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Are They Too Young for Disneyland?

Hey there, I have two children, one is 1 1/2, the other is going to be 4 this month. We wanted to take them to Disneyland for my daughter's birthday, but we are wondering if they are too young! What do you guys think? Any other fun options? My daughter really loves princesses and I know this will be a treat for her.

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Ok, so we talked about it, and decided to go!!! The trip is booked and we will be at Disneyland from 10/16-10-19. We are all excited (and a little nervous). Wish us luck!

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We went to Sea World this past weekend, and saw that most of the rides had a height restriction of 48" or so (they have to be that tall to ride the rides by themselves). My 18 month old had an alright time on the one ride I took him on, but it made me decide not to try to take him somewhere like Disneyland until he is at least 48" tall, and by that time he will probably remember the trip.

Good luck!

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I say, "GO FOR IT."

Our children are five and three and they have been to Disneyland three times already. Each time was a completely different experience, but our best was the last trip we took.

We spent three days at Disneyland and the third day we got to go in before opening. It was not that costly as my daughter was still under the paying age. We enjoyed having the luxury of leaving the park to go back to the hotel to nap and rest. We didn't feel like we had to 'hurry' the kids through the parks. If there was a long line, we waited until we went the next day. I also HIGHLY recommend a character breakfast and since it will be your daughter's birthday, one with the princesses would be fabulous!

My only recommendation would be to take an extra family member. I know that you and your husband can switch off taking the older child on rides, but it was nice for my husband and I to go on some of the rides solo. The first time we went we took a family friend and the second and third time grandma and grandpa came along. Just a suggestion, but not a necessity.

Have fun. I have a great recommendation for a hotel let me know if you would like the name.

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Hi A.!

They will love it. They may not remember it but they will have so much fun and you will have tons of pictures to show them. My daughter went her first time when she was 3 and doesn't remember but I do and now we have taken my boys as well since our middle was 2. We go about every other year. I agree with J C about having a character breakfast...they will get to see so many more characters that way and the food is good too. The nice thing about Disneyland is the rides are for little kids so your 4 year old will be able to go on almost everything depending on her height and the youngest will be able to go on quite a bit as well. There are only a few that you have to be taller for. I also agree with going for a few days...for us we thought 3 days was plenty...4 was a little too much and we did the same thing...we would go back to the hotel during nap time and rest and then head back so we could hang out later. There is a lot going on at night as well as during the day. FYI...not sure if you have a wagon but they do not allow them in the park. We brought ours thinking it is like a stroller but my middle one could fit in it if he needed and they would not let us bring it in. We had to rent a stroller. Have a blast!!!


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I do not think they are too young...I would def take along a friend or relatives to help out :)

I took my daughter when she was 14 months, she did great!! The same trip my sister took her 18 month old, 5 year old and 8 year old...we all had a great time!!

We are hoping to take our kids again next year, this time my 2 year old son will come along!

We just got back from Disneyland last week. I have 2 boys ages 2 1/2 and almost 6. They both went on all the rides with us and their favorite parts/rides were seeing the characters, the Winnie the Pooh ride, Dumbo, Tea Cups, carousel, Tom Sawyer's Island (now called Pirate's Lair), Rockets, Buzz Lightyear,the parade at 7pm. We went on a Thursday and waited 15 min. at the most for any ride except the submarine ride was 30 min. and not really worth that wait. Some of the fantasyland rides can be a little scarier than you would think--both my boys don't really like Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, Pinochio, etc. The Casey Train, Storybook boat, Small World, and playing in Toon Town are all fun and not scary at all (except my boys don't like the Toon Town rides). You will see a ton of little girls in princess dresses!

I first took mine when they were 1 and 3! We brought the grandparents too! Just seeing there faces makes it worth it! As the other ladies have said they won't remember but man they will have a blast in the moment and YOU will remember! We only did two days in the parks and took our time. Don't rush to do everything. This is just an introduction to it. I would recommend doing everything that might involve the characters greeting, disney playhouse stuff like that. As for the other rides, my 1 year old went on everything my 3 yr old did. And you will find that if you and your 4 yr old are brave enough he/she could do even more! And the best money spent was the meals. There is the princess one in the park. But the night before (after you get there or before you leave) you can do Goofy's kitchen at the Disneyland hotel! My kids loved that! As for time to go, they say the best time is to go between thanksgiving and christmas but not the week of those particular holidays. We went dec 8-10 and there was no waiting. The weather was jeans and long sleeves and sweatshirts at night. And it also gets dark early so the electric light parade was at like 6:30 or 7:00. Still plenty of time to see it and get back to the hotel for bedtime. Anyway, enjoy it!

Ours were this age when we went and we all had a blast. It's nice to have the pictures to look back on. You will love seeing your 4 year olds reaction - it is so cute. Your young one can enjoy it at this age too, but your 4 year old will really love it. I'd take a few days so you are not trying to do it all in one day.

Have fun!

It would be fun, but unfortunately, they won't remember it. We wanted to do the same, but everyone encouraged me to wait until they can at least have memories of the adventure!

I would say yes they are to young they won't remember except for pictures.. Plus there are alot of rides they can't even go on.. I guess it's a personal choice. We waited & took are's at 4/6... If she is turning to & you have the space I would say rent a bouncer they have princess one's & save Disneyland for when they get bigger. Jump for Fun is who I get my bouncer's fun $99 is what I normally pay for all day.. good luck

Hi A.! I'm so glad you posted this because I am taking my daughter to Disneyland in November. She will only be 8 months old, but I don't care. It's more for me and my husband anyway- to watch her smile at the characters (she LOVES her Minnie Mouse doll). Everyone says she won't remember it, but it's not the only time we'll go! If I don't go to Disneyland once a year I have withdrawals.

I'm so glad to see another mom say that her 7 month old loved it! I can't wait- we are going in November.

I say go for it!


We went to Sea World this past weekend, and saw that most of the rides had a height restriction of 48" or so (they have to be that tall to ride the rides by themselves). My 18 month old had an alright time on the one ride I took him on, but it made me decide not to try to take him somewhere like Disneyland until he is at least 48" tall, and by that time he will probably remember the trip.

Good luck!

This last March I took my two daughters to Disneyland and they were 3 1/2 and 7mos old. They both had a blast and it was not has hard as I thought it would be the younger one actually was able to go on alot of the fantasyland rides and of course see all the characters. Disney also does what is called a ride swap were you ride with your older child and then when you get off your husband can go with the child without waiting in line again. I can't say every child of this age would be ready but mine did fine so if you think they are good to go then I would say yes.

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