Anyway, number 2 was much earlier, although I don't remember exactly what age. We just moved #3 to a booster a couple of weeks ago - he's 18 mos and really wanted to be with the family at the table such that he was refusing the highchair. I guess bottom line is that the booster seat isn't necessarily an age thing but a personal preference. Have fun with your precious little one!

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