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At What Age Did Your Child First Go to the Dentist?

Hello! How old was your child when he/she first went to the dentist? All of the baby books say they should go by their first birthday. However, I personally don't know anyone who has taken their child so young. My dentist and most people I have talked to seem to think 3 years old is a good age, if not older. My little guy is only 14 months, but just thought I'd ask.

Also, any recommendations for dentists when we do go? We live in West Bloomington, so someplace nearby would be good. Thanks!

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my 2 kids were between 2 and 3. They do fine now. The exam is just to get them to slowly tolorate brushing.

I am a dental assistant and have worked in children's dental clinics for the last 7 years. I would recommend bringing your child in for the first visit between 1-2 two years old. The truth is most kids don't need to go before then but good clinics will go over oral hygiene, brushing techniques and diet education which unfortunately pediatricians don't seem to do very often. It would make you sick the number of children I have seen having so much dental decay that requires going to the hospital for general anesthesia to complete. These are kids from all walks of life. It is really unbelievable the number of children that are affected by dental disease and the parents that are unaware. Keep in mind if a parent is seeing a spot on a tooth the problem is a lot bigger than one realizes. A dentist is trained and has xrays to see things we as parents don't.
Yes the child may cry which is age appropriate but I would rather that and be reassured there is nothing wrong than wait 1-2 years more and have bigger issues.
One more thing than I'm done rambling. If your child ever has a fall or trauma to the teeth it is very very important to have them checked out no matter their age. You want to assure there is not damage or fracture to the root, the sooner those things are evaluated and treated if need be the less chance of damage to their permanent tooth or risk of infection.

Age3 when she had enough teeth to make it worth our time to see a dentist. I can't understand why anyone would take their child by age1 unless a problem arose my daughter had 2 teeth her 1st birthday and wouldn't have cooperated in a dentist chair or office.

My son was 3 yrs when he went for the first time. We go to Dr. Lahr at Park Dental (98th and Normandale). They only do Saturday appts for kids, but he's great with him and very patient about the comfort level. Honestly, as long as you're brushing at home and your child has no pain, I don't think you need to go in before age 4...

We took our son around 18 mos. he sat on my lap- he is very good at the dentist. We took him a few weeks ago at 3.5 yo and there was a child having a tooth pulled in the office, he came home and brushed his teeth all by himself because he didnt want to go through that!

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