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Anyone Who Has Taken a Pregnancy Test

Sunday night i took a pregnancy test, it said if you see a PLUS sign in the window your probly pregnant. Well I saw a PLUS sign but the Vertical line was really dark and the horizontal line was very, very light, but visible. We waited until this morning and took another test from same package, same results as the first. Am I pregnant? the instructions on the box are very confusing to me they say the lines can very in shade but they only talk about the verticle line being light and it was my horizontal line that was light? If i haven't confused you too bad and you have any advice for me please help!! I made an appt for friday with my doctor to confirm this but I've ben trying to conceive for 15 months and I'm am very anxious at this point. thanks in advance for your advice and help!!

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I went in on friday where they confirmed we are expecting a new little one!! We are 7 weeks along and are very excited. I did have all the symptoms of pregnancy but, with my luck I figured I was just getting the flu and then I got a cold. My 5 year old is so happy to finally be a big sister. Thanks to all of you who gave me such great support and advice. This is truly the best place to go for support!!

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Yes you probably are. I had the same situation and the reason it was lighter was because when I went to the doctor I found out I was only 4 weeks pregnant. Normally you are not able to tell that soon but some of us have that joy. Congrats!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE MOST DEFINATELY PREGNANT!! This same exact thing happened to me. ANY line at all is pregnant! I had to squint to see that there was a line on mine. By the way.. the faint line doesn't mean there are problems.. I had a very healthy baby girl! I am so stinkin excited for you, and I don't even know you!

Keep us posted!

J. L,

I had the same thing happen just recently! I took a test and the pregnant line was very light and the other line was very dark. The lines can vary in shade and I am definitely pregnant (thank you morning sickness) SO CONGRATS!!!!!!! how exciting!!!!!!!!!

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the line doesn't have to be the same color as the verticle line, and you know what they say, a line is a line :) so CONGRATS! We tried for a long time with both of our daughters, so I have taken MANY MANY pregnancy tests :)You can also call your Dr. to get a beta done just to make sure. Good luck!
Guess I should have read further! CONGRATS :)

As my doctor said to me when I got pregnant for the first time... "it there is a positive sign/two lines your pregnant." The test result may give you a false negative but never a false positive and I have a four year old now to prove she was right. I would be very shocked if you weren't pregnant.

I agree with the rest of the women, mine was the same way! CONGRATS MOMMY!

I had a similar thing happen and I WAS pregnant, so my guess is that you are too - congrats! For my 2nd pregnancy I took a prenancy test that actually said "YES" or "NO", much less confusing than the lines :)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU ARE MOST DEFINATELY PREGNANT!! This same exact thing happened to me. ANY line at all is pregnant! I had to squint to see that there was a line on mine. By the way.. the faint line doesn't mean there are problems.. I had a very healthy baby girl! I am so stinkin excited for you, and I don't even know you!

Keep us posted!

Hi J.! The same thing happened to me and I took 4 pregnancy tests! I went to the doc and did find out that I WAS pregnant. I'm hoping the same happens to you! Good Luck and hang in there. I'm sure Friday seems like it's a year away!

I would say that you are. It takes a certain hormone to make that line. Take the positive stick with you to the Dr. just in case your urine test comes out negative. The Dr. tests aren't as sensitive as the home tests. If you get a neg. urine test they can do blood. That's what I had to do.
Best of luck,

I would say you are so ill say congrats usually if there is any kind of line it means u are. good luck dont want to wait for your apptment go to planned parenthood they do free pregnancy tests:)

J., it is possible that you are just not far enough along to produce the strength of the hormones needed to make the other line light. That does happen when it is really early in the pregnancy. The farther along you are, the stronger the hormones get.

Good luck!!

Hi J.. I had the very same thing happen to me...and I now have a beautiful 5 year old little girl! I would say, yes you are. I was informed by my doctor that if the line is there at all (light or dark) then that shows the hormone is in your system and I believe you are probably pregnant. We were totally confused too when this happened so I got a blood test done with my Doctor to confirm! Congratulations and good luck!

I always say a line is a line is a line ... and if there is a line you are pregnant! Congrats! But if it makes you feel better there is a great site you can look at. This lady has tested EVERYTHING! It's nuts but very cool and very helpful! LOL There are tons of pictures for you to compare your test to and you can always email and ask her.


Yes, it sounds like you are. I had the same thing happen to me recently, one line of the + was lighter than the other. What I've been told is that a line is a line no matter whether it's light or dark.

I say go to the Doctor and find out for sure, because you never know, its better to know right away.

It seems to me I took one like that and the same thing happened and I WAS pg. I would get a different kind. Target has one w/ blue lines. ONE means NOT pg and 2 means you are--there are two circles each gets a line, one is the control window that always gets a line and then the second circle gets a line if it's positive and NO line if it's negative. Hope this helps. Good luck. Better to think you are pg and not be than think you aren't and find out you are.

mine also showed up like that.. congrats on becoming a mommy... if you dont beleive the test get a doc app and have your blood drawn.. that will show for sure if you are.. good luck

J. L,

I had the same thing happen just recently! I took a test and the pregnant line was very light and the other line was very dark. The lines can vary in shade and I am definitely pregnant (thank you morning sickness) SO CONGRATS!!!!!!! how exciting!!!!!!!!!

If the test shows any sign of possitive results, then, most likely, you're pregnant. Congrats! Those test results determine if the HGC hormone is detected in your urine. The HGC level for non pregnant women is 0. The HGC Hormone doubles every other day when you're pregnant so...the longer you wait, the more HGC hormones you have in your body, and easier for your in-home tests to detect. The ones at the clinics are basically the same, they are just able to detect a smaller amount of HGC in your urine. So,...you're probably only a few weeks along. Goodluck...and I hope it comes back possitive of Friday. If you're really anxious, and I know I would be...you could go get a different brand of test kit and hope for the possitive result with that one too.

I know it is hard to wait..........we also experienced infertility issues with two of our three children.

Try taking another test tomorrow, Thursday or Friday morning. The test is looking for a protein in your urine. You may not have enough of the hormone yet. As the pregnancy advances, it becomes stronger and will read easier. If you can't wait until Friday at the doctors office, try taking one on Thursday. It doesn't hurt to take a test or two to rule out false postitives. Best of luck. I know it is hard. Make sure you have a really good doctor. It makes a big difference. I wish the best for you. B.

Any type of plus sign means you are indeed pregnant. The faintness of one or both of the lines in the plus sign determine how close to your period you took the test. Did you take the test before your period was due,or did you take it after discovering you were late?

I have to agree with your other advice. This has happened to me and a couple of my friends and in every case the doctor advised that if you see ANYTHING meaning positive, you're pregnant!! It took us about two and a half years to get pregnant with our first born so I understand your apprehension about getting too excited. I took 5 tests the first time just to be sure. Congratulations and just an FYI, we got pregnant VERY easily the second time, as soon as we started trying. We just expected it would take a long time again and we even had to use an ovulation kit the first time. Good Luck with everything!

If the line is there you are pregnant, the light or dark is insignificant. I am a nurse and we just read them as we see them. Faint or not-you are pregnant! Congratulations!!!!!

Congrats J. - you're prego!! I used to work at a Crisis Pregnancy Center and in all the tests I administered, it didn't matter how light either line was (that just often idicated the "newness" of a test), if there are 2 lines - it's positive.....

You are probably pregnant. You might want to try a diffrent brand that is easier to read. My favorite is EPT and they even have a digital EPT test that says Pregnant or not Pregnant. Unless you can wait until Friday. I proably couldn't! Good Luck to you and I hope you are pregnant.

Hi J.,

This happened to me twice. The first time I assumed it was positive and made the appointment with my doctor... then to my disappointment, I got my period before the appointment (although it was almost 2 weeks late, so you never know). The second time before getting my hopes up, I decided to buy the digital test... and I was (am) pregnant! The digital test is of course more expensive, and I think it's called "EPT Certainly" -- instead of the + and -, it says "pregnant" or "not pregnant."

Good luck!

With my daughter I had very light lines for a few weeks. I wanted a baby so badly I kept taking tests.... I've heard if there is a line no matter how light it's POSITIVE! I wish you good luck and hope all goes well.

It means congrats...I've had six positives, I know no matter how light, it's pregnant!

you know i just took this same test today!! and there was a plus on mine too, and like yours it wasn't a uniform shade. as with my last positive pregnacy tests, which were wierd too, it still meant i was pregnant. if it makes you feel better and less anxious, there is only a slim, slim chance of ever getting a false positive, and getting two in 2 days is almost unheard of. so congratulations....you're pregnant!!!!!

I had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy-he just turned 4 last week...I will almost bet you are pregnant-Good Luck!

J....congrats to you!!!! I was confused too with my pregnanct test. I wasn't sure what to believe.


My first test was similar, I was only about 12 days along with my daughter. I would say that there is a good chance that you are pregnant. Congrats! I double the suggestion for trying a test with a different readout if you are too excited to wait til Friday and the blood test! Good luck.

You most likely are, if there ever is an error, it is usually that you are pregnant but it indicates you are not-a false negative.

Congrats! You're pregnant! The way it was explained to me by my doctor was that if the vertical line shows up at all, regardless of how much darker or lighter than the horizontal line, it's a positive! The fact that it showed up twice, is even more convincing. If you're still not certain, you could try another brand, or ask the doctor for a blood test.

I've had 3 pregnancies, and I've never had a false positive. In fact, my most recent pregnancy test showed up with a darker line. So, break out the booties, Mommy! Best of luck!


I had the same results on our pregnancy test (we used first response) Long story short... our daughter was born in March!! :) I think your doctor will confirm the results of the test. Our doctor told us that the faint line could be caused by a smaller dose of the pregnancy hormone expecially if you are pregnany by only a few weeks or so! So I think the only thing left to say is.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

In general, I think that they say any line, light or dark, is indicating that you are pregnant(if that is what the presence of the line is for). In any case, I would suggest going to your doctor or other health provider. If it is soon enough to tell, they should be able to confirm results if the test is positive.

A cross line is a cross line. Congrats!!! If anything else it could be a faulty package and so you could buy another test or a different brand but Friday will be here soon. I'm sure your pregnant though. :)

Congratulations! I think you ARE pregnant. The darker first line is just a test line to show your urine reached the test pad. The second lighter line is measuring a pregnancy hormone, which should not be present at all if you're not pregnant. In most pregnancy tests, they'll tell you it doesn't matter how dark that line is. Generally, the darker the line the more hormone is present, but like I said - you should not have any of these hormones if you're not pregnant. Especially if you are VERY newly pregnant, the hormones may not have built up enough to make it darker yet. Make an appointment to see your doctor - and good luck to you! T.

You could buy one of those tests that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant". It takes the guess work out of it! Good Luck!

same thing happened to me! i took the test the next morning FIRST THING in the morning and both lines were bright. i guess your hormone levels are higher in your first morning pee (nice, huh?!), so it shows up better. sounds like you're pregnant to me!

i wouldn't be able to wait till friday either! i had a hard enough time waiting until the next morning!

good luck!

when i took my first pregnancy test my lines were very light too.........i really wasn't sure if i was definately pregnant or not so I made a Dr. appointment to verify, sure enough I was pregnant!!!! hope this gives you a little encouragement if nothing else.....GOOD LUCK FRIDAY!!!

Yes, according to the test, you are pregnant. The line does not have to be dark, it just has to be there. My test came out the same way with my daughter, one line much darker than the other.


we had the same issue, and as long as you read it in the "proper" time frame after taking it, you should feel confident that the results are correct =) congratulations

If there is any line, you are. I had a problem kind of like that with my son. I used the EPT digital test, so it came up with the words pregnant or not pregnant and you didn't have to try to figure it out yourself. I took a test at home tuesday night, it was positive. The next morning I used the other one in the package so Connor's dad could see it (he wasn't there when I took the first one), and it was also positive. I went to the Dr Thursday night, 2 days after my first home test, and theirs was negative. Their test wasn't as sensitive as the home one, and didn't pick it up till a week later, so I was VERY confused! It was frustrating, but the original test I used was right, and made it simple, so if you want to take another one, I would recommend buying that test and then you don't have to look at the lines. You can see the lines when you take it apart, and mine was very faint, but the digital part reads it for you so you don't have to wonder. I will never do it any other way now (I did once, but it was too stressfull and confusing, thats not something I want to risk getting wrong or confusing results on!). Good luck! I think you are pregnant, so congratulations!!!!!


If you can see a line, no matter how faint, its telling you you are pregnant. The only way to know for sure for sure is to either wait (your hormone levels will go up the longer you are pregnant and the line should appear darker in a few days) or go in to your doctor for a blood test. The "pee sticks" are designed to detect a certain hormone and if there is any line at all it has detected the hormone meaning you are pregnant. I questioned the same thing, I thought the line would be much more apparent but my doula insisted if I see a line then I am pregnant and indeed I was.

With both of my son's it was the same way! A line is a line nomater how dark or light it is. Congrats! Usually you get false neg. not false positves. The test may say you are not when you really are. If you are still unsure you can always go to birthright or like planned parenthood. they will tell you forsure before you go to the doctor.

If the line is there, you are pregnant, how dark it is depends on the level of hormones (so the lighter the line, the earlier the pregancy). You are pregnant, so you should make an appointment to confirm and discuss with your MD. However, if you're really anxious, (or you can't make an appt for awhile), wait a week, and retake the test first thing in the morning (first urination upon waking). This will do a few things, give your body a week to produce more hormones, and your urine will be the most concentrated with hormones (the pregnancy hormone is highest in early AM, and had all night to sit there) and you will likely see a darker line then. Congrats!

Chances are you are pg! Congrats! I would take another test, EPT seems to be the most reliable and easiest to read. If you see any part of both lines, it should be positive, even if one line is light. I would do another one, then hope Friday comes quickly!

Was it an EPT? I had the same problem with that test, but it was positive with its light horizontal line!! (Mine was light and had dashes in it, I was also confused)

I would try a different brand of pregnancy test. I know when I did my pregnancy test and it came out positive, to be sure I went to the store and got a totally different kind of test to make sure I was getting the same results. Good luck to you and congradulations!!!

It does sound like you are pregnant. I always did the EPT digital test. Much easier to read. I loved seeing the actual word "Pregnant" on the stick. Have you been taking your basal body temp? If it's still high, then that's another sign. Good luck to you and Congratulations!!

As a mother of 3 boys, I've taken a test with all of them. The same thing happened to me, I think it just means your early in pregnancy. It was like that only being a few weeks along and was darker of a line further along in pregnancy. I checked because I was couriouse as to if the color line was that color or if it got darker. Anyway Congrates on being a MOMMY! Good luck.

I think it best that your confirming with your Dr.

I had a simular experiance but mine wasn't the joyful outcome that your most likely will be (had a molar pregnancy). Congrats not the less. Your Journey has been long, you deserve a happy ending.

Any line is a positive. CONGRATS!!! If you still doubt the results, go get the digital test...no lines just words. PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT. There the test will determine what the color of the lines mean. Takes the guessing out ofit for you. I had the same trouble with my son. I just couldn't get a good line for over a week of testing...I was tired of it so I got the digit ans sure enough PREGNANT. Who wants to guess about being a mommy anyway! Good luck.

have you tried using a digital preg test. it's a no fail answer at least 99.9 percent of the time.


Well hun, sounds to me like you're probably pg! The verticle line is the test line, if ANYTHING shows up it usually means a baby on the way! If the control line (horizontal) was lighter maybe it means you're a few weeks past your period. With my last dd, my first pg test was faintly positive, I continued taking them until the test line was darker than the control line. I've had problems in the past and wanted to make sure my hcg levels were going up. Hopefully it just means yours are UP. Good Luck- I'll be waiting to hear some good news!

Yes you probably are. I had the same situation and the reason it was lighter was because when I went to the doctor I found out I was only 4 weeks pregnant. Normally you are not able to tell that soon but some of us have that joy. Congrats!!!

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