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Anyone Who Had a C-section

I find that ever since I had my C-section, sex (making Love) is just not the same......it is sometimes uncomfortable (still) sometimes and I had read about that being a concern at firt with most post C-section recoveries for 6 plus months.......but it's been 16 months now

But beside the incision area still being sensitive things just don't feel the way they they used to before the this pregnancy/C-section. Almost like things shifted, I mean the uterus is pulled out to examine before you are closed and sutured up.

Don't mean to gross anyone out there, but is there anyone out there who can relate to this?
or do I maybe need to go see my doctor?

What can I do next?

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Thank you for all your responses, it was a huge relief to know that other women have experience this, there alot of similairties, which makes sence because we are all so diffrent. We are not all going to experience the same thing. I will see my doctor and I understand that he may not be able to do much yet, maybe with time and a mild work out, I can build those very needed Abdomen muscles. Thanks again everyone......

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Hi jp. I've had 2 c-sections. I remember the first one being very difficult. The sex was painful and i had to sex drive. Yes, things were dryer down there too. My second one was fine. I was more than ready to go at it right afterwards. I know we are all different. But i would probably go see you doctor. It's probably hormonal. Cause everything seems to be.

Dear JP,
I ended up having a C-section and totally know where you are coming from.... My daughter is 17 months old , but my incision is still very tender... my body is not the same in many ways!!! I do understand everything you have described and can relate! Unfortunately, I don't have any answers or sound advice to offer.... guess I just wanted to offer my understanding from my own experience.

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Well, I don't mean to be the barer of bad news but I am still having problems with my c-section incision getting infected and inflamed and it has been 7 years now! I did have an emergency c-section however, I don't know what kind of c-section you had, I am assuming the normal kind. I do know that the emergency c-section is a much bigger scar that runs from one hip bone to the other and with a regular c-section, planned in the hospital, fully awake and all that, it is a much smaller scar because they have time to figure out exactly where they need to cut to get the baby out. With me, time was of the essence and they had to get the baby out right away and had no time to figure out where exactly to cut so they cut the whole thing, from hip bone to hip bone. That being said, if you have a regular c-section scar you should have an easier time healing and recovering than I did and hopefully won't have any problems with the scar getting infected. Unless of course you are obese, like me, and have your stomach fat hanging over your c-section scar, constantly irritating it and constantly moist, which breeds bacteria and thus causes an infection (yeast infection according to my doctor). This being said I know it took me at least 2 years to feel somewhat normal and I never have fully recovered the feeling in my skin where the scar is located, even to this day the area feels numb and sometimes tingles like I need to scratch it but when I scratch it I can't feel it even though it does remove the tingling. I know for me, because I am obese, making love with the man on top is always kinda difficult because of the c-section scar. Being on top, he rubs on it with his body when we are making love, and that irritates the scar. You have to be careful how you make love with that scar, so as not to irritate it. But just to let you know, I also gave birth vaginally (VBAC) 3 1/2 years ago and I lost feeling in my vagina area after that too. So it is not just a c-section that does that to you. It is the whole birthing process, whether vaginal or not. It is a lot of trauma for the vaginal area or lower pubic area and unfortunately you can lose sensation down there after giving birth "naturally" too. I guess all I can really tell you is that what you are feeling is totally natural given what you went through and that it is possible that things stay this way forever. Not to disappoint you or anything, each person's experience is unique and different, but it is hard for the body to truly recover from something so traumatic as childbirth and I have a friend who had 2 normal c-sections and she told me that she didn't feel that area for 2 years after the 2nd c-section. I also have an OB-GYN doctor in my family, one of the best in San Diego actually, and he told me that the more c-sections you have the more loss of sensation and feeling that you get. So if you plan on having more kids try to get a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) next time, if it is possible, because even though it is traumatic on the body, it is still better and less traumatic than having a C-section.

Good Luck!


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I am 35 yrs old and have had two C-sections and a Hysterectomy. I can totally relate. In your case, I would make a visit to the doctors. You could have scaring that is pulling and making sex unthinkable. This happened to me several years after my first C-Section where my uterus attached itself to my abdomnal wall and had to be surgercially removed.

One advice, don't wait. If it is something, waiting will only make it worse.

T. S.

hi! i just had a c six months ago and the area is still sensitive, yet way better than before. i'm nursing so my hormones are not back to how they were before. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that based on my experience it was somewhat traumatizing and psychologically hard. recovery was rough-i moaned like a wounded animal and scared my husband! i would definatly check it out with the doctor to put your mind at ease and maybe seek a few therapy sessions. i use to be so "free" with my body and i feel vulnerable and sorta sacrificial now, but i put my own feelings on the back burner because of my most beautiful baby!i feel for u because if come a year from now i still feel this i am going to be fustrated just like you! from a medical stand point i'm curious about exactly happened during the c-section. do you know of any books or videos? you are lucky your husband is nice and supportive my guess is that u may just be taking longer than average to heal physically. have tried sipping on wine or hot chocolate or massage-u know something to relax u before the act? maybe you could explore intimacy in different ways aside from penetration? oh! i hate when my husband touches my tummy now so touching in other areas has made us more creative. everything happens for a reason, i think. have a lovely weekend and love yourself as much as you love all your babies!

I have had 3 C-Sections. The last one -- sex hurt for almost a year.. I probably would see a doctor just to ease your mind. I don't think anything is wrong, but sometimes that doctor visit can help quite a bit.

I have not had a c-section and my only child was a natural birth in 1991. My advice go see your doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. That is the most sensible advice anyone can give you. And don't have sex til you find out what's up with the doctor so you don't possibly make the problem worse. I hope this helps. W. H.

Dear JP,
I ended up having a C-section and totally know where you are coming from.... My daughter is 17 months old , but my incision is still very tender... my body is not the same in many ways!!! I do understand everything you have described and can relate! Unfortunately, I don't have any answers or sound advice to offer.... guess I just wanted to offer my understanding from my own experience.

I've had two c-sections. My son is almost 3 and my daughter is 13 months. Sometimes sex does feel different to me, even still. If it hurts, I think you should definitely see your doctor. We've just found different positions that are more comfortable for me. Me on top seems to be the best. Good luck!

Hi J.P.,

I had a c-section, it was six years ago but I still remember. It took about 9 months to get full sensation back to my pubic bone, but the numbness did not extend far enough down to interfere with sex at any point. I would definitely talk to my doctor about it just to ease your worries
Best, C.

i have had 2 c-sections and things have/will never be the same. it has only been 5 months since my son was born, but i no longer have pain. it is still sensitive though. if you are having pain, you should go to the dr. but i have noticed that things with intamacy are different. but you should not be uncomfortable to the point of really noticing things during things, you know what i mean? if i was you, i would just have a quick appt. with the ob/gyn, even if it is only for the peace of mind that that is the ways things are now.


I had pain, discomfort and just felt weird for close to 2 years after I had my c-section. One thing that really helped me was my massage therapist did Reiki on my belly. I was skeptical to say the least about Reiki being effective but it really did help me. Then I turned around and got pregnant again but had a vaginal birth. I haven't had anywhere near the problems this time around that I had with my c-section.

You may want to talk to your OB/Gyn to make sure there is nothing actually wrong in your case but my OB's nurse practicioner told me that it isn't unusual for it to take up to 2 years to heal completely from a c-section. Everyone talks about a c-section like it is no big deal but it is major surgery and it is hard on your body.



I had a c-Section almost 3 years ago. I wish I had better news for you, but I still have tenderness at times during intercourse. As well as before bowel movements. And anytime I get pressure in that area. I also have ovarian cysts (so that could be compounding the pain for me). But... it has gotten A LOT BETTER and LESS FREQUENT as when I first had the c-section. And let me say this too. I also had a tubal ligation at the same time (wich also could be making my experience worse).

But, if I could have more kids (wich I can't) I'd have them C-section again. In my experience, even with the continued issues, I've had much LESS pain from the c-section, then from the pain I've had due to complications from Vaginal Birth (still having issues with that too).

But... the part that bothers me the most is having to be more careful during intercourse. It's very important to tell your husband if he's hurting you and ask him to shift, change positions, amount of thrust, whatever is needed to make it more comfortable for you. If he learns early on to be easier with you (the pain is also more frequent during ovulation and right before mentration for me, so my husband has learned WHEN we have to be more careful) it will be easier for both of you. IT CAN BE VERY FRUSTRATING and EMOTIONAL due to the desire to be back to where you were before. But it WILL GET BETTER.

It's just important to comunicate with your husband and not give up on intercourse or eachother. If you both go into it with a loving mindset you'll find soon it won't bother you as much if at all.

Like I said, it's been almost 3 years and I have SEVERAL other Issues, so you may have better luck. But my pain is cyclical depending on the time of the month and blood flow to my uterus.

Ok, this may be getting a little personal... so forgive me if this seems a little blunt, but I find it less painful if I'm on top during my tender days.

Hope that helps.

Hi, I agree with the first response. Check with your doctor. I had my first c section 5 yrs ago and everything was fine. I had my second c section 2 weeks ago, and so far things are very different. More pain, slower healing and of course more scar tissue. It could be a scar tissue thing for you. Or also with c sections you are not supposed to left anything for 8 weeks after surgery, because as our uterus contacts back down it can tilt. Did your doctor check for this at your follow up appt back then? I understand how you feel. Good luck.

WOW!! There are alot of people with post c-section problems.
Maybe its the different docs. I had c-sections with all 3 of my children. Two in California and one here in Nevada. I don't rememeber having much problems, except for after 3 c-sections, there is so much scar tissue that my abdominal area is numb where the incisions where located & I have a massive lower ab. "pooch". I have been going to the gym, but I can't do any kind of lower ab workouts. I figure I will just have to get a tummy tuck, once I loose more weight.
I would definately reccomend that you go see your OB. If they are not sensitive to your concerns then get a second opinion with another OB. Eventually you will find one that will be able to help you. You should not still be this uncomfortable after 16 months. Something is not right..

Good Luck,

I did and my daughter is almost 5. July 3rd 2002 is when she was born and I had her C-section because she was breach. I have a 23 year old son. I thought even with all that they do, I would much rather have another baby C-section. I did have problems for quite some time, but I was brought through all the bad stuff with the help of my loving husband. I thought I was going crazy and even made an appt. to talk to someone at Kaiser but had to cancel. I ended up working through it at home. I had the baby blues to boot. I felt awful, but like I said I have such a wonderful husband and he is a great helper. He did his work and did everything almost for me too once he got home from a long day at work. I hope you find yourself back to the pre pregnancy you. I feel great and I love our sex life again. I want to say it was almost 2 years after the baby until I felt pretty darn good again. I hope you can do the same. Best wishes to you and your family.
R. H.

Wow...I'm surprised how many other mothers agreed with you!

I had my 1st c-section almost 5 years ago...and just had my 2nd c-section almost 1 year ago...sex for me has never been better!!!

No complaints here!! =)

I hope you feel better!

Hi jp. I've had 2 c-sections. I remember the first one being very difficult. The sex was painful and i had to sex drive. Yes, things were dryer down there too. My second one was fine. I was more than ready to go at it right afterwards. I know we are all different. But i would probably go see you doctor. It's probably hormonal. Cause everything seems to be.

Hi J.P. I had my c-section almost two years ago and sex hasn't been the same since. Its like my body refuses to feel the same way I did before I was pregnant. And I don't just mean I'm sensitive. Yea, it hurts sometimes but my luster and passion have gone right out the window too. I'm not sure if it's being so busy or the C-section or both. This last time was my second C-section and I'm seriously considering no more kids. My body is......tired. You can see a doctor if you want to but I'm sure he'll tell you the same things mine has. Give it time, and everthing will return to normal. That doesn't help people! lol Godd luck with this. Best Wishes, T.

Hi there! I had my first c section 5 1/2 yrs ago... and after that one i was having problems with my bladder.. ive gotten use to it... and I still dont have any feeling there... I just had my 2nd c section on Jan 12th 2007... and this one seemed a lil better... My first one was bikini cut.. and my second one was up and down on my stomach... I have no feeling right now.. Even my first c section incision would ache when i was pregnant... If it is bothering u.. Than I would go and see ur doc about it...

Hi JP,
I ended up having a c-section with my last child and I agree with you that it felt like things were out of place and sex was very uncomfortable months after the c-section. I had alot of problems and ended up having a hysterectomy because things just were not right after the c-section. The incision after 5 years now has no feeling to it, I always feel pulling in that area and that is mostly do to adhesions as they call it or simply scar tissue that develops underneath that ended up connecting to my bladder and intestine. I had many other complications so they took the easy bake oven out and cut away the adhesions, and at times I am still a bit uncomfortable but alot better than before.

Hi JP,

well, I had a c-section last July - my first. I had some issues for a little while but my doc said it was probably scar tissue, so I would say go see your doctor because it seems like it should not bother you too much anymore. I think the scar area will always be a little tender though. It only took a couple of months after we could have sex for it to not hurt anymore (if my memory serves me correctly) so I would strongly suggest talking to your doctor. He/she could do an interal exam and make sure everything is in the right place and that nothing was left inside you.

Good luck and I hope you feel better!

I have had 2 c-sections, one almost 7 years ago, the other about 2 years ago. I can totally relate to the bladder issues. I pee so many times at night, it's ridiculous. I don't have any pain during sex, though I just don't have the energy I did before #2. That's just what having two young kids does to you though, I guess. If you have pain, you should see your doctor. Judging from the number of responses you've had, this isn't uncommon. Maybe there is something to help.

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