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Anyone Used LUNA Carpet?

We are looking to have some carpet replaced. I have friends who had a good experience with LUNA. Anyone else? We also looked a little bit at Lowe's. I would appreciate any advice that anyone has. Thanks!

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I used Luna a few years ago, and I must have had the same guy as Wendy O below...he was a complete jerk, talked down to us like we were MORONS if we didn't choose Luna, and basically pushed us into the deal. As strong of a person as I normally am, I was appauled at this guy and said anything I could just to get him out of my house.

After two weeks of waiting, my carpet arrived. The carpet itself was installed very quickly and looked great. I did not do the Buy One Get One Free option because I had no other room to carpet in my house (I had all hardwood floors).

For a 13' x 17' room, the carpet cost me $600. I think that's a total rip off! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone else...if I have to ever get carpet again, I will go to Home Depot or Lowes and pay for their installation services.

Jill is right. I posted the same question back in August and got massive responses. The majority voted No way to Luna Carpet and as always I take the mamas advices. I decided to just clean the carpet I have, and they look brand new. Good luck.

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We used Luna and had a great experience. They moved everthing-free of charge and put it back. They even trimmed our doors. We would definatly use them again. Empire on the otherhand we had a horrible experience with and would not reccommend!

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Hi E.! Someone else back in August had inquired about Luna and got a lot of responses. You might want to check it out! It is in the request and responses section. Look under Home maintenance, then flooring.

We had a bad experience with Luna and I don't trust them one bit. I know several others who have had bad experiences with them too. My advice would be to stay away from them. Read all the responses from the previous post though. Good luck!

I had LUNA and Empire come to give us estimates. The Luna guy was very rude. He insulted me several times, kept asking if my husband was going to come home and if I was sure I would be able to be approved for the credit application without my husbands income, etc. I was so offended, I think he thought that as a women I couldn't make financial decisions for the household. I finally asked him to leave.

I had Empire come next and they were much nicer, just be forwarned. DO NOT accept their first price, not even their second price!! I got him to lower the price three or four times until it was comperable to places like Home Depot or Lowes LOL! They installed carpent in the whole house (we had not moved our furniture in yet) and did a great job.

E.: No I never used Luna, but I can recommend Ashland Flooring in Batavia, Il. I am not sure where you are located? They are very competitive and install quickly! They have some great prices going on now, due to the fact carpet prices will have an increase starting February. Great showroom to view and can match any big box stores.
Good luck!

We used Luna they were good! Especially when our little one came three weeks early and her room was not done so luna got to our house right away and got everything done!!(My husband had to add a bedroom for her)

I had a good experience with Luna. I actually used them three times. The one recommendation that I Have is that if you were selecting a certain carpet and intended to use it in many rooms but install it at different times (so as not to disrupt your whole house at once), I would recommend doing it all at once.

You see, we chose to re-do one room at a time. The first room was done great and once we got the house back together and had some time, we re-did another room. Again, good results. When it came time to re-do our Master Bedroom, the carpet had been discontinued and I was left without. To compensate me, though, I spoke with the Manager and he upgraded me to a much nicer carpeting for the same price. He also helped me pick out a similiar color so that the carpets would like good together. All in all, I would have to say that I had a good experience.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

I live in Maryland and used Luna best on my parents recomendation in Chicago. I guess Maryland is an expansion market for them. I had two other quotes empire and next day floors and received the best price and quality from Luna. I actually found the sales representative the most professional of the group.

I would recommond them to anyone who is interested in. I have to get a wood floor soon and will call them back for sure.

I haven't used LUNA. However, we just had our carpet replaced by McCools Flooring and carpet. They have stores in Fishers, Carmel, and Kokomo. We installed a Karastan stainmaster carpet. It is really nice and it was on sale for $3.00 per sq ft. This was a better price point then Lowes, Home Depot ect....Another tip: Ask if they have any instock carpet. You can usually get a better price because they have an overstock they want to move.


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