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Anyone Using Geico or Progressive?

We have had Metropolitan Insurance company for our Home owners, Car and Life insurance for years now. They have been great for any claim we have ever had, but we decided to look around and are finding others that are alot cheaper for even more coverage. The two companies we are looking at are Progressive and Geico...Can anyone tell me if they use them and how they like them. Im mostly looking for info on customer service and things like that. I just want to make sure if we switch to a 'cheaper' insurance we dont get 'cheaper' customer service. We've had two get two new roof's in the last 7 years from storms/hail, so good customer service/claims are a must!

Thanks for the info in advance!

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Thank you everyone for the great responses! We ended up choosing Progressive! The coverage limits are better than what we have now and the deductibles ending up being lower than we have now, so we save a bunch! Thanks again!

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Call GEICO- their customer service is top notch! Call this number for a free quote: 1-800-342-9070 and give them promo code 71597. It is very easy!

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I am not a Geico customer but I was rear-ended by one last Saturday and they have been great. I used to have Progressive years ago. I don't like the politics of the owner, but the company was very good, took care of any issues, handled one accident claim very well and gave a big discount if you paid for the whole year in one payment.

Call GEICO- their customer service is top notch! Call this number for a free quote: 1-800-342-9070 and give them promo code 71597. It is very easy!

We have Geico. We haven't had any problems with them. We've also not had any accidents or anything either. But we've had them for about 3 years now.

I've had Progressive before and they are good also.

Both have low rates.

We have progressive and have for years.
My husband was drving on the tollway when part of the concrete barrierr broke off and smashed his windsheild. He called progressive. They showed up at his office, took his car, gave him a rental, had the car fixed, and brought it back to him. He virtually did nothing. It was soooo easy. This is part of their concierge service. It made an awful, scary, potentially stressful situation very easy.
We had friend that worked for Geico and I was never happy with the things they had to say about it as a company and any time I have called for a rate quote, they were higher than what I was already paying.
Hope that helps!

State Farm is very competitive with Geico and Progressive. You might want to get a quote from them. Customer service is a must for them and they handle everything for you. State Farm is the biggest insurance agency in the nation with the most offices around. Also a thing to look for is there are things called non-admitted and admitted carriers. Carriers that the coverage does not end in exact zero's are nonadmitted meaning if they went bankrupt for some reason you would not have the government to back your claim. With admitted they are backed by the government. Also you can go on the Texas Insurance Department website and look up the percentage of customer service complaints for each insurance company. That will help you determine how they rank with customer service. Progressive has 3 times as many customer complaints as State Farm. I have state farm and love them. They apply as many discount as you can qualify for. Give them a call ###-###-#### let them know J. sent you and I am sure you will be pleased.

We've had Geico for about 8 years, and I LOVE their customer service - as a matter of fact, I have been known to rave about it to people (as in, "Most companies don't really impress me if I call for something, but Geico always goes above and beyond"). At the time we chose Geico, it was cheaper than anyone else we checked with. I haven't compared them since then, but honestly, I've been so pleased with them, I doubt I would switch anyway! We haven't had to use them when we've had an accident (not one that was our fault, anyway), but we've changed vehicles and houses several times, and they are beyond prompt and efficient. They've also given us a good driver discount without us having to ask for it.

Geico all the way! They saved me over $500 every six months on my auto insurance compared to what Allstate was charging. I haven't had any claims, but my agent has been great. She also quoted me the best rate for homeowners insurance too.

Hi M.,
We have Progressive, and so far, they have been great. Thank goodness we haven't needed them for anything major, but my husband got into a fender bender, where the person behind him had no insurence, and Progressive kept on the case and got us a little something back, don't know how but they did, they didn't give up til we got something back. Also, I had a ding on my windsheild and they were on it immediately, with call backs, etc. So far, we have been very happy, and any time I have called with questions, the Customer Service has been friendly, and were able to answer my questions. Hope this helps, and I hope you never need them for anything serious.

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