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Are Your Kids Allowed to Jump on the Couch?

Just had my cushions restuffed and really don't want to buy a new sofa anytime soon. I'm watching my 4-year-old jump from cushion to ottoman to cushion on her third replay of the puppet show on Sound of Music. I hate to stop her, but again. Don't relish the idea of owning a shabby sofa. So whats the rule about jumping on furniture in your house?

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I've allowed it somewhat to this point. Figured I'd be due for a new sofa by the time my kids were done destroying it anyways. I am surprised at how many people don't allow it. But it is an expensive item to replace so its a good rule. But it is logical that they will do it at someone else home and that would be embarrassing. Has not happened yet. Once after buying a $3000 bed I had a baby shower at my house and my boss at work encouraged another coworkers large children (age 5?) to jump on my brand new bed! I was horrified. I hate to stop her because she's just a bounce off the walls type of person. Then add music to the equation and she's flying from cushion to cushion having the time of her life. I love to watch her having fun, thats why I hate to make a no jumping on the sofa rule.

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My nephew jumped on his couch when he was little ..... until his foot went between the cushions and through the bottom part where he cut his foot on a spring and needed stitches. He also jumped on his bed until he went too far and hit the wall and broke his hand.

Because of him, I decided couches and beds weren't for jumping at my house.

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No, I don't.

I do however let them bring all the kitchen chairs in the living room and cover them with blankets to make a tent. I also often get a big sheet out and lay it on the living room floor and allow them to do play dough, painting or crafts. We do lots of other fun things. I just don't find jumping on the couch a safe thing. Nor an acceptable behavior to mimic at other people's houses because I know lots of other people that would have a problem with it.

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I don't allow them to jump on the sofa. But, I realize that kids need to jump! To provide a good alternative you can either get a very small trampoline and let her jump on that, or if you have an extra mattress or something you might put that on the floor. We've used old crib mattresses for jumping.

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not just no but HELL TO THE NO. I don't have the kind of money (and REALLY didn't when they were little and WANTED to do this) to replace my sofa every few years.

Edited to add: BB I can look at my couch and have wonderful memories of my kids and I snuggled up reading a book together or watching a movie or just simply cuddling. I DO NOT need my couch to be beat to hell and unusable to get great memories with my kids.

And rules I can't enforce? Honey those don't exist in my house ... if I make a rule it gets followed or suffer the consequences.

Also wanted to add that I have no qualms with others letting their kids jump on their furniture :) as long as they do like bug and teach 'em its ONLY AT HOME that it's allowed :) Hey if you've got the money to replace your furniture ... more power to ya ... wanna send some my way? LOL

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No, we don't jump on the couch at our house, and *GASP* we still make memories at our house! Who knew you could do that without jumping on the couch? Oh, I laughed so hard at that!

Angi C is so right that you don't have to have a couch that's beat to hell just to have a memory. LOL!!!

The people who do allow it must be the parents of the kids who come into my house and run and jump all over my furniture. If you think that you can train them just to do it in your own home, well........you are living in a fantasy world! :)

Edit* The fact that people are so sensitive about this is ludicrous. Bug, I have PERSONALLY had people come to my house and their kids run rampant over my furniture and parents say "I don't know why they are doing that, they know only to do it at home!". I am willing to bet that we ALL have no idea what our kids do in other people's homes that would mortify us. Lighten up!

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No jumping on the couch at our house. Two reasons:

First, we paid good money for our couch. We are not so rich that buying new couches for jumping on is in our budget. (Plus, there are only a few places for them to land from my couch; two of them involve a window and a wood stove. So much for 'memories'.... I don't want a memory of the ER, thanks.)

Second, it's just a good standard to set. We don't jump on *anyone's* couches. I have a sibling who learned this the hard way, when her kids started jumping on couches at other people's houses--and those other people weren't too happy.

Besides, we have plenty of fun things to jump off of in the backyard. If you soooo need to jump, go outside!

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Never. "feet on the floor" was my motto;). We have lots of family and friends that we visit. I thought it would be a confusing message if I allowed my kids to jump on furniture at my house but then when we were out told them not to.
I hosted a party at my house when my daughter was in 2nd grade. One of her classmates was actually jumping on my couch. Later I found her standing on my fancy dining room table. Parents IMO really need to teach their kids acceptable behavior. This child was 8 years old and did not know this was inappropriate. Very sad.

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No jumping on the furniture at our house at all.

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Um. NO.
It's never been an issue really. Much like "no shoes on the sofa" isn't necessary to remind them about. Starting, oh, about the time they could walk, these rules were instilled in them.... and it doesn't take much but a direct look to nip any offending behavior once they know the rule. Rules are rules when it comes to indoor play and the furniture.
Why do you hate to stop her from ruining your furniture?? That is an easy call, in my book. And if you don't teach her now that it is unacceptable behavior, you will likely have some unhappy parents of friends after she goes on play dates down the road.

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Not just no, but H**L NO! My kids got severely scolded and grounded for mistreating our furniture even if it was old, shabby hand me downs.

Just out of curiousity, why would you hate to stop her?

Good luck!

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Yah, I let my kids bounce, flip off of, and jump on the couch.

My couch is 26 years old (the same one I used to jump on). Over where we are, there are a lot of very rainy days. My kids need to move around a lot. We make obstacle courses out of furniture, jump from the back of the couch, or have dance marathons from high places. My couch gets a lot of love.

Our rule is that there is a time and a place. We don't jump on other people's beds unless invited to, for example. It's not okay to jump on Nana's couch but it's okay to jump on P.'s couch. We don't run or touch the walls in Grandpa's house and we get to do headstands against the wall in your room. My room is a quiet space. If you're in here your body is slow and gentle, unless we're having tickle wars in bed. Also, when I say, "That's enough", that's enough. It's good to know how to settle down/change pace.

So yah, we jump on the couch.

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