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I am having a little girl. I cant think of any names for her and its driving me crazy. I want something cute but not the same names everyone has. if anyone has a name please help!

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I've been blessed with two handsome boys, so never got to use my favorite girl's name: Annabelle Grace

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I have a little girl and we were going to name her Addison Lane but my cousin beat me to it. We named her Malynna Renee. I have not met anyone with that name. Anyways just a thought...

Hi H.!
Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you! Being a Mommy is hard work, but the rewards are endless! Just remember we're ALL learning and with time it will get a little easier!

Now, onto the names... (My favorite part)
When I think of names, I always think about what their name will sound like when it is announced over the microphone on their GRADUATION day...

Finley Grace
Braelynn Olivia
Addyson Rose
Brynlee or Brinley Carson

I hope you like these. I noticed they're pretty different from everyone elses. :)

Best of luck to you!

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My sister was 17 when she had her son, she learned along the way, just like every other first time mom, and he has turned out great.

Names I love are Tamsin, Thomasin, and Karenza (that means love and peace). I wanted to use those for my daughters, but my husband wouldn't go along, so we went with Alice Mary and Emily Jane. If I had another girl I would go for Sophie Grace because the initials would be the same as mine and my husband (S. and Glenn).

Good luck with your pregnancy, and your baby girl, who will be wonderful whatever name you choose.

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I've been blessed with two handsome boys, so never got to use my favorite girl's name: Annabelle Grace

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How about Ava Grace, or Bella Rose. My friend H. named her daugters those names and I absolutely love them. Congratulations on your expected arrival, you will do great. Do you have any support? Feel free to email me.

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I love your name too. It is so sweet. Here are some names I Love. Nadia, Gretchen, Nylah, Lylah, Elise, Claudia, Mercy.
Good Luck !!!

I love names that are generic...My oldest daughter is Chandler and youngest is Mica. All their friends love their names.

etc...My oldest daughter also likes vintage or more traditional names like...
You don't see many of those names in today's top 10! :) Good luck. I'm sure she will end up with a great name.

I love sharing names and it is so hard to pick one. My almost three year old boy is Carter Joseph and my baby girl is Ashlynn Georgia. The middle names are family names, I like to keep some family names going. But some other names we thought of for her were:
Maryn (I'm a 4th gen. Mary, so another version)

And of course there's my unique name C. which means "heavenly".

Congratulations! Your daughter will be such a blessing and a joy to you.

Here's a link to a really neat baby names website: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager#prefix=&ms=true...

I hope the link works, but if not, google baby name wizard and you'll find it.

I think traditional names are very sweet for little girls, and some of the old-fashioned ones are coming back. I like sweet names like Violet or Velvet or Della. They are lovely for a little girl, but they won't sound dorky if your daughter grows up to be a judge or a famous neurosurgeon, or president!

I really like the name Colbie, like the singer Colbie Callait.
Malin or Malynn is pretty too.
Best of luck to you!

I like all the suggestions you've gotten! When I was pregnant, I bought 2 or 3 baby name books. even though we already knew what we would name our son. But I came across my favorite girl's name...Calli. I also love Grace and Kayla.

I've worked with young kids for a long time. The most important thing I've learned is to love your child, and tell her that you love her every day. Enjoy every minute with her, because time goes by so fast. And enjoy the pregnancy! I loved being pregnant, even though it's not always so glamorous. It sounds like you're going to be a great mother!

H., congrats to you -- I totally understand the excitement and nervousness. My suggestion to READ READ READ - my kids are much older (18,16,12) and I read what to expect when you're exptecting and what to expect the 1st year. They may have more up to date books now, but reading really help put me at ease. I'm sure some of the newer mamas here could suggets book titles for you.

I was blessed with 3 presious boys, so my girl name never got used:

take care,

How about:
Analise Gabriel

Analise means Grace
Gabriel is a messenger of God

Since your name is H. (pretty name) How about Gretl or Liesel (Think Sound of Music)


My rules for naming my kids:
If it's a boy he will carry on a name of someone special to our family. Rightfully so, Robert Michael.
If it's a girl: She will not carry on a name, she will not be named after someone I personally know like a high school friend or whoever. I honestly don't know anyone with the same 1st name as my 2 girls.
With the 1st I was tired of going thru the baby book because I liked Madison Paige and he didn't. Phillip took the book and looked at my tummy and said "She looks like an H." Now we have Hailey Madison. That's how our dog Sasha got her name. Apparently she looked like an "S."
Then came daughter No. 2.
The list was so long and all of them crossed out because Phillip said the names I picked were not names he would yell out the front door to call our daughter. I liked Kennedy and Caitlin and Audrey to name a few. Phillip woke up the day after our 1st ultrasound and had an epiphany... The name must be something that you can get the word "Nickle" out of because that was what his dream was about... him calling her that nickname. Nicole was the only thing I could come up with and he likes it. Me, not so much because my heart was set on others.
Lemme tell you, it's much easier to come up the middle name AFTER the 1st name! I had so many on my list that it was nothign but scribble. I was sure she would come home with no name at all! Peyton is what Hailey picked. She loves the fact she was a part of it. Peyton Nicole.
Can I see Peyon as something else? Yes. Kennedy would fit her because it's a strong and independent name but Peyton also suits her.
It's ok if you're not sure. Let the right name come to you. It will. My mom picked out me neice's name off a crayon: Sienna Jenel.
Whatever you choose, make it different from all the other ordinary names.
Best of luck.

Hi H.:

I had to take a moment to encourage you as a young mom. Since you are seeking information and doing what is right for your baby I can tell that you understand the great joy and responsibility that you are about to be blessed with. Motherhood is a wonderful, joyful, tiring and exhausting experience but it is the most rewarding one that you will ever have.
As moms, we were all nervous and excited with our first because it was our first time and nothing can prepare you like experience itself.

God has placed in you a natural ability to connect with your baby, IF, you take the time to tune in to her. Take time to get to know this little person and you will begin to understand her needs and wants. Because you already care so much you will be a wonderful mom. Just don't be too proud to ask for help, take it when offered, but if you don't get it you have all that you need inside you right now to do what you need to do for you and your beautiful daughter. Just type in baby names in a Google search. Think about what you want the name to mean to your daughter. Do you want it to point out how you feel about her? or,that is a beautiful little girl, pure, innocent, loving, kind, a protector. Let your heart lead you and you will be fine...
Feel free to email me offline if you have questions.

I am a working mom of 4 and my daughter's names are Arianna Kathleen, Anaiah (Anaya) Simone, and Alexa Milan...

You might want to Google French, Italian and Spanish girls' names. They are a little different from the usual and many of them are very beautiful.

Hi H.. We named our son after my husband's best friend who passed away when he was 20 (first name), and his favorite college professor (middle name). If you have people that you love a lot or look up to or have had a great influence in your life, that would be a wonderful honor.

Re. being a mom, I think we ALL feel like we don't have a clue (my mom was NOT the best role model, so I'm trying to do the opposite of what she did! ;) Trust your feelings, parent out of love, build a support system of family, friends, other moms (join a moms group in your area). Take a parenting class, and whatever other birth education your hospital offers - VERY helpful. Get the book/DVD from the library - Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Karp - VERY helpful! I think the best thing to remember is that during the first 18 months of life, they're not trying to drive you crazy or piss you off or disobey, they just don't KNOW anything. You're their teacher of how to live in the world - enjoy that! :)


Congrats to you on your upcoming child.

Karen Dianne was my oldest who passed away at 5 yrs with lukemia, and she named her sister Kelly Nicole, and we have adopted another daughter Connie Lee my husband and I both have first names of Lee.
But you want your name and the baby's name to go together, don't know if dad is in the picture, but she will always be your daughter no matter what.
Good luck!

My favorites are Isabella (I would call or Bella) or Alexandra (you could call her Alex, Ali, Lexy). I like nicknames! Make sure you don't pick an unusual spelling of a common name or you will have it spelled wrong everywhere and always have to correct people and so will your daughter.

Good Luck!

H. (cute name),

I named my daughters more traditional names for their first names and a little more spunky names for their middle names, that way they have a choice of fitting in or standing out depending on their personality and preference.

My daughters names are Caitlyn Ramsey and Meredith Parker. We spelled Caitlyn with a C because that is my husbands first initial. Ramsey is a family name on my side.

I wish you the best in your pregnancy. It sounds like you may be having a little trouble coming to terms with this. It is a huge, life altering event. I hope you thoroughly consider all of your options, including adoption. I can't imagine how hard it would be to give your baby up for adoption, but it is a courageous and unselfish act. I can't imagine having had a child at 17 years old. I hope you have a great, supportive family and I hope the dad will be involved in the childs life.

Best of luck, you are in my prayers.

My favorite girl's names are Brooke, Allyson, and Meagan.

Hi H.!

I've always liked more traditional names...Hence Naomi and Daniel my 2 & 1 year olds. You'll never go wrong when choosing traditional names :) Don't get me wrong, I really like trendy names, I just couldn't see myself with baby girl named Addison I thought about Reagan when I was preg with naomi, and recently a friend gave birth to a baby girl she named Teagan--Thought that was cute! and another friend named her baby Devonie (pronounced "Devin-knee") Lynn You could also play with spelling (Devinee) just don't get too carried away, you don't want your baby having to correct people everywhere! :)

and don't worry about being a mom! You seem to have a good head on your shoulders! Every mom is nervous about being a mom at least the first time around, no matter her age! No woman knows how to be a mom until she is and then it's just natural. God made us to be mommies and He'll take care of us!


You have a ton of replies, so I'll keep this short. Here are my favorite girl names (I have 3 boys):

Jemma (not Jenna, but Jemma)

WOW you have a lot of great choices here:

I really really wanted to name my daughter

Cyndal Jade

My hubby vetoed the first but I kept the middle!!

I also liked

Paisley Dream

Or Paisley with a special middle name of a family member -
You have to let us know what you choose

Good Luck!

H. is a good name. Our daughter's name is H.. For your little one I suggest Bonnie. You don't hear it anymore. it was my sister's name and everybody loved her. You sound like a very caring person and I bet you'll make a great Mom. S. S

I love the name Madden . It's cute and different.
My girls names are Marisa and Skyler .
DH wouldnt agree to Madden.

Good Luck in your search.

I have always like Syndney and Dominque

when i was pregnant with my son, i purchased a couple of different baby name books, went through every page and marked the ones i liked, then put the books aside for a couple of weeks. Every couple of weeks i would go back through them, unmarking the names that i decided i didn't like, etc. I did this until i had about a 1 or 2 page list, then wrote them all down on paper and went through them with my husband, marking off the ones we both decided we didn't want..then put the list away again. This went on until i had my son and while in the hospital, my husband and i went through it one final time and decided on a name for my little one! Hope this helps! :-)

Hi H.!
Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you! Being a Mommy is hard work, but the rewards are endless! Just remember we're ALL learning and with time it will get a little easier!

Now, onto the names... (My favorite part)
When I think of names, I always think about what their name will sound like when it is announced over the microphone on their GRADUATION day...

Finley Grace
Braelynn Olivia
Addyson Rose
Brynlee or Brinley Carson

I hope you like these. I noticed they're pretty different from everyone elses. :)

Best of luck to you!

I don't have any name ideas for you, but I just wanted to wish to the best of luck in your road to mommyhood.

Hi H.,
are cute names for a little girl. I let my hubby pick our daughters name... Brooke Lindsey, he didn't want to give her a "boys" name ;)

Our little girl name was Reese, but we had a boy!

I wanted 'different' names too. My daughters are Presli Brooke and Dyllan Paige... I also liked Tatum and Skylar.
I am sure you are scared- but let me tell you, I was 29 when I had my first and I truely felt the same way. It does sort of kick in and there are many resources to help when you need it. Keep in mind that your pediatrician can answer questions or put you in contact with the right person.
Good Luck!

Some great names so far. I had two boys (Myles & Rome) and never got to use my girl names. Here you go:
-Kincaid (fav)

Let us know what you choose. I wish I would have had my kids younger. Enjoy the time with daughter, let your family help you or create a family of friends to help you. God Bless.

I have always loved Mallory. Check out some websites and see if you see anything interesting.

Also, since you are a new mom you have to get the Babywise book. It will really help with scheduling. If you have a good schedule the rest will come easy to you. Good Luck.

Try going to babynames.com. It has lists of the most popular names, so you can avoid those. You can search by beginning letter, ending letter, meaning, and origin. It has "cool name" lists. It's a good resource. I like Annika.

Hello H.! This might sound really crazy, but my name is very unique and different and I get compliments on it all the time! It really sounds weird to talk about my own name like this...but I'm serious! I think it will sound especially good also bc your name starts with an 'H.' SO...(drum roll please..he he jk) My name is H....pronounced a bit like the country Holland..without the 'D.' I've often thought of different ways to spell it even:
Beset of luck!

I was going to name a girl Reagan Marie (but I had all boys) I also like the names


I like more classic names they sound great when you Girl is a baby and they are dignified when she is an old lady as well... :o)

A. J

Wow! You have gotten A LOT of responses!! I will say that you should pick something different but not out of the ordinary yet not too common. My daughter is Jillian and I always get lots of compliments on it. The other name we were going to use was Carly. Also, I agree with some of the others about naming after people in your family. Both of my kids are named after my favorite aunt and uncle (respectively) who have passed away. Good luck!!

Hello H.,

I too had my first child at 17. I am not going to lie and say it is easy, but you can do it, and successfully. My husband and I waited to get married until our son was almost a year old, but this year will celebrate our 15th anniversary.

All that to say if you need support, please keep my information, I would be HAPPY to talk or listen or whatever you need!!

My personal favorite little girl's name (she is my favorite little girl, too :)) is Ivey Michelle. Our daughter is 13 and LOVES her name, which says something too. Something I have thought about is naming your children with your maiden name as their first name, also. If they will HAVE your maiden name as their last name that may be a bit repetitive, though. :)

Good luck to you and please don't hesitate to contact me if you need someone to listen.

I love the names Rylie and Dylan(yes, for a girl) I named my little boy Dylan but it was going to be his name even if he was a girl!!! Good luck to you...motherhood is a wonderful thing!!! Congrats!!!!!

My 15 yr old daughter is Chloe Ann. Her Father's name was Alaric which is very odd. He wanted to name her Alarica (weird) but I said we needed a name that is not common but unique at the same time. People will have a hard time saying it but will alway rember it!
Good Luck and enjoy being a mother !!!
Just a little advice ....It doesn't matter if your are 17 or 37 it is not easy being a mother....just do what we all do...pray and do the best you can do!!!

My husband and I always want to name our daughter Jayze (JC). We just had a 4 months old boy and we will try to have a daughter someday. If you like this name, it's yours. And don't worry about being a mom, once you see her face, you will know what to do.

I am glad that you are taking care of yourself and in return taking care of your baby before she even arrives. I was 18 when I became a mom for the first time. I too was excited and read lots of books on how to parent. They have lots of good suggestions, but you will have to get into your own pattern of parenting. As long as you love and nurture your baby everything else will work itself out. As far as a name goes, I like lots of girls names. My daughters are Reba Joy and Alison Faith. Both of their names were chosen to honor someone important in my life. Reba came from the bible and my middle name is Joy. Alison was named for my grandmother Alice. I also like the name Grace, Chloe, Brianna, Elizabeth, I tend to lean towards older names. Hope you are able to pick out a name that you love. ivillage.com has a name finder. You type in the name and it will tell you how popular the name is that might help you in finding a name that is more unique. Good Luck. A.

Congratulations!! Children are a blessing.
My youngest is 3 yrs old and we named her Catalina Marie. Catalina is the spanish version for Catherine.
Over the last 3 years we have come up with many cute nick names for her, it is fun. I was very nervous at first about the name and regreted it for a few months, but I can tell you NO ONE ever forgets it. No one looks at her and thinks "hmmm, now what is this little girls name?" It is bold, yet romantic and sweet. Try it out and see if you like it. When I was pregnant and thought I had found a name I would start talking to the baby in the womb using the name. That is a good way to find out if it's a name you really like or not. Also when I went to the hospital (planned C-section) I took a list of my preferred names and waited to see her first. A lot of them didn't match once I saw her. Good Luck and congratulations on taking such good care of yourself too. Regards, T.

I will give you my name if I were to have another one. Parker.

Name selection is very difficult. You are right to put yourself in your daughter's shoes and try to pick a name she will like. Are you looking for something traditional, or unique? Maybe something that reflects her heritage (German, Italian, African, Irish, etc.)? For my eldest daughter (13), we chose a name that both reflects her heritage (Italian) and also honors my husband's grandfather (Giovanni, which is Italian for John). She is Gianna (which is the Italian version of Jane, which is the female version of John). She absolutely loves her name! My middle daughter is Jenna (9), which we chose just because it was somewhat different and we just liked it, and she likes it too! Daughter #3 is Julianna . . . we decided to keep with the theme of names ending in "nna". We almost spelled it the Italian way (Guiliana) but I didn't quite like the way it looked. She is too young right now (20 months) to to have an opinion on her name.

But in the end, I found using a baby name book as a great help to figure it out.

You will be a great mom, I am sure! I hope you have a support network (mom, grandma, siblings, etc.) to help you out, but just keep active on Mamasource in the coming months and as your daughter grow and you'll get great advice! Good luck!

I just named my little girl Anya Grace. Anya is Russian for Anna. I spent a summer in Russia and had a student named Anna. I always wanted an Anna Grace. It was after a dear friend of mine, but my husband wasn't too sure about Anna. So I suggested Anya as a simple change. Grace turned out to be the middle name of about three great grandmothers, so it was pretty popular amoungst the family, too. It's been great. She's such a character.

If we have another girl one day, she's going to be Beatrice Ruth. That's after the sweetest little girl I met on a trip to Mexico and my favorite Bible character. I still have little Beatriz's picture on my computer desk to this day.

I have four little angels, two girls and two boys, so I've spent plenty of time thinking of names. I had my last little girl 11 months ago, and had tons of girlie names I loved. My husband only liked one, Reagan, so that's what we went with. I got to pick the middle name, though, which is Kinsley. Here were some of my favs: Delanie, Cadence (KAY Dence), Cali, Kayleigh, Carly, Dakota, Makenna, Stormie, Brynn, Brooklynn, Chloe, and McKinley to name a few.

Also, I had my first when I was 19, so just remember age is just a number. Just because your young doesn't mean that you won't be a good mom. Yes, you'll have a lot to learn, but so do any first time mommy. With youth on your side, you'll have more energy to get up all during the night and chase her around, once she gets going. I recommend that you take any and all advice as it's given (trust me, you'll get tons from everyone...even strangers), but then make your own decisions for what YOU think is right for your baby.

Good luck in finding the perfect name for your little sweetie, and congratulations on entering into the journey of parenthood. Children are the greatest gift you could ever receive!

I had Maleigh picked out for my little girl for the longest time but changed it at the last minute. I also like Madeline (Maddie for short), Cadence, and McKenna. Good luck with your new addition and age has nothing to do with what kind of mom you'll be. Just enjoy her she will grow up so fast, I can hardly believe mine is almost 4

I too was young when I had my first (18 for two months). It has it's difficulties, but with a good family and friend support system, you will be fine.

On to the names. With mine I have incorporated family into all of their names. My oldest is Kaleb Matthew(Matthew is his dad's first name), My middle is Kameron Stephen(Stephen is his dad's middle name), and my youngest is Ava Louise(Louise is mine, my grandma's, and great-grandma's name).

Should we have another one and it turns out a girl, the name will be Emerson Gayle(Gayle is my mom's middle name).

Some other names I liked(but got a veto on) were:

Hope this helps you out!! Good luck with the name search!

Hi H.,

How about the name Haven. I just heard the name and thought it was beautiful, plus it is not common, and it starts with an H just like H.. Best of luck with your little girl. I was 18 when I had my son... I am now 36. It was tough at first, but you can do it and you will figure it out as you go along. It doesn't matter if you are 35 and have your first baby, because you never know what to do and each child is different. You will make some mistakes (we all do). But, you will be ok, just keep you head up and don't stop trying your best. I will say a prayer for you. A. :)

By now you've received many responses so I'm not sure if this is one of them. When considering a name for her think about how it's spelled. My first name is spelled 'Michel' and is pronounced 'M.'. Ever since I can remember I get called Mike or Michael by those who don't know me. I do like how my name has a unique spelling but there are downfalls including buying personalization items, being sent Playboy ads (yes, they think I'm Mike!), being sent emails from new colleagues who think I'm a guy calling me Mike etc. For my daughter I went with 'Amanda'. it's a feminine name, yet not one that's regularly used. Consider not just unique names, but names just not regularly used anymore. Also, H. is a very nice name. Have you considered another German (I believe 'H.' is a German name) name for your daughter? That be a nice tie in with yours! Baby name books are a great help. They include top names from other countries too. Good Luck!

Make a list of several names you like and make sure they don't rhyme with any terrible words kids may later use. Keep saying the names out loud to see which names feel best saying. Maybe one of those names will fit your little angel when you meet her.

I can help with some unusual names if you would like. I know (without sounding conceded) my name is unusual and not so common (K.), then there is Kyara, Kyler, Kenzie, Keili, or Kimzie. Hope that gave you a few choices. Congrats!!!!!

I, too, love family names. For our daughter, we used my mom's name (Martha) and my husband's mom's name (Ernestina) and came up with Martina for a middle name. I just think the meaning of the name is like an extra blessing for the child.

Some names I love are Natalie, Audrey or Audra, Bethany, Felicia, Hannah, Justine or Justina, Juliet, and Karly. I also think it sometimes works out well to think of a common name you like and then "tweak" it a little. Like, instead of Melissa, which was so popular years ago, how about Larissa? Or instead of Kimberly, how about Kimberlin? or just Kimber?

One thing I would say is that, as a teacher of young kids, I've seen little ones become frustrated with their names because they are sooooo unusual. Lots of kids get frustrated, too, when they have a common named that's spelled differently from the norm. People misspell their name and then the kids get mad or defensive. It's great to be unique, but remember this is your kiddos "label" and identity.

Hello H..

Sounds like you have lots going on! You'll be fine. Be confident.

Think of your favorite flower, look up the scientific name, and perhaps of a place you've ever been or one of your favorite things in life. Some of my favorite things:

Peony (scientific name: Paeonea/ia...look up the spelling on these things!)
Crimson, or Clover (like the song...)
Oceana (I love the ocean)
Gale (I love the wind, but also...)
Cree (an old N.W. Indian people in North America)
Tamaric (very unusual for a name)
Have fun, be creative, use your senses and dream-ability! You're a mommy!

I like the first name to be strong and the middle name to be sweet - Especially for girls.

Harley/Harlee Grace

ok dont laugh.. I picked this name out when I was in 9th grade and was never able to use it. I always wanted to name my daughter Tuesday Renee. I think it is a very pretty name. I have 2 daughters
Morgan Bailee Starr ~ Morgan last name of Uncle Bailee is last name of Aunt and Starr is my middle name

Abbygayle Marie~ Marie is my late grandmothers middle name. We chose to spell Abbygayle like this instead of the usual abigail. so you say her name Abby Gayle saying both names.
Other names I love are:
Fawn Rose
Zoie Lynn
let us now what u choose


Good morning H.,
How about HOPE ANN. CHARITY JANE, JOY MARIE maybe these will help. God bless and good luck.
J. G

I like to think of names that hold good feelings for me.... like from a song that you like, or a really good friend, or someone who touched your life in some way. I have always liked the name Cassidy for a girl. There is a beautiful song written about a daughter named Cassidy by the band the Greatful Dead. Good luck to you. You are a strong woman.

Callie Suzanne (not susan but sue zhaun)
H. Blair

I like the following names, maybe you will too.


Hope this helps!

HI..I'm a Grammie now, but I can tell you a few names that my daughter's friends have named their baby girls...first of all, my daughter's names are Alicia and Andrea. I love the name Alicia and it's not very common.

Adyson, Avery, Aubrey, Sydney, Georgia, Stella, Lola, Abi, Kennedy, Camryn, Jessie, Virginia (called Gigi), Channing Faith, Campbell...

We also love Tessa, Emma, Haley, Hannah, Tish or Tisha, Taylor, Riley, Drew...well good luck...there are hundreds..you just have to find something that means something to you and/or you love! PS I was a mom at 17..they turned out fine!!!

I started wtih a name book and not really for the names but for the meanings. We had a boy name picked out (matthew) ...or my husband was dead set on it anyway. Well 3 girls later i get to do most of the picking. I like unusal names. My name is nicole but spelled nicoli. Just odd enough to get a second look and a great ice breaker. Here are the names i went with... Maysi (pronounced macy) but it means matthews house. Makenli (pronounced mckinley close to the popular makenzie now) and the last one is montgmori (pronounced montgomery) we call her mobe. Her middle name is beth. Plus, this may sound feminist but whatever.... I wanted my name to be passed down. The girls would all get their dad's last name to use forever but mine woudl be lost with me so i opted to put my name or a part somewhere in their names. Maysi has my initals as a second part to her middle name. Makenli is makenli nicoli and the beth for mobe is after my middle name (which i choose not to pass on...bertha). Anyway, i say you start with things that you love, that mean something to you and let you creativity take hold. We are in a great time where unusal names are common and no none even flinches anymore. Keep a notebook where you can write down words that you like, feelings, nature whatever it may be. I stayed clear of naming the girls after close family members b/c my mother tends to be jealous and why cause a fight. I did look back thru both of our family names and found some great ones i wanted to use, especially for a boy. Like, street,atlas, rushing, cannighan.... I was wanting matthew rushing. Also, don't forget the cardinal rule.... If you like a name tear it apart. What mean things can kids come up with... Rhyme or visible cruelties.... Like a boy named farthing sounds strong and powerful but fart is so visible you can help but jump on it. My favorite name of the 3 girls is montgmori because of the options it holds... It sounds so strong and she can break it many different ways. Her grammee calls her mo or monti, aunt calls her mori beth, daycare teacher calls her monti roo and the other teacher calls her mo-mo's.... Remember no matter how hard you try to give the nicknames or try to stick to the real name ...people will and do everntually get their pick in also. Jsut enjoy that so many people get to be around them and try not to freak out when they call her care bear. Have fun. I hope you email back when you have a nice list going and we can all see what direction you are going. Enjoy the time. Sounds liek you are taking really good care of yourself so that right there says you will be a great mom. Love it up!

I have always loved the name Grace. I didn't name my own girl that because my husband didn't like it, but I think it is very appropriate for you, having her so young and I'm sure she will be a blessing, Grace, in your life. Good Luck and remember, with God all things are possible!

Hi H.,
Congratulations and best wishes with your little girl. I have 2 beautiful little girls and there's nothing better than being a mommy. Before I even knew I was pregnant with my first, I had a dream about a little girl named Ashlyn. I had never heard this name before and wondered where this dream came from. About a week later, I found out I was three weeks pregnant, much to my surprise! When I found out she was a girl, I went to the Christian bookstore and looked up the name Ashlyn in a baby name book and the meaning was "vision of God" or "gift from God"... that blew me away! The Lord had given me her name before I even knew she existed. I also like different names and believe the meaning of the name is very important. My 2nd daughter's name was picked out by her big sister, so we have Ashlyn Michaela (my hubby's name is Michael) and Kaitlyn Elizabeth. There are all kinds of baby name books that might help you. The book I used is called The Name Book by Dorthy Astoria. Hope this helps, I'd like to know what name you choose!!

Congrats on your pregnancy and new baby girl. How exciting and scary. Its hard being a mom no matter how old you are. Its fun to figure out the best names for your child. Since you are H. how about Kelli. Both of your names would end in i and match. Its great you are taking care of yourself during your pregnancy and you will do what is best for your daughter.
Good luck. I am a Mom of three ages 11 (boy) and twins 5 (one boy and one girl).

When we were looking for our girl's names we went into the family history. If you go back, you can come up with some very unusual and beatiful names. I wasn't sure how my eldest would take to her middle name, but now she loves it because it is different - Meta Artamissa.

I like the names Sidney, Kennedy and Caroline. Good luck with your pregnancy and let us know what name you choose.

Congratulations! You're on the right site for any questions or to read statements pertaining to the care of a baby. How about the name Hayden Renee?

We chose a classic name, Natalie, for our daughter. Her middle name is a variant of a family last name, Paige. I didn't want her to be one of six Emilys in her class, and didn't want her to have to spell her name every time she mentioned it. (Like "It's Ashleigh... A-s-h-l-e-i-g-h, not A-s-h-l-e-y.") Just something to consider.

And to the poster below who mentioned Annisten. I would think her parents were Jennifer Aniston fans. You might want to think about how "different" names are perceived. There are message boards for moms with Name sections where you can post a name you like and they'll (kindly, usually) break it down for you. They can give you all the possible nicknames other kids can make from the name, and point out ways it might be pronounced just from seeing it that you might not have thought about. (If first + middle sounds like a different name, they'll point it out. Like "Ella Minnow" becomes LMNO.)

HI H.,

I heard the name Kennedy for a girl recently and LOVE it!
I think it's a sweet yet mature sounding name that will fit a girl well throughout her life. (It also reminds of a popular girls name in High School or a movie stars name)
Maybe something like Kennedy Rose, or Kennedy Ann....

I had my first baby at 18 (just turned 18) and it was a girl. Good luck to you, I hope you have support from her Daddy. You will have lots of challenges but you will do great and she will be the best blessing of your life!
You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders!
PM if you ever need anything and take care. : )

Often one's own family will have the right name. Ask about grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, etc. You might like the name and it would have meaning for your little girl as well. Cutsy names that are popular means that when your little girl starts to school there may be several in her class with the same. Forty years ago I named my daughter Charlotte, an old name that nobody used anymore. It was my aunt's name, and also my great-grandmother's name. She has loved her name all her life!
Hope this helps. I'll pray God will bless you and the life of your little girl.

Just try to pick a name that she won't have to spell for the rest of her life and something that will go with any last name. I like names from the Bible. There are so many beautiful names. Just google Names of Women in the Bible and see if you like any of them. I am proud that you are starting out to be such a nurturing and loving mother. Best of luck!

How about Ella? Let me know what you decide on. I ended up with a boy. But I love that name.

My little girl's name is Tabitha. I have only met one other with that name. I also love the names Lulu and Ellis.

My family is Lebanese, so many of them have French names because French is the second language there. We gave one of our daughters the middle name Claire, but I always loved my cousin's name. I thought she spelled it in the true French way, "Mireille." Can you imagine how hard it would be to spell and explain?!?! Anyway, since then I've found out that she spells it differently: "Miray." Just like it sounds. Just a thought!

I know a couple little girls named Brooklyn. I thought it was cute but not common...

My daughters name is Jaslyn..combo of Jasmine and Jalen

Names we've used or wanted to use:
Riley Claire
Reese Emma
Colby Kate
Ramsey Kate

I am sure you are very overwhelmed with all of the responses you have gotten. My mom always told me to think how the name would sound if they were the CEO or president of a company. I stuck to that idea, bc what would it sound like to be the president and your name Lulu or something. You can always name her something and have a name you can call them that is shorter. Just something to think about.

My daughters name is Jillian.

I have eight children, and we have named them by looking into our family history. Each child's name is meaningful in that way. Sometimes, we've used derivatives of family names---my aunt was named Catherine and we named one daughter Kathryn. My great grandmother's middle name was Susan and we used Suzanne for another daughter. For the boys, we used last names from the family. My maiden name was Clark, and that's the name of our oldest son. The boys are Clark, Preston, Kent, Carson and Dawson.

We have enjoyed telling the children the stories about people they are named after and they have photos of those people that are just for them.

Best of luck choosing a name!! It's so much fun!

My favorites are Evie and Adalynn

Hi H.. Look for names online and in baby name books. There are so many great, and not so great, names to choose. Think about your family history and names that have been given through the generations. A lot of 'old names' are now considered eclectic and wonderful. Try to find a name that represents who you are and what you believe. For example, my friend had an unplsnned pregnancy and she believed that she needed all of the faith she could muster. She named her daughter Faith and it fits her perfectly.

Good luck - it sounds like you are off to a great start!

My Hubby got to pick a name, and he picked Tabitha. We didn't care whether it was the first of middle name. I picked Charlene. She goes by Tabi, and seems to love her name. I wish you well.

It sounds like you're doing everything right to ensure a happy, healthy baby. Perhaps the best option would be for you to get a baby names book or go on-line. If you'll just type "baby names" into a search engine, you'll get more than you thought possible. I wish you the very best!

Hi H., I also love your name. Have you looked at a book of names for girls and boys, also the Bible has some beautiful names with a lot of meaning. Names I like are definately girl gender and not mixed up sounding like a boys name.
I have a cousin whoses new great-granddaughter is named Annabella Grace and they plan to call her Bella.
Abigail Rose is another that is pretty. Do you like your Mother's name, grandmothers name and also their maiden names can sometimes be used as a first name. We have a Hannah Rose, Nichole, Catherine, Christine Michelle, Rebeckah and Lera short for Valeria.
You will find one you like, I am sure, and she will be loved. You don't mention the Dad and if you are single, there is a lot of help out there for single moms with new babies.
Don't be shy about asking for help-women generally love to help.
V. B.

H. -

None of us have a clue how to be a mother the first time. And, even tho there's all kinds of books out there that are supposed to 'help', nothing prepares you for the real deal.

I was 18 when I had my first child. She has been a blessing ever since. Her name is Peggy Sue - not after the song or the movie, but after her father's little sister (she passed away when she was two). About middle school, she hated her name (but what girl normally doesn't). She's 27 now and absolutely loves her name.
My son's name is Jory Michael. I don't think boys ever 'love' their names.

My cousin named her daughter Richele (a combination of her & her husband's name).
Another cousin named her little girl Kylie.
Yet another cousin & his wife named their daughters Amelia (Mia, for short) and Rebekah.

Jori for a girl would be cute. And, I've always liked the name Emma.

There are so many choices and you may pick something and be convinced that's what you will name your little bundle of joy and completely change your mind when you see her. Or, you may not have a clue going into delivery or even after her birth and it will just hit you once you see her. Wham, there it is!

My sister (42) had her first baby (a boy) in February. She was in the hospital 3 days and they didn't decide on a name until just before checkout.

Don't get panicky or freak out with the name choice - or with indecision. That's perfectly normal.

My sister-in-law has three girls - Haley Ann, Morgan Kate and Abbey (Abigail)Grace. She didn't want to use family names because she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings because she didn't use their name, which I found very thoughtful. And the names that I've given absolutely fit each one of the girls that they belong to.

There are lots of wonderful names out there - you will find one that you absolutely love - either before or after she's born!

Don't worry so much! You will do absolutely great!
God Bless You,

I like Carly, but my son would have been Chrysalis Yvette (sounds like E-vet) had he been a girl. Spices and Flowers are always nice for girls too.

You will do fine. It is the people who THINK that they are the best parents that usually aren't ;)


Here are some girl names that I think are cute that I have heard recently.


I agree with all of the other posts. Remember to cherish every moment that you will have with this bundle of joy. They grow up so fast, and if ya blink you may miss something. My daughter is 20 months and I dont know where the time went.

My daughter's name is McKenna Brooke...I also like Sierra, Sienna, Brooklyn, Addison, Kira. Good Luck on picking a good name. I had two names in my head that I couldnt decide on. We decided that as soon as she came out and we looked at her, we would have the name.

Hi H.,

One of my best friends name is Lottie. She is Irish and so is her name. I love it and have never heard anywhere else.

Good luck! You will do great!

I had the same issue with a name for our baby girl seems all the names I liked close family memebers had the name we went with Nicole Kendra it is pretty and different hope that helps.. I had never really heard Kendra but have seen it now ....

H. my name is H. as well. I'm glad you love your name it has always been a pain for me. I have a daughter and I am pregnant with my third (another boy) When it came to names i named her Hope. Same initials and cute. Not as common. If I had another girl I would name her River or Willow. I thought those names where quite unique and I have always loved the names. Good luck with your pregnancy. Being young and having a child is no picnic.

These are some of my favorite girl names: Avery, Amelia, Hannah, Trinity, Shelby, Kimber, Ella, Bailey, Gracie, Kinsey, Laurel, Lane (Laine), Paige (Page), Kammy (Kami), and Payton (Peyton). Hope this helps. Out of all your responses, I'm sure one of these ladies will have the perfect name for you. Good luck.

I love the names Fiona, Mia, and Josephine (Josie for short).

Have fun! The meanings of our two daughters' names really fit them well but we had no idea at the time...

How about Alden or Tristan? You don't hear those often, but I think they are cute. I also like Hailey, Marin, Ashlyn or Peyton.

Let us know what you pick! Good luck.

Congrats H.. Just remember that the most important thing you can give your baby is love and you already know how to do that. Everything else you learn as you go, even if your 30 like I was when I had my twin girls. I have a Jillian Morgan, Emma Rae, and Mallory Taylor and if in a few years you have a boy, I have a Colby Tanner. Best of luck.

Dear H.,

You have so many responses to your request that it may take days to read through all of them! Even so, I want to write you and share some things with you. First, I want you to know that I am proud of you for taking responsibility to care for, raise and love this precious little girl that you helped create. I am impressed with the courage you are displaying in the midst of such a huge life change. Please remember that courage is not the absence of fear, but it is continuing on doing the right thing in the midst of fear. I can tell you that this little girl is already blessed to have you love her and want to be a great mom for her.

Becoming a parent is the most awesome responsibility we can be given, but I want to encourage you as you walk into this new and unknown season of life. You may not know what to do and feel nervous, anxious and afraid, but I can promise that God will lead you through this if you ask Him. The bible says that God knits us together in our mother's womb. He is doing this for your little girl right now. He is creating and shaping every part of her. You will feel like you do not understand her when she is new and little, but God knows everything about her. If you ask Him, He will teach you about her and about what she needs.

Since you did not mention the baby's dad in your post, I do want to encourage you to make sure you are surrounded by friends and family who can help you make the transition to parenthood. The more people you have to help you the better off you will be.

I am so excited for your little one to enter the world and to meet her mommy who loves her so! Please write me anytime if I can help you, encourage you, or answer any questions about being a mom for you.

As for names, you have gotten a bunch of suggestions already so here's mine: choose a character trait you would like your daughter to have and name her something along those lines. My little girl's name is Tabitha. It's from the bible, in the New Testament, the book of Acts chapter 9. Tabitha means "gazelle," and it's the idea of being full of grace. Tabitha was a real woman who committed her life to serving the physical needs of the poor and of widows. When she died, all those she had served mourned her death greatly. She made a tremendous impact on their lives with her love for them and her service to them. My husband and I pray and desire that our Tabitha will grow into the same kind of woman.

God's Grace to you,

Lisa :)

I love the names Aiden and Sydney for a girl. I'm 17 just like you and my name's Ashley Paige. I love it because it fits my personality so well. I'm a tomboy but have my girlie moments and Paige has just enough boyish-ness in it for me and I hat to be called Ashley because all the Ashley's I knowsare really girlie or prissy which is so different from me.. I love my name because I don't see many with it and love having a unique name.

I have a little girl that just turned 11. She loves her name-Kylie Morgan. We don't run in to many Kylie's and I like that. Plus it was easy for her to learn how to spell. The only complaint that my daughter has ever had with her name is that it is difficult to find any of those personalized items with her name on it (you know the stickers, mugs and pencils they have at gift stores). We are starting to see it a little more often.

Here are some things to think about with names- Brainstorm what kids may turn the name into. I had really wanted to name my daughter Cosette Marie (From Les Miserables) and then one night it dawned on me that her nick name could by Cozy. That would be my worst nightmare once she hit high school. Still love the name but could not live with it. Also consider how easily it is for her to learn how to spell and for others to say.

Good Luck!

congrats! Ava, Cali, Savannah, Sheridan, Kyla, Kyli
We named our new baby girl, Ella Kyle (my husband's middle name is Kyle)

Hi H....Congrats! I have 2 little girls myself..Maia Isabella and Chasiana Marie....just follow your heart the name will come to you before you know it!

Tatiana, Chrisiany, Alexandra, Alessandra, Angelica, Casiana, Christiana, Eliana, Elysandri, Grasiela.....

God bless and good luck!

Hello... I choose family names and combined them to make everyone feel special that they had a grandchild named after them... Mine are... Dakota Elaine, Dallen Tyler ~ pronounced Allen w/ a D in front of it and Daisey Kaylynn and each of them have 6 letters in their first names... I wanted them to each be different so that they will be "Unforgettable" and they each do live up to their names... Good luck! My mother had me at 17 and I'm 35 now and she did the best she knew how and in one way or another she HAS taught me everything I know!!

C. J.


Why not ask the baby? When you go to bed at night, speak to her and tell her your concern. Ask her to come to you in your dreams and tell you what name she might like.

Good luck!

A friend of mine just had a beautiful little girl and named her Ivey Madyson. I thought that was different and beautiful. Whatever name you choose will be perfect for her. My sisters both had their first borns at 16 and 17 and did a great job. They grew up with their children but don't we all? Accept help when offered and have faith. The best advice I have ever been given....Take care.

Hi H.,
My daughter's name is Claire. It is French for bright and shining, which I think is a beautiful name with a great meaning for a girl. Also, I would like to commend you for committing to your pregnancy and giving your baby life!
All the best to you and your baby!

H., I recently had a baby boy but the name I had picked fo r a girl was Cooper. I love the name and you hear it quite a bit for boys but not for girls. Also my daughter has a friend named Makinley, I think that is very cute also.

I have several. You pick which one you like.
PLEASE NO NICK NAME. FULL NAMES IS BETTER THAN CALLING A CHILD BY A NICK NAME. Your choice. I hope you like one of those names. Good luck and May God bless you. You will be fine. B.

My daughter is Mary Christine (both family names) but I would have like to use my maiden name for her first name but that is Parson and well, you see how that would not work....but I always enjoy that usage or the grandmom's maiden name............best of luck to you!

Rather than picking a name a random, why not name your baby after someone who is important to you? Also, I read somewhere that since people are trying so hard to give their children unique names, those uncommon or differently-spelled ones are becoming pretty common. The article went on to say that the most "unique" names anymore are the "vintage" ones (ones that were popular when your grandma or great-grandma were kids). Whatever you choose to name her, please just remember that she'll have that name for the rest of her life, and while a cutesy name may be fun when she's two, it might not be so fun when she's an adult and trying to be seen as a professional.

I have a friend named Rian and I think her name is so unique and pretty. Enjoy your sweet baby and pray over her daily. It is an amazing (although not easy)journey!

I had 2 boys so never got to use any of my girls names:
Savanna Rose
Caroline Noel

Good luck!

Hi H.,
I read your info and I have a thousand questions for you, but that's just the "mommy" in me coming out. I hope you're happy and healthy and have a good environment for your new arrival. Hopefully you have support as well. As for names,
since your name is H., how about Hayley or Helena, or Hannah? I'm Hispanic so I lean more toward names that sound pretty in english or spanish like Adriana, Arianna or Emilia/Emily. Good luck and I wish you best, being pregnant was one of the happiest times of my life, I hope you have the same experience!




*all of which, I think, sounds great with H.!!

Hi H.,

Congrats on your new baby to be. We tried to come up with different names for our two girls and ended up with one unique one that is starting to gain popularity now and a traditional spelled differently. We chose Rylee and Izabelle. I am curious to see how our kids like them once they have to spell them for everyone. Opps. They are only 2(almost 3) and 7 1/2 months so we have some time.



Hi, I've read all of the responses and I have not seen Sydney or S.. I also like Elizabeth and Kyra.
Good luck with your little one. She will be such a blessing to you. I had a friend that had a baby at 17. With support from the daddy, (which she married when the baby was 3) and her parents she finished high school,college and is now teaching. The little girl just started kindergarten this year and she now has a brother that is 1. Maybe having a baby at 17 is not what you would have chose for youself, but with God and support from your family and friends you can get through anything.
Like other mom's have already said, your maternal instints will kick in the second you see her. Just do what you think is best for her and yourself. Good luck!

Congratulations to you on being a mommy. It is the best job in the world and the most rewarding. None of us "knows" how to be a mommy. We do the best we can and pray that God gives us the wisdom that we need. I will keep you and your little one in my prayers. Pick a name that has meaning and is special to you and then that name will become special to your little girl. For my daughter, I combined my middle name and my sister's middle name to make her first name and then I picked both her great-grandmother's favorite flower (Rose) for her middle name. I tell her all the time how special the name is and that makes her feel special. I also remind her that her name is the first gift that Mommy ever gave her and that makes her feel special too.
God Bless and please post and let us know when your little one has arrived and the name you decided to give her. Oh, and by the way, I love the name Ashlyn.
Take care,


Good Luck & God Bless!

I love family names. If there's anyone in your family that you especially admire, see if you can make a name from theirs. My daughter is named after her great grandmother, my grandmother. I used my grandmother's maiden name, making it more unique. Biblical names are a great way to go too, I think. I especially like Rachael, Naomi, Rebecca.

About becoming a first time mom. I did so at twice your age - literally -and all of us first time moms have questions and concerns. Good for you for reaching out for support and advice!! I encourage you to sign up for the breastfeeding, childbirth and parenting clases that will no doubt be offered through the hospital where you deliver. We did all of those and are so glad we did! (Breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience, saves TONS of money, & will help you lose baby fat!)

Well dreaming that I'd have a litle girl someday (ended up with 2 boys)...here are a few names that I really liked: Charlotte, Samantha Anne, Naomi, and Lucy.

I like names with a family connection. My oldest daughter is Kirby Lee (Kirby is my maiden name and Lee is for my sister). My younger daughter is Erin Lucy (Lucy is for my grandmother).

H., you have gotten alot of responses and alot of cute names. I am so glad you are keeping your child. Sounds like you are a very mature person and are willing to do anything to keep and do the best for your child.

When my husband and I married, we wanted to be one of the best parents, not perfect, cause nobody is perfect. Red Cross was offering classes on parenting, so we took a course. We,also, didn't know anything about being parents. Yes, I had babysat and worked with kids, but it is not the same. Believe me, everything comes natural, no matter how much you read. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes!!

We chose names for our kids (in case we had some); Gigi Georganna, Jorge Javier, Gerardo Gabriel. Took us 6 yrs. to have our first one. Come time to name him....my son was born when Elvis died, Aug. 16, so the first thing my mom told me when I opened my eyes, was "Elivis died!", not "you have a son, or I have a grandson"! She knew I loved Elvis. Needless to say, I forgot the names and named him after my husband...so he is a Jr. Adopted our second child, named him Jorge Javier, call him JJ. Funny thing is, his biological mom had chosen George for his name....Jorge,in spanish, stands for George. Never had girls, so we named our boxer Gigi Georganna...called her GG.

Other names I like are Ivy, Ariana (which are the two names for our granddaughter), Hope, Charity, Miracle, Faith.

I know you will be a terrific mom. Just have faith and hope in the Lord and as long as you have support from your family, everything will work out just fine. You did not mention the Dad, but for the baby's sake, if he is around, I hope he will support you just the same. Good luck and God bless!!

hi H., i think it is great you are taking this pregnancy responsibly. i also am pregnant with a baby girl and i already have a five year old boy who we gave a hindu name to due to my husband being from india. but i said this time i wanted something from my heritage to give our baby girl. so i am irish and i googled irish baby names, some were common but spelled neat, and others we just beautiful. but i also had to consider what nickname she would be referred to and this has been my problem. i have got it broke down to either alisandra(ali for short) or andrea (andy for short) or angelique(my husbands deceased sister's name=angel for short). ours really can not be totally confirmed until the date and time of birth due to the indian horoscope..feel lucky you dont have to consider this stuff. but google baby girls and i am sure you will find something fun and interesting. just remember nicknames are the essential. good luck and keep positive..you are great!

I love your name - maybe Daisy, Lilly, Milly,

I really don't have a suggestion for a first name, but why not give her your name for her middle name since you like it. Good luck and congratulations to you. Every first time mom is nervous. I know I was! Loving her above all else is the most important thing you can do for her. The rest you will learn as you go. You sound like you're going to do just fine!

I have a little girl and we were going to name her Addison Lane but my cousin beat me to it. We named her Malynna Renee. I have not met anyone with that name. Anyways just a thought...

We named our daughter Gracie and we get soooo many compliments on how cute it is. Piper is also really cute.

My first daughter was born on my 18th birthday! She was the best gift EVER! I planned to name her Gerianne Lea, Gerianne from 1 of the 3 infant daughters my Granny lost soon after birth, she was Rh-, she went on to have 2 more girls & 6 boys! Lee was my Great Grandmother's middle name. It was actually Ruby Pearl, but as soon as she turned 18, she had it legally changed to Ruby Lea. She hated being named after 2 gems! Ha! Anyway...my older sister wanted me to name her Robby, after her favorite teacher in Elem. school. But I was adamant on Gerianne...until I met my daughter...I named her Robby LeAnn. It was the perfect name for her. I've only met one other female named Robby & she spelt it the same way & she was a lot older than me.

My second daughter is named Gabrielle Lillianna. We had so much fun when she was learning to say her name! She called herself E-L for the longest because she'd say "Gab" & I'd say "what about the E-L" Her younger cousins still call her Gabb-E-L! By 1st grade, she could even spell it! I found Gabrielle in a name book, it's the French spelling. Lillianna was the middle name of my best friend in college. She spelt it Liliana. Now, I wish I had spelt it the same! So write it down & look at it over & over.

My son is Gus, after his Dad's Grand Father. We wanted to beef it up, & decided on Augustus. We thought that seemed more like a middle name & dubbed him Richard Augustus, Richard being my Dad's name. But we've always called him just Gus. Who knew what a nightmare that would become! Insurance, doctors etc insist on putting him down as Richard. He started kindergarten this year...had to ask them to call him Gus, not Richard. We've saddled him with a life-long problem of having to say "but, I go by Gus"!

Had he been a girl, it would have been Isabelle Marie!

I wish you & your daughter many wonderful blessings! Cherish every moment! Please let us know what you decide on!


You are right, the name H. is a great one!:) I am a big fan of Mallory right now! But I am also in love with Payton, Kendall, and my biggest favorite, Courtlyn!! (We just named our 4th child that and every time anyone hears it they love it!) It is very original, but not weird:) Best of luck to you in this choice, and all of the choices you have a head of you!! You are doing a great job by eating well and asking questions!! You are on the right path! ~A.~
**had to add Annisten...a little girl in my daughters Kindergarten class has that name and I just love it..how original!)

You should buy a baby name book that's how I picked both of my boys names they have a ton of names in them from very popular names to less heard of names. Good luck!

Hi H.-
Do you have a middle name? Do you love it? That would be a fantastic way to link you to your baby. If not are you close with your mom. Look at her first and middle names. Whatever you name her, if you do it with love she will love it too!

It just depends on what kind of names you like! I had my 1st at 19 and I love his name he in Andrew John but if he had been a girl he would have been Sadie Kay Elaine which now I would NOT name a little girl! I have all boys but had girl name for all of them Macy Lauren and Sarah Grace. Someone here at work has a little girl named Truley which is really cute and so is Bevann it is a combo of Beverly Ann. Good luck and remember to enjoy her and not stress over your age if you love her and make good decisions you will be a good mom!

If I had a gril I would name her Tavia, I love that name. The long version is Octavia, but Tavia is so cute. I knew a Tavia and I just fell in love with that name.

My husband and I had the same problem (we didn't know what we were having so we had to find unique names for a boy and girl!) We could never agree so we went to Barnes and Noble and spent about 2 1/2 hours looking at different name books. We made a list of our top five names and believe it or not we both had Brynlee as number one for a girl and Paige and number two. Needless to say our beautiful daughter was named Brynlee Paige. :) just have fun with it and you will know when you hear the right name. Good Luck

Names are hard to come up with...with having that said here are some of my favorites:

I have two boys and if I ever have my girl I will name her Kennedy Kathryn.

Good luck...let us know what you came up with!

-I know someone with a daughter named 'Arabelle'-pretty and unique.

-my daughters name is 'Shelby M'Lynn'-I know the first name is common but her middle name isn't.

-I also like Lauralie (did you ever watch that show 'Gilmore Girls')

-I also like Peyton for a girl ( I know it's more common for boys right now)

Well I hope some of these ideas help. Let us know what you pick. I pray that things go well for you! It's going to be a very difficult road but keep family and friends around to help and keep God in you and your childs life and things will be good :). And I mimick what others have posted-THANK YOU for choosing life! It's something you won't regret-I promise!

We just named our daughter Kenna. Easy to spell and pronounce (Ken-na), but a little different. Everyone seems to love it!

Here are 2 that were on my list that I did not use.

Hannah Sage
Ava Brianne

Congrats and let us know what you decide!

Hi H..........We named our little girl, Cinnamon Gayle, which I haven't seen in your responses. Good luck on your choice and birth of your little girl. They are so much fun. I'm a grandmother now of twin girls named Trinity Marie and Taylor Faith. It is even better as a grandmother!!!!

First, usual names with unusual spellings still have the same sound so if there are 5 Glenda's in the class with one of them whose name is spelled Glyndia (she will either be called Glenda, too by the ones who know her or thousands of odd made up pronunciations)

I am a big advocate of unusual names. Sometimes, the name doesn't come to you until you meet your daughter. I even read an article years ago titled "Never Name a Stranger". It was a about a Mom who had one name picked out, but when she had the baby, the name just didn't seem right (fortunately, she changed the planned name & later had the child who fit her original name),

Most libraries are full of baby name books which have a lot of helpful info such as be careful what the initials are & of course names like Ima Hogg is just cruel.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to join a group like LaLeche League
to help you make some choices. Being young will make it hard to go against what your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother or other significant person has to say. I made many mistakes by following others advice rather than just trusting my instincts at times. Whatever mistakes you do make (and we all make them), forgive yourself & continue doing the best you can.

One of the names that I considered for my daughter was Landry Kate. Some other suggestions:

Gemma Rose

Best of luck with your pregnancy.

I didn't want unusual and I didn't want common. We named our daughter Gretchen she's 2 1/2 and I still haven't run across another one. It would go well with H. too. Good Luck to you...it's a joy and a LOT of work!

Genevieve and Greta are my girls names.

Lily Grace...

My middle name is Faith...so I figured it'd go well.

I've always liked the name.


I have 3 gorgeous girls, Taylor, Savannah and Sydney however I also like the names Hannah and Kendall.

You can also google baby names and find the websites that list baby names from A to Z.

Good luck

congratulations. girls are the most fun!! (i have three!) i recently heard the name "mallie" and thought that was so cute.

WOW...You have a lot of responses. Always pick something that means something to you. Your daughter will want to hear how and why you named her what you did. My daughter's name is Jacy (Like Lacy with a "J")...She's 12 now and we always tease her about how we'll never find a pencil with her name on it! Here are a couple more that are my favorites...
Chloe (clo-ee)

Good Luck!

I don't have middle names to go with either of these, but I like "Julia" and "Charlotte".

First of all I want to congratulate you on this wonderful journey and for being so strong and brave as you bring this wonderful blessing into the world. There are so many names and I agree with selecting several names and waiting until you meet your daughter before making your final decision. Always say the name out loud and also check the initials. I know two sisters named Winter and Summer which I thought was unusual but very pretty. I was just reading a book that has a woman named Isabella. You might also check this web site I found with Irish names that are not so common here but very beautiful - http://www.babynamesofireland.com/pages/girl-names-d-g.html

Good luck and enjoy your wonderful blessing.

If I had another girl I would go with Penny (short for Penelope)...Although, I also like Hanna and Maya or Maia are beautiful and they have interesting origins.

Good luck!

Congrats on your little blessing! I to was a very young mother (16), very nervous and excited. You will find that your maternal instincts will kick in, not to say you won't have a few questions and surprises!
One of my favorite times with my babies,( I have 2 ), was feeding...I always held them and looked into their eyes, you really bond, and it is soooo calming for both you and the baby.
I'm sure you will be a great mommy, just please...cherish every minute you have with your child(en), I am now 48 yrs old, my daughter is 31 and my son is 27, I think every day, "Where did the time go"? I would do it all over in a heartbeat!
Here are some of the names I like for a baby girl, Zoie, (my grandaughters name), Calleigh, Sophie, Olivia, Savannah, Haley, and Peyton.
May Gods blessings shine down on you and your little Angel!


I like the names Isabella (or Bella for short), Kennedy, and Nadia. My daughters are Chelsea and Alexis. I wish you all the best! I know the name you chose will be just right for your daughter!

How about nevaeh (na-va-ah). It's heaven spelled backwords.good luck!!

Congratulations on your expected arrival!! I'm sure you'll be a wonderful mom!!

What about some of the more traditional names....some I like are Jane (Jayne), Helen, Sarah and some that aren't so traditional that are nice are, Erica, Paige, or Danica.

PS: I had a friend name her baby MaryAnne Claire and I thought that was so pretty together.

Please let us know what you decided on!!

H., we'd have to know more about you in order to give you good advice. What are your passions? Who do you admire? I'll list some cute names, but again, the name has to be meaningful to you.
Sienna, Emarie, Amee, Ivy, Maibel, Roza, Cami, Shayla, Ingrid, Mathilde, Jeanvieve, Ev, Maria, Harlie, Charlotte, Kaysha, Mauri, Rylie, Aurelie, Shel, Brynne, ...

TO HOLLY BELOW... we have the same name, and so do our daughters... :)

Hi there!
My current favorites are Sophie (with the emphasis on phie, not So, like in French) and Amelia.
Best wishes to you and enjoy it all. Little girls are the best!

I want to wish you the best of luck! There is nothing that compares to being a Mommy! Not like you don’t have enough ideas….but anyways….we have a Presley Nicole, Riley Katherine, and Landry Summer (all girls)! I also like the names Addison, Gracie, and Katie. Good luck and lean on us mom’s whenever you need to!!

Congrats on your little girl! I'll just throw out some of my favorite names, and maybe you will like one or some of them!

Abigail Grace (that's my daughter)
Meredith Lauren
Elizabeth (Libby) Kate
Emily Kate
Cassidy Brooke
Victoria (Tori)

Good luck!

Of course I love my girls names...

Kendal Marie & Keira Michelle

I would suggest that you get a book of names and take your time. At the last minute we changed our minds on the second one b/c we were fighting the issue of having the same initials. Now we are so happy that we did. We avoided K names all together for the second one but couldn't agree on anything else. We didn't want to use family names b/c we didn't want to hurt anyones feelings. One that you may have not liked before you might like in two weeks. Keep an open mind. Good Luck and God Bless.

Congratulations!! I have 2 boys, Trey and Kasen. When my husband and I first got married we decided on a girl's name instantly. Funny, we haven't been able to use it. I have been holding on to it, but I'd like to share it with you and maybe you'd like it. The name we came up with was Shayla Lynn. It could be used all together as a first name or broken up into a first and middle name. Good luck with deciding, it's hard.
It sounds like you are going to be a wonderful mother, just from reading your blog. God always has a plan. I want to say thank you for choosing to bring this wonderful little girl into the world. Now days, it's so easy for girls to not even feel for a child until it's born. Thank you for seeing that her life has already begun. The Lord will bless you!!!

I really like my daughter's middle name Joelle (jo-l). I had a student by that name who was just the neatest kid ever. My daughter's name is Skye Joelle, and I never thought people would think it was short for Skylar. Had my 5 month old son been a girl it would have been Piper Grace or Piper Elizabeth.

Good luck. We all learn as we go along and the doubts keep us trying. :)

Girl - do your thang! It's encouraging to see a young mother with enough insight to seek help. And that's what we're here for. And just so you'll know, we are ALL scared of motherhood - especially for the first one. Doesn't matter if you're 17 or 37. As far as names, I tend to like the names that can go either way the most, like for a boy or girl. But then, if I ever had a girl, I like the name Lily Rose. Kinda old school, but rolls off the tongue nicely. But you know what, you probably won't really decide until you see that sweet little face staring up at you. Just remember, the kid has to live with the name for life so don't make it something she'll hate. If you need anymore advice, don't hesitate to come back to us! Much love.

I had a little boy and my husband and I were the same way about a name. We didn't want a name everyone else had like john or chris or will. So, my husband came up with the name Rico. He is puerto rican, so maybe that was his inspiration, but since then, I have been wanting a girl and have been thinking of names for her. Rose, Gabriella, Stella, Estelle... Those are a few. I also like Grace, Charlsey, Rosalinda, and Bella. I like the old fashioned ones! Alright! I hope that helped to at least spark something! Congrats and Good luck!!

Hi H., I just had a little girl and named her Vivien.
If you need some advice before or after the baby is born, write me. I will be happy to help. (-:

I was all alone when I was Pregnant w/my 1st son at 19. It is Scary but i think you wil do great. Go w/you gut and you will be fine.
I always loved Madelyn, Ryan, Ryanne, Riley, Karson, Taylor, Avery.

Try out this link it will help you out. Good Luck and Congrats to you and your Blessing.


My girls are Katie and Sarah....and I absolutely love them. A name that I love but it is not very popular is Havana.

Good luck!!

Choosing a name for a child can indeed pose a difficult decision for expectant parents. Here's a helpful resource on the web: http://www.allthebabynames.com - the site lists a wide database of baby names, including their meanings and origins, making it easier for moms and dads to choose the best name for their baby.

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