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April Fools Baby

Does anyone think it's weird to have a baby on April Fools Day?
I am "scheduled" to have my son that day and I thought it was neat having him on April Fools but everyone in my family says they think it's weird.
I can change the day if I'd like but I don't really want to because of what they think. I guess I'm just worried if people already think it's weird to have him that day, will he think the same was as he gets older?
TIA for any input!

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Thank you Mamas! You've made me feel very confident about giving my son an April Fools B-day! : )
Thanks again to all of you.

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Hi N.-
I don't think that it is weird at all. Trust me there are way worse days someone could be born on. My husbands is April 20th, that is Hitlers birthday. I say when they are ready to come let them come no matter what the day.

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My husband's birthdate is April 1st! No, I don't think it is weird. I wouldn't worry about what your family think. I've played some jokes on his birthdate and it has been fun!

No, I don't think he will think it is weird. My husband isn't upset or make comments about the date of his birthday. I'll see what my hubby says and get back to you. Hope this helps, C.

April Fools Day is like any other day unless you make a big deal about it. I guess in the olden days there was more made of it than today so dont worry too much about what others say. I enjoy having the extra attention on my birthday - my family growing up tried to pull jokes on me and such. Today it is hard to pull off anything without me catching on.

Hope this helps - C.'s hubby and fellow April Fool

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I think its cool. One of my high school friends was born on April Fools. Her mother was told that she was going to be a boy, and then it turned out "April Fools!" it's a girl. So beware. Also my daughter was born on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day, so every year people think we need to drink green beer. I'm like she's only 3 not 21!

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Oh I think it is really cool. Don't worry about what other people say! I have a cousin who's b-day is Apr 1 and we have so much fun with him on his b-day. He's 35 and we love calling him and teasing him--we really have a good time with it. I think it is great!! Good Luck!

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Hi N.-
I don't think that it is weird at all. Trust me there are way worse days someone could be born on. My husbands is April 20th, that is Hitlers birthday. I say when they are ready to come let them come no matter what the day.

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It's not weird at all! I am an April Fools baby myself! Everyone always remembers my special day, and I feel unique that my birthday is on a random holiday like this one. I can see this is a pretty old post, but if your son ended up being born on April Fools, I hope he has a great 2nd Birthday! And Happy Birthday to all of the April Fools Babies out there, hope all of you have a great day tomorrow! :-) I think that family opinions are great, but throughout your little boy's life, you and his father should be the only ones who make the final decisions. Hope you figured everything out!

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I have 2 toddlers and I wouldn't maybe as adults you can have fun with it but as kids it may not be so much fun. My nieces just graduated from high school and the youngest is in 10th grade. I seen some kids be really mean and put them down and they even go to a private school. I know we were careful to try and and besure names we picked they wouldn't make fun of them. However, my daughter name is Hannah and people have already tessed her saying Hannah Bananna and I hate that.
You never know what kids will make fun of kids, and that affects there self esteem.

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Go for it - your baby will always have a memorable birthday. I had my daughter in 2006, and my doctor would have induced me the Tuesday after my due date - her birthday would have been 06/06/06. People definitely thought I was weird for that. (My husband's birthday is also June 6th, so they would have had the same birthday) But, she was born on the 3rd!

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We have twins that are April Fools babies and we think it is great! We got them jester hats when they were babies!! We love our little fools! I say go for it!!!

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I think I was more stressed over my older son possibly being born on April 15!! (Come on....how many birthdays would he have been trying to get his taxes in on his birthday, instead of celebrating?) Thankfully, his birthday was on the 17th.

I also have a friend whose daughter will be 3 on April 1st this year. Haven't heard anyone saying rude things about it.

There are 365 days (366 this year), in a year, and everybody is going to find some "attachment" to their birthday, no matter what day it is. If YOU are fine with the baby's birth on the 1st, then do it!


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That's when I'm scheduled to be induced! I think it's perfectly fine to have that as a birthday. My birthday is April 2nd, so that's another reason why I am being induced on that day too (and it's my due date) but I am guaranteed cake for at least the next 18 years!!! Good luck!


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I think it's fine. My son as due on April 1st and he was a "surprise" baby so we thought it was very fitting that he was due on April Fool's Day. He ended up being born early but I was fine with the April 1st date. If you stress over what your family and friends think, you will be stressing for the rest of your life! Do what makes you and your own family happy. Congrats and good luck!

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Hun, I have two april fool babies!! Trust me it was not planned and my son did not enjoy this!

I have a son, Levi 04.01.08
and a daugher Ali, 04.01.09

Exactly a year apart and not planned, i did not carry full term either! The only question i have is how this bday party is going to work out!

BTW: Our OB that delivered both of our children had the same bday, April 1, she was celebrating her birthday while delivering my children!

So be excited, do what it is you want! Either way that child is going to be your April Bundle of Joy!

Nope. I've been an April fools baby for soon to be 26 years now :)

And there is a famous wrestler also born that day.

We tend to be a handful at times with our independence issues and can get a temper

However, we are very passionate people in everything we do.

I hope that now that he or she is almost three you will give us an update on how you and your possible april fools baby are doing :)

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