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Are There Any Safe Haircare Products for Infants?

My 6 month old daughter has very thick and curly hair and it is extremely difficult to manage. I find myself leaving it as is after shampooing and conditioning because no matter how softly I try to comb it my daughter wails uncontrollably. Can anyone help me find safe detangling hair care products for an infant? I would be eternally grateful for any good suggestions. Thank you very much.

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First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the advice. It has been truly invaluable. Even though I already used a comb with relatively wide teeth, I decided to purchase one with even wider teeth and I am taking the suggestion of combing through the hair while washing it. This helps a lot! In addition to this, after reading through all the suggested products, I did my own research and decided to go with Carol's Daughter. I am a woman of color and I like that they have all natural products, designed specifically for people of color that won't strip away the natural oils in our hair and our bodies. I ordered the baby wash for my daughter and decided to order a couple of products for myself as well (must be sure to take care of mommy too. :) I am looking forward to trying out Carol's Daughter and I hope that it delivers the results that it's been hyped up to deliver. If not, I will give California Baby or Melaleuca a try, and may need to contact one of the associates who were so kind to email me. Thanks so much for all your help.

M. A.

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Try finesse conditioner on her hair while washing.. and then a little leave in.. it works wonders on my child.. good luck

California Baby makes a nice detangler. It smells nice and is safe. It is pricey, but lasts a long time. Good luck.

Hi Markisha. Try using Johnson & Johnson's No More Tangles. I used that on my daughter when she was a baby and it worked wonders. I also used a pick instead of a comb and started from the bottom of her hair on up. Good Luck.

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Hi M.,

I have 2 suggestions for you:

1. www.carolsdaughter.com

You can even call and ask what specific product suits your little girl. I have two little girls with very curly hair, and it's always a challenge finding just the right product, but their products are good and all-natural.

2. I haven't tried it yet, but someone told me that Target has a brand detangler that works wonders. I've only seen the Pantene brand each time I go, but it sounds good, and the Target brands are just as good as the brand names.

Good luck!


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I have two grandsons with curly hair, I have been in hair care for a long time...baby colesterol, comes in a tub it is cream color it lasts a very long time. costs about 5 to 6 dollars at most, well worth it. Can be found @ CVS, I love, love, love lil curls.
While her hair is wet softly run your fingers through it as a comb, a pick or large wide comb will work best when your done softening with your fingers, if need be. Finger do's work best for curly cue's. Have fun loving up those moments they go by so fast, this grandma is still tring to catch up with sleep as a pass time. lol. Be Well...;) Oh and do treat your own hair to some, so you can really tell how it works.

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California Baby makes a hair detangler that is chemical free. Depending on the texture of her hair you could also try a little olive oil, used very sparingly.

Good luck!

I have a mixed background (mostly black & white) and therefore, my children and I have to have consistent upkeep on our hair. I found when my children were 2 and under that Shea Butter (even Johnson & Johnson) makes this product - mostly as a skin lotion - but it works)worked real well with frizz and tangles. There is also "Just for Me" product line for children hair that works great too...And when your child gets older - herbal based products are always great!! but I have had wonderful experiences with "Fanatasia" or "Motions" product line - most of these products are made by & for black people and have produced very manageable hair for myself and my children. Another product which is great when you want to go curly - is Ice promeade - but this is for when your child gets a little older - for right now Fruticis (sorry I forgot the spelling) leave-in conditioner is great as well and smells good too!

Try California Baby products. They are all natural and great products. You can get them at Diapers.com.

Try finesse conditioner on her hair while washing.. and then a little leave in.. it works wonders on my child.. good luck

i used paul mitchelle they have a leave in conditioner u can try.you can put it in wet or dry hair.

Hi M., My Grand daughter has very curly hair. I found the most gentle conditioner and a comb with large teeth, we called a No Boo-Boo comb and while her hair was still very wet we were able to get through it. I can't give you a brand name but I'm sure the baby companies make something safe. Best wishes, Grandma Mary

I know Johnson & Johnson makes detanglers, but haven't tried them. I put a lot of conditioner on my daughter's hair and then comb it while the conditioner is in it to get out any knots. Then when I rinse out the conditioner, it's pretty knot free and I then leave it alone.

California Baby makes a nice detangler. It smells nice and is safe. It is pricey, but lasts a long time. Good luck.


J&J products have toxins in them, I'd stay away from them. (I thought they were safe before I got educated). I use Shaklee products on my kids, they have a combo shampoo and body wash which I use on my three kids, the girls have long hair one with thick and one with fine and my son has fine hair. We don't have too many problems with tangles.

Check out my website at www.myhealthylifestore.com
or you can e-mail me back with any questions.

Good luck,
Mom of 3 ages 6,5, and 3.

Hi M.! I recommend Koala Pals Hair Wash by Melaleuca. I also recommend their Envia styling product line. Check out www.Melaleuca.com and take their tour and check out their product store. I absolutely LOVE it all! If you have anymore questions you can contact me: ____@____.com or ###-###-####.


I use Melaleuca's Leave In Detangling Conditioner on my girls. It is safe for kids...their entire product line is. Check it out at www.melaleuca.com.

The Devachan line is all natural and not animal-tested. It's specially formulated for curly hair, and has no sodium-lauryl sulfates or any harsh chemicals in it. I have really curly hair and this stuff smells great and feels really good. They make a shampoo called "No-Poo" for really curly hair--has no lather and doesn't strip the natural oils. Their "Low-Poo" is for less curly hair and the conditioner, "One Condition," can even be left in after you're done. I think it's safe enough for babies. Check it out at Devachansalon.com (or if you live in NYC, they have salons on Spring Street and on Broadway). I don't work for them--just go there for haircuts and product!

Good luck!

Carol's Daugter is excellent and safe.

Johnson & Johnson's No More Tangles or any other children's detangler works great! My daughter had extremely curly hair when she was little and it worked great.

HI M.,

I would totally reccommend Arbonne's baby line! It's 100% pure, SAFE & beneficial! Formulated ONLY with botanical (plant-based) ingredients so you can be worry free about using it on your infant. Email me for a free sample otherwise check out: www.TheSkinYourIn.myarbonne.com


I would use Melaleuca's Leave In Detangling Conditioner. It works like a charm.

Hi M.,
I would like to suggest that you look carefully at the ingredients of products that you choose. If you need help in understanding the labels, please go to www.alphazelle.com and read in the Reading Library. Three quarters of the product may have herbal ingredients but chemicals added to the mix negate the purpose of the goodness. I use AlphaZelle products and they are so safe you could eat them. You will see special products for MOMMY and some for BABY too. A little goes a long way. If you want products that are totally healthy to breathe and let soak into your skin, this is a very trustworthy company. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck,

Hi M.,

Everyone's thick and curly is hair is different, so try out everyone on this sites suggestion for a week and than see how your daughter's hair reacts. If you don't like the reaction of your child's hair try the next product - you may even end up mixing and matching products. You will find your winner. Also us products aimed at black people. Those shampoos and conditioners are suprisingly less damaging and very gently. My Spanish, Jewish and mixed race friends with curly hair were surprised at how gently the shampoos were compared to the ones they were using for straight hair. The products for straight hair tangle and strip curly hair something terrible.

Also change your comb and brush.

And curly hair can not be washed everyday no matter how loose or tight the curl. The ends will frizz and snap.

Don't forget trims. Lots of time the frizzness is just bad ends. You can have her hair blown out straight and trimmed or you can have them trim it wet. More hair is usually cut off when it is trimmed wet and you may want to keep your babies length.

Lastly, if you leave her hair 'as is' after shampooing you daughter will never learn to except having her hair comb. My friends kids with straight hair cry when their hair is combed. That's why the Native Americans, who mostly have straight hair, braid and put their babies hair in pony tails, so the baby gets use to have their hair done.
After shampooing and conditioning and detangler and some smoothing balm on the parts you're combing out give your baby a couple or a few organic cookies and do her hair.

We use Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner, and it works well. The ingredients are all natural, so I don't worry about it in my daughter's hair. I think there is also a leave-in conditioner from California Baby. Good luck!

After I wash my childrens' hair I put on a lot of conditioner and then comb their hair out. When all the knots are out I rinse their hair. I started doing this because they had cradle cap but we still do it because it is a less painful way to get the knots out. Good Luck.

My daughter has curly hair as well and I found a great organic product on the market. It is Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil. I bought mine in Walgreens. I only need a very small drop and rub it in my hands and then through her hair. Stays shiny and keeps curls looking 'fresh'.

Good Luck!

Hello M.,
I have very thick curly and in some places wavy hair and find that a bit of shea butter works well (you can determine the amt needed by your child's hair). I have also used sweet almond oil, avocado oil and olive oil (all cold-pressed, organic/all natural--spectrum is a good brand) to great effect. I hope it works out well! All of these are natural and should not do any harm to your child. I would use them in my own child's hair...

You should look into Burts Bees products. I'm not sure if they have a detangeling spray, but they do have hair products for babys.I use them on my 2 yr. old. They are 98% natural.If you dont see them in a CVS or Rite-Aide, check on-line. I love them!

Check at your local salon.. Paul Mitchel used to have a detangling spray especially for babies/kids. Also shampoo and conditioner for them....best of all it didn't have novocaine in them, but still didn't sting eyes (which is why other brands don't sting their eyes, but it can cause eye problems in some kids.)

I know that my friend sells great all natural products for babies/children. Her website is: www.milindamejorado.myarbonne.com

I started using suave with a detangler when my daughter was 1. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Hi Markisha. Try using Johnson & Johnson's No More Tangles. I used that on my daughter when she was a baby and it worked wonders. I also used a pick instead of a comb and started from the bottom of her hair on up. Good Luck.

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