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Appropriate Spiderman Cartoon for 4 Yr Old

I have a 4 year old who has suddenly become really interested in spiderman. He's never seen any spiderman cartoon, movie, etc. I'm not sure who he's got so into him, but he definatly has. He's been asking for a spiderman movie. I know there's alot of different spiderman cartoon series out there and i was wondering if any of you moms know if there are any specific ones that would be appropriate for a 4 year old. I know it is spiderman and he will be fighting bad guys, etc, but I'm hoping maybe there's one out there that is a little less violent that others. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions that any of you other moms may have. Thanks so much.

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I borrowed the 1967 series from the library - i find it less scary than the current cartoon, and the music is hilarious & 70's to me. :)

I had the same dilemma when my son was that age. We let him watch Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. I see it on TV randomly (have the DVR set to record it automatically whenever it comes on) but haven't looked for it on DVD yet. It's the old series I watched as a kid in the late 70s/early 80s with Spiderman, Iceman and Firestar. Not nearly as violent as the newer shows.

Rent or borrow some DVDs from netflix or your local library. There have been many different Spiderman cartoon series done over the past 20-30 years. Some are for young kids; most are for teens and adults.

My son was also into Spiderman at that age. We got the old (70's version) Spiderman series on Ebay. The violence is very mild compared to the shows that are on today. My son loved it.

I would check with my local library and see what spiderman movies/cartoons they have and borrow one from there to watch before you venture any further if you are worried about the violence content or better yet:
What cartoons do you let him watch? Any of the superheros are going to have some fighting in them, but the Superheros were still on television last I remember in a Marvel Hero type thing on Saturday mornings. Power Rangers were on television as well. My advise would be to watch one of those series first, if it is to violent you won't want to go any further.

Our three year old is also interested in Spiderman. Sometimes we'll find something on TV and let him watch a few minutes. None of them are age appropriate. The ones we watched as kids in the 1970's are much less violent than the ones they did in the 1990's. The movies aren't really that appropriate either as there's a lot of violence, but not much profanity. We let him do it as a treat, but we're always there to change it if we deem it completely inappropriate.
Hope that helps.

We bought the set of the Spiderman DVDS from 1969 (I think). It is a box set that is yellow with Spiderman peeking around the side. There is some fighting (with bad guys) but not nearly as violent as the newer ones. And they don't tend to call names as much. My kids have watched the SPiderman movies, but only with us. We have talked to them about it and what words are appropriate to use and what action are okay and not okay. It is a slippery slope though. Since Spiderman, my kids LOVE all superheros. I feel like I am drowning in them sometimes :)
Spiderman can be a learning tool and good influence too. You just have to be aware of how to make it that.
Good luck!

All the cartoons are appropriate for a 4 year old. My 3 year old especially like "Spectacular Spider-Man" which is focused more to that age group. You won't be able to find a Spider-Man show that doesn't have fighting - you just have to watch it and explain it to your son so it doesn't seem so violent in his eyes.

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