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Are "ONE SIZE" Cloth Diapers Too Bulky?

Has anyone had experience with the "ONE SIZE" cloth diapers? I am curious if they are too bulky (and a pain) to use on little babies, when you have to fold all the material over on itself.

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They are bulky...but in my opinion, totally worth it. I have been extremely happy with cloth diapers and feel very good about my green decision.

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I use BumGenius one size diapers on my almost 3 year old and my 5 month old. I think they are great for my 3 year old, but a bit bulky on my 5 month old. If it were summer I would have NO complaints. They aren't bulky enough to look uncomfortable on my baby, nor do they impede her mobility, but 3-6 month pants are tight on her when she wears cloth and totally loose when she is in disposables. I find that I often have to have different pants for different occasions.

If it were summer, I'd just have her in dresses or t-shirts with the diapers and I'd be happy as can be. They don't get too bulky as long as I use the infant insert and not the regular big one.

I found that about 3 months old was the earliest I could use them without looking bulky.

Good luck.

I started using bumGenius one size diaps when my son was 3 mos old. He weighed about 12 pounds and was 24 inches long at that time. I thought the diaps were huge on him at first. (They are bigger than disposable diaps.) But, they did not impede his mobility at all. He is 8 months old now and weighs 18 pounds and is 26 inches long. We still have them on the smallest fold and they fit beautifully. I am glad we made the switch. I have pictures of him in the diaper with the night-time insert when we first got started if you would like to see how it fit then. Just send me an email address to send it.
Best of luck,

If you are talking about the "new" reusable diapers, they tend to be bulkier, but not too much more than a full (with pee) disposable. I use and really like the bumGenius ones. I started when my little one was 3 months old. What I like best is that they are quite structured so they keep their shape and easily work just like a disposable, but the cost is that they are a bit more bulky than some other All In Ones (AIO) reusable diapers. I found the Happy Heiny's to be a lot less bulky, but they are not very structured so the inside lining tends to roll to the outside, which can cause leaks.

One other thing that I have learned if you go the cloth route, if you use Gerber clothing, they don't allow too much room for them, so my little one always outgrows them quicker... or you can always just buy a size larger. If there is a cute outfit that doesn't work with the reusable type, we use a disposable, since we prefer these for night time and on-the-go travel.

I have used the BumGenius one size on my now 4 month old son since he was 1 week old (after the umbilical stump fell off) He does have a little bit of extra bottom, and the diapers are really tall at the beginning, covering a lot of his stomach, but it isn't a big deal. I haven't had anyone comment on it when they pick him up, I'm sure they don't notice. I use the infant inserts during the day, and the regular insert at night (it can hold A LOT, a whole nights worth), and those are a bit bulky since they are folded over, but he doesn't mind at all.


Hi, and congratulations for considering the one "green" option for moms with babies using diapers. I used them all the time on my oldest, I didn't have any choice way back then, lol! I used the same diaper size from birth to potty-training with my oldest 3 children. They fold very nicely to fit any size necessary. As the kids grew older, and more urine was involved, I would sometimes add a second diaper, usually folded into thirds and placed down the center of the first to add more absorption.

There are several ways to fold diapers, mostly dependant on the shape of the diaper, but they were never too bulky.

Good Luck and Have fun with your little one!

BTW, My 5 children range from 34 to 23!

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I've been using a combination of prefolds, fitteds, and OS pocket diapers since Noah was born. All cloth diapers are bulkier than disposables. The OS pocket diapers (BumGenius is my favorite) were HUGE on him for the first 6 weeks or so (but they still worked - no leaks etc.), then they were just fine. So yes, they are a bit more bulky, but not horribly so. What I especially like about them is that I can add enough layers to make them absorbent enough for the night. It's really great!

it really depends on the brand you use,there are SO many out there. Bum Genius OS is not bulky at all when snapped down for small babies.

They are bulky...but in my opinion, totally worth it. I have been extremely happy with cloth diapers and feel very good about my green decision.

If you are speaking of the good old fashion flat folding kind of diapers, I have used then for all my boys (I could never afford the fancy ones) and I have never had a problem. In fact sometimes I think it is easier to have more cloth than less, I accidentally bought the "lower quality" ones and they are smaller, I have a harder time using those, especially the bigger he gets. Also if you are expecting a boy that little fold over at the top can help kinda like a little shield....Anyway good luck and if you have any questions feel free to email me. W.

Hi S.,

If you are referring to the PREFOLD old-fashioned cloth diapers, then I would say don't worry about the size.

My baby girl (now 4 months old) wore them since birth (we also use a Thirsty diaper cover over it). We did have to fold the cloth over once, but it actually helped with keeping all her pee in. It did seem very bulky in her 1st month, but we all got used to it very quickly. You shouldn't have any problems fitting a onesie or other clothes over it.

As she has grown (she started off at 7 lbs, and is now almost 15 lbs), we have decreased the fold. She is average height, and we are still doing a small 1-2 inch extra fold. I will actually miss the fold when she gets bigger, as it creates extra absorbency and gives the snappi fasteners a better grip.

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