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Are Stride Rite Shoes Worth It?

My little guy is almost walking, so I want to buy his first pair of "real" shoes. He always goes barefoot in the house, but he needs something to protect his feet when we are outside. I went to Stride Rite yesterday, and I was a little surprised that a pair of shoes for him (that will only last a few months) are almost as expensive as a pair for me! Wow! So my question is - are they worth it? Have you found other brands to be better? I'm willing to spend the money - I just want to make sure the shoes we end up chosing are very high quality.
Thanks for your input!

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I decided to go ahead and get him a pair of sandles at Stride Rite for the rest of the summer. We spend a lot of time outside, and I want to make sure his feet are protected because he wants to walk constantly! Inside the house he always goes barefoot, and I also have a pair of Robeez if he needs his feet covered but not protected. In the future, I will definitely check out the Stride Rite Outlet and also Kohl's to save a little money! Or, maybe Grandma can get him a pair!

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No! We were told, and I have read that barefoot is the best way to let them learn to walk. So, when they do need shoes they should be as close to barefoot as possible. We had lots of those thin leather (or leather like, I should say) shoes from Wal-mart and Target. You can also find much more expensive versions... It's much better for the development of their little feet!


Yes they are. These are the only tennis shoes I have bought for my son and they have held up and been comfortable for him. I don't know how close you are to the Jeffersoville Outlet Mall, but they have a Stride Rite store there. I am able to get shoes for my son that are usually up to 50% off. I hope this helps.

I really like Robeez. Every professional that i have spoken to has said it's best to keep shoes off so they can develop arches. Thats why i like the robeez because they protect her feet, but it's still similar to being bare foot.

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I think Stride Rite shoes are worth it. I tried getting my daughter shoes at Target and Wal-mart and they rubbed blisters on her feet and many of the shoes from those places wouldn't even fit her because her feet are very fat and she needs wide shoes. I have never had a problem with the shoes from Stride Rite. They have always lasted a long time. I would definitely pay extra for them.

Hi A.,
My daughter is 2 now, but when she was first learning to walk, her ped recommended soft soled shoes. She said it would help her foot muscles develop better. So, I looked around and found Bobux. They start at about $15. She had 2 pair and she loved them. I know Target carries soft-soled shoes for toddlers, so you might want to check them out. My sister-in-law swears by them.

Once my daughter started walking really well, I got her lace-up gym shoes (I hate velcro) at Walmart. They fit well and she really likes them. But I am conflicted about them because she has worn through them SO fast. The soles are starting to come off and she has only had them for about 3 months. But at the same time, she has also now outgrown them. If she continues to outgrow them at the same time that they wear out, then fantastic. But as soon as she slows down in her growth, we'll be hitting up StrideRite for a sturdier pair that I won't need to replace so soon.

All my best!

Hello. My girls Have to have Stride Rite shoes because their feet are so wide. They had to have the extra-wide when they were beginer walkers. However, there are different brands made by Stride Rite such as Munchkins that are sold at Kohls for less money. I bought a pair of Munchkins for less than $30 at Kohls this summer. Also, when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, take into consideration weather or not you or your husband have had any foot problems or had them as children.

Well we always buy Stride Rite.. lol My grandfather sold shoes and we always had the best shoes growing up and were told why.. lol I had a foot that threw off so he made my mom get me a different pair and it made my foot go straight.
So now we keep the tradition of good shoes. Sandles I usually go cheap because they were them less and usually rip them off more. Everyone of my 3 kids gets their school shoes there. THEY LAST!!
My youngest when we went to get her first pair we had to go there as she had a 2x wide foot! lol They even had to special order it. I did try other places first and nothing fit. My mom yelled at me for even thinking about it! lol I think they are totally worth the price. The staff really works with your child to get the best shoe for them. Like my oldest daughter loved this one pair and it was the more expensive one on the shelf. Well the lady helping us showed me she was walking a bit off. So we switched to another (cheaper) pair that my daughter liked but not as much.. we got those she walked so much better.. and they were cheaper. Also for the one in Solon they have a card you get punched for each pair.. 10th 1/2 off. We hit that fast! Plus I get flyers about shoe sales they are having and try to go then.
They are VERY high quality!

MY brother says that they are worth it, but Robeez are great because they are flexible, allow the foot to develop appropriatly, and they last a little longer because they stretch. They have an even cheaper brand at Target, Circa kids, they come in cute designs and cost very little. Bottom line? Don't waste money on shoes that may only last a month when there are perfectly acceptable alternatives right around the corner. Also, the shoes I was telling you about are like slippers, but without fuzz and they are adorable to wear with just about anything.

I also have a six month old to be exact dec 21 our x mas present. She is my third girl. I too was hoping she would sleep thru the night by now. ( no luck)
she usually goes to bed by 9/930 wakes between 2 and 3 i give her a bottle. Then she get cereal when she wakes and i put 1/2 container of fruit in it.
Then bottle about 1 hour later. I give her water during mels to wash down food in a sippy cup also to help her get use to using one.
Then lunch a whole jar of fruit size 2, with water.
Same a bottle about an hour later
dinner veg or veg and meat ,water.
Followed by the bottel before bed.
I have tried giving cereal before bed or another jar of food just to try and get one solid night of sleep.
My husband is no help during the night.
Sometimes she wakes like every hr just to have her music turned back on or her pacifer.
This is just food for thought,i am sure you are doing a fine job.
Just thought you might want to here from someone in your same shoes. Good luck to you !!!!!

Even though they are more expensive, I think it is worth it at the beginning to ensure they get a good fit. I said that I would shop only there until my little ones were old enough to tell me if their shoes hurt or not - there is nothing worse than uncomofrtable shoes! Another (sneaky) option is to get them fitted at SR, but then check ebay for a SR shoe that you like and buy it there. I bought a pair of shoes at Stride Rite for my daughter and they are my favorite! I bought the same pair in the next two sizes off of ebay for about half the price (brand new) and will just move up when they get tight!

We never purchased the "ever so expensive" Stride Rite shoes and my 4 year old son is walking just fine (although he did wear Robeez...however...my mom bought every pair he ever owned). We are saving the more expensive shoes for when he is in school and his feet don't grow as quickly. We have always bought shoes for him at Target, Payless (even WalMart) and they work out just fine. Not only do their feet grow quickly, they also wear shoes out VERY quickly!

Good luck

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