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At What Age Did Your Child Learn to Tie His/her Shoes?

I'd like to know how old your children were when they learned to tie their shoes. How did you teach them?


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My daughter was 5 and learned the summer before kindergarten. We just had her sit and practice with a shoe in her lap, sometimes I would sit along side her with a shoe in my lap to show her rather than talk her through it.

She picked it up fairly quickly.

Good luck!!

Both my kids were slow to learn how to tie their shoes on their own, obviously facilitated by all the great shoes with velcro nowadays. My son didn't learn until he was almost 8 probably and my daughter learned at an early age 7. My son had dysgraphia though so he had a motor skill disorder that turned out to be the reason it was so difficult for him to learn. For my daughter, it was more out of lack of necessity since once she did learn and had shoes that needed tying, she was tying them like a pro in no time. :-)

They need to know sometime in kindergarten. My son's teacher last year would not tie shoelaces. She always said find a friend if they asked for their shoes to be tied and finally they get so tired of asking that they learn how.

Mine learned around the age of four. I didnt teach her because I thought it was too early. She came to me one day and said "watch me" and she tied the strings on her skirt! I still am not sure how she learned? Now she is 6 and sometimes I still have to help or redo them because she cant get them tight enough, but I think around 5-6 is a normal age.

My son was 4 when he learned. He went to Pre-K last year and he had to tie his shoes correctly all by himself 3 times in a week to earn a prize on Friday. I don't know any special way to do it so I just demonstrated and he copied me. It took less than a day and he had it down.

My DD learned at 4, but I understand that is young. I don't think I learned til I was 6! I didn't use any special technique. Just make an 'X' with the laces, and tuck one 'arm' under the 'legs' and pull the two strings tight etc ect...and don't forget the bunny ears. They always like that! Good luck! -T

I taught Kindergarten for a while and some kids came already knowing how to tie but usually only 3-4 out of the 20 or so. Most kids seemed to figure it out sometime during the year while a few left for summer vacation still not being able to tie! So I guess around the age of 5-6 years. As for teaching them they all had their own way of doing it but repetition was the key. Sometimes it took a friend showing them their way for things to just click! Hope this helps!

My daughter learned at age five. I taught her once or twice and she kept practing it on her own. My other daughter said one day " Mommy look what I can do." She learned on her own.

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