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My MIL and her husband stayed with us last week (T-M) and watched the kids for 4 days while hubby and I were out of town. While we were gone she reprogrammed my upstairs thermostat - between 70 - 72 degrees 24 hours a day, but didn't tell me. They left last Tuesday morning, didn't change the thermostat back, and didn't tell me! I get that it's hot here (108+), and I have no issues with her changing the temp while she's here to be more comfortable - the thermostat has a 'temporary' setting. But.....she didn't use the 'temporary' setting, she reprogrammed the whole thing and didn't tell me. So all week the AC has been running 24 hours a day while there was no one upstairs. I'm home during the day but I'm locked in my downstairs office so I didn't notice it - I only go upstairs in the morning and evening when we normally have the AC on up there so nothing seemed out of whack to me. Who does that? Goes into someone elses house, changes the permanent settings on the AC without asking, and leaves without telling anyone?! Dreading my AC bill next month, it's going to be huge. Arghhh!

Obligatory question: What temp do you keep your house in the summer? ours is set at 80 during the day, I turn it down to 78 if it gets too hot.

What can I do next?

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I would just be thankful that she watched my kids for 4 days . . .

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Your inlaws took care of your kids for 4 days and you're mad they forgot to tell you about reprogramming the air conditioning? Really? She's suppose to know your schedule and that you wouldn't go upstairs to check on it? I bet the AC bill is far less than you would have had to pay someone to sit with your kids while you were out of town. Count your blessings ;)

We keep our room AC at 78, one in our bedroom and one in the living room, but we don't have them on all the time, only when it goes above 85/90 outside or it's really humid (we can get up to 90% humidity here). I'd rather have 6 months of snow than deal with >100 degrees of heat in the summer every day. Ugh!

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She should have told you but it honestly probably slipped her mind. We keep ours about 73 year round.

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I wouldn't do it but I know other people do. Temp override is annoying because you have to go back every so often and keep overriding it. Most people do hold which would have had the same effect but without you having to program it back.

I don't know, perhaps if I knew someone would be up there and I keep it programmed high I would have checked to see what changes were made if any.

Guess I am saying I would be mad at myself, not the guests.

So what do we keep it on, 78 when we are not home, 76 when we are but we have ceiling fans in every room. If we didn't it would be a couple degrees lower.

Oh if you want a house sitter horror story my ex's cousin watched our house and dogs for a week. He kept the house at 68 all week, this was july, was never home, when he was home he threw three parties, cleaned out our fridge, deep freeze and alcohol supply (around 1,000 dollars). Here is where it gets fun, ex mother in law yelled at us for not paying him! The punk cost us around 1,300 including utilities and we are supposed to pay him another five hundred!!?

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It may have been something she did thinking she'd reset it before they left. It may have been easier for them to program once than every day adjusting it. Or maybe they didn't know how to temporarily adjust it.

We keep our house in the 76-78 range a lot of the time. If it's nice, we turn it off and open the house first.

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I wouldn't be too upset with your MIL if she was good enough to come and take care of your children for 4 days. It would snow in July if my MIL had done so. If that's all she did wrong, consider yourself blessed.

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We used to keep it around 74/75 during the day, but this year decided to bump it up. Now we keep it at 78 degrees 24 hrs a day. It made a big impact in our electric bill.
Yeah it gets pretty hot here, too. :(

As for MIL, I do know people like that. Annoying isnt' it? Yes, it is rude. I completely understand. You are FINE with the fact she adjusted it (that's why you showed her how to set it, right?)... but the fact that she went around behind what you showed her to do (adjust temporary settings) and reprogrammed YOUR settings and then didn't mention it...
yeah.. that's rude.
Maybe she couldn't remember how to do the temporary hold, and then stumbled upon the method to reset it (the permanent memory settings) and didn't realize. But if she did "get" that she didn't know what she was doing, that is where the rudeness comes in again---she should have SAID to you "Hey, I was trying to set the temporary hold thingee on the thermostat, and I am not sure, but I think I might have adjusted YOUR settings... you might want to look at it and make sure it is ok." or SOMETHING. You acknowledge when you have done something (or think you have) to alter somebody's settings on something.
Kindle. Ipod. Phone. etc.

I have a BIL who resets everything he touches, without asking. Ticks me AND my husband off. Driving down the road, he'll just reach over and start adjusting everything on your dashboard--without saying a thing. He'll reset the stereo settings and presets if you don't stop him. It's rude.
Sorry, you're a/c bill next time probably will be huge. But at least your kids had fun with Grammy and Gramps while you were away. ;)

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ouch. that's gonna suck.

I would LIKE to think it slipped her mind as you guys got home and she was getting ready to leave.

We keep our thermostat between 75 and 78.

I WISH we had a unit for upstairs...our home wasn't built right!!! :) So the upstairs is warm in the summer.

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