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Asking for Ideas on How to Break the Good News of Pregnancy to Parents!

Hi there! I was just racking my brain on creative ways to inform my parents of our first pregnancy. This is not their first grandchild (I have one niece and nephew) but they have been hinting on my husband and I to "hurry up" and get pregnant.:) Well, we are going to visit them out of town to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary and I am 12 weeeks along and am excited to find a fun way on giving them the news....any ideas??

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Thanks for everyone's help with this. We gave them a creative little picture frame from the baby and a card that said ''congrats to the grandparents to be" my mom stood up and yelled- she and my dad were thrilled!

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When we wanted to tell my parent I was pregnant we got aused baby name book, so it looked like it was something that was already at their house, and we sat down with it and started saying names and discusing them. It was after a family dinner, and it took a little while before one of my sisters finally got the hint and said "hey why are you two looking at baby names?" it was fun.

I had my nephew wear a t-shirt that said "Cousin Charlie".

Or you could go with "I'm pregnant pass the salad" at dinner. Tee hee.


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Hi, I lived away from my parents as well. I had my older son wear a shirt to a visit that said "I am the big brother". As soon as they read it everybody knew what was up and thought it was so fun! (I was in for Christmas)
Maybe the youngest niece or nephew can wear a shirt that says they are the older grandchild?? Or you can give her somthing with "grandma" on it with the birthstone of your baby to be? Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy, and last few months of a good nights sleep.. LOL. What a fun time! Congrats!

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We had a similar situation, but it was my father in-laws birthday. We signed his birthday card with our names and added "+1" He was confused at first but his when he finally got it, his expression was priceless.

Enjoy your pregnancy and have a beautiful birth!

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Hi - Congrats!

We had our whole family over for a BBQ (not out of the norm) and before dinner we passed around a bowl of M&Ms which said "we're pregnant" on them. It was great to see how long it took before some one noticed...not even one minute before my mother-in-law screamed!

Best of luck deciding which way to break the news :)


Here's the link to customize your M&Ms: http://www.mymms.com/customprint/

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HiAngelic! Congrats to you and your hubby.I'm 12 weeks also. I told my parents at a childhood friends baby shower for her 2nd child. It was kind of cool with the baby spirit in the air.Hey don't know how creative this is, but it might just be cute to put a little note in the anniversary gift. Just knowing that you are having a baby will be the best anniversary gift yet. Peace.

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Since it is going to be there 40th wedding anniversary... give them a gift from your baby. A grandparents album with your baby's name in it... an ultra sound picture, a necklace for her & a watch for him with a message engraved, something like that. My husband and I sent a gift basket with all kinds of grandparent kinds of things to all of our parents and it worked out great! Congrats to you both on joining this incredible journey! Whatever you do your parents will be thrilled!

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It's so fun sharing the news! My hubby and I made tshirts for our parents. They said "Grandpa 9/16/08" and "Grandma 9/16/08." Their reactions were great, and the tshirts gave them something to wear themselves to tell the news to their friends. Have fun and let us know what you do!

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I would get a little gift for them that is for Grandma & Grandpa. Something like a coffee mug or picture frame with the ultrasound picture in it that says I love Grandma & Grandpa or something like that. Congratulations!

We too went with the ultrasound picture to break the news. However we just posted on the refrigerator along side the other items my mom had there. After about an hour, they noticed something new...the funny thing is, my dad at first thought it was a picture of a dog! Congratulations....

Have one of their gifts be a framed picture of the ultrasound :)

my hubby and I gave them a present. a picture frame wrapped with an ultrasound picture as the picture. i found cute baby foot tissue paper to use as a mat.


I always like the picture frame with an ultrasound photo that has a caption that says something like....additional photos to follow in May, 2010 (or something like that)....

Hi A. - Congratulations! My husband and I waited until 3 months to tell our families as well. We told them on Christmas. So we gave my parents and siblings a Christmas card (which we do every year) but inside this card was an ultrasound picture of our daughter. This was great because it took a few seconds for everyone to put 2 and 2 together. Something like this might also work for you but instead it would be an Anniversary card. I'm sure they will be thrilled any way you tell them. With my family they were so excited until they found out I was already 3 months pregnant then they were mad (not really) for waiting so long to tell them.
I hope all the best for you and a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
Take care,

My son and his wife had a cute surprise for us. They took us out to dinner and then gave us a little gift box decorate Chinese take-out type container it was close to Easter so had the Easter theme. Inside was the candy and the stuffed animal - a little chick and the chick had a note that said - "we're having our own little chick." We were so happy - this is their first child too.

I just did a collage frame for them for the baby shower and in it I placed a baby picture of each of them, their wedding picture and the four place for the baby I drew a cute baby face.

No matter what you do though...they will be so very happy. Congratulations to you and your husband.

I'm just now checking Monday's e-mails!!! So hope I'm not too late. My oldest daughter just had her 1st baby last week,but when she told all of us grandparents she had a great idea. She gave me (and her MIL)an adorable book called 41 Things to do with a Grandma by Harriet Ziefert. It has really cute illustrations of kids "using" their grandmas as swimming partners, coat racks, vacation destinations,history teacher, etc and finally a friend. There is one for grandpas too and even one for dads.Check them out on amazon.com or some motherhood maternity stores carry them. They are cute books to show friends , keep on display or even read to the little ones later on! I too had other grandchildren prior to this one, but this was perfect and unique. Good luck.

When we told my parents I was pregnant for the first time we gave them a card and a gift. The card simply said "congratulations" and then we signed the inside. Of course they were totally confused. We just kept saying open the gift, open the gift. The "gift" was a Grandparents memory box or something like that. Kind of a photo album/journal for grandparents to write their memories in and give to their grandchild. Of course an ultrasound picture or any other grandparent type thing would work.We video taped the whole thing so we will never forget the moment they "got it" and their precious faces. It's such a great memory...CONGRATULATIONS to you and enjoy this most special time!!!

You could frame a picture of your first ultrasound and give it to them.

Hello and congrats!! ps. the dogs if you had to train them are good practice for you!! late nights, early a/m's....
I'm thinking that you could give them a card/present for their anniverary and sign it from you and their "grand-child to be"....
That would certainly get their attention. good luck
and I'm sure it will be a wonderful time.

you have had many good ideas, and I think mine is similar but thought I would mention it anyway. We told people at a b-day. So on the b-day card, we signed it with all of our names and a player to be named later for the new baby. It took a few minutes for them to realize what it meant.

Congratulations and good luck.

With our first I bought a hallmark card that had a baby on the front and blank on the inside. Inside I taped the first ultrasound picture and wrote something like:
"Hello Grandma and Grandpa, I'm only 6 weeks old and don't have any feet or arms, but I'm growing and will see you in about 34 weeks." Then I mailed it to them.
They all loved it. Congratulations!

I haven't read your other responses yet, so sorry if this I'm being repetitious. How about a small gift from the baby? Some sort of grandparent themed thing? Congratulations!

I had my nephew wear a t-shirt that said "Cousin Charlie".

Or you could go with "I'm pregnant pass the salad" at dinner. Tee hee.


My daughter and future son-in-law sat me down to look at some "pictures".. they had taken. turned out to be the ultra sound photos. Try a creative photo if you haven't got ultra sounds yet.. Maybe photos of a "positive stick".. maybe go to the event with a made up T-shirt..." yes I am >>>... maybe "gift them with t-shirts made up .. "I'm The Grandma / Grandpa.. type things ? so when they open gifts in front of the guests.? Millions of cute ideas out there.

When we were going to make the announcement, it was at the time of my Dad's birthday. We gave him his "gift" after dinner, just like normal...and one item was a bib that said "I Love Grandpa". There may have been a picture frame of "My & Grandpa" or somethign like that. It was so awesome to see him "get" it on his own....and then he was announcing it around the table! Never forget that look on his face :-)

Since its your parents 40th, do you have an US pic yet? If so, you can do like I did and I had mine put on top of my hubby's 40th bday cake (any grocery store can do it for you)You can then have your parents "unveil" their annivarsary cake with your US pic!! We didnt know the sex of our baby but we had the store put Baby Carl underneath the pic and the due date. Boy, was everyone surprised when they opened the "cake box"!!!!

Congrats! Maybe just say something out of the blue like "Can you believe your new grandchild will have grandparents who've been married for 40 years?" You can pat your tummy when you say this. My sister, SIL & myself were all pregnant at the same time. I was the third to get pregnant. I had lunch w/ my mom & said "Can you believe you're going to have 2 new grandkids w/in a few months of each other? What if I told you you're going to have 3 new grandkids w/in a few months of each other." She wasn't suspecting it b/c it was a normal conversation, so it took her completely by surprise & she was thrilled.


Go bakery by a cake that saids congrade its a baby

When we wanted to tell my parent I was pregnant we got aused baby name book, so it looked like it was something that was already at their house, and we sat down with it and started saying names and discusing them. It was after a family dinner, and it took a little while before one of my sisters finally got the hint and said "hey why are you two looking at baby names?" it was fun.

Hi A. W,
Congratulations! Hope all goes well.
As an idea, since it will be their wedding anniversary, you could wrap up an ultrasound picture and give that to them as a gift. They will be surprised when they open the package.
Good luck, have fun,
J. J.

My advice - make sure that whatever you do is focused on them, first. 40 years is a BIG deal!

I really like the idea of a gift from the baby to grandma and grandpa. Congratulations. It sounds like it will be such a fun family visit for all of you.

(I'd also skip the US photo as a gift idea. I find it a little medical for my taste, and I'm a lot younger than your parents. I think my mom and MIL would find it a bit odd as a gift.)

Hi! We used pictures, it only works if you've had your first printouts from your ultrasound, but we had pictures from our recent vacation and in them we put an ultrasound picture and my parents were shocked beyond words. Hope that helps!!

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