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Anyone's Baby on Prednisolone

Hi all! My little man has been wheezing and has an upper respitory infection. The Dr just prescribed Prednisolone for the next 3 days. I haven't started it yet. Has anyone used it with their baby? Did you see an improvement in wheezing? Were there side effects? I'm not sure if I should use it with him b/c it's such a strong medication. Thanks for your help!

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It works, I have a 5 yr old with severe asthma and that is sometimes the only thing that will open him up. I don't really know the side affects but it does work.

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Yes, I have used it when it was an emergency situation. However, when the sypmtoms subsided, I stopped using it. So if the sypmtoms stopped after day 1, I no longer gave it to him. Please note that my child could not breath and was not SLIGHTLy weazing. When he is slightly weazing, I do not give it to him. I also give him fish oil,now cod liver oil, which has helped to reduce the weazing bouts.

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Hi J.
Prednisolone is a steroid anti-inflammatory and it is used very safely in children.
Seems your Dr has him on a short time span of treatment and there won't be side effects with this regimen.
The side effects with steroids come about with chronic use for a long period of time. Not the ocassional use because of an upper respiratory infection, It will help your baby breath easier and will allow things to calm down in his lungs.
Sometimes that is all our bodies need to get back on track for ourselves.
I understand your comcerns but he will not be on it long enough to suffer side effects.
But as with anything, if he gets worse or does not improve even with the fist dose, call your Dr. You should see a response pretty quickly with it.

Good luck J..
I hope your baby feels better soon!


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It works, I have a 5 yr old with severe asthma and that is sometimes the only thing that will open him up. I don't really know the side affects but it does work.

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The doctor wouldn't have prescribed it if he didn't think he needed it. It is a very low dose of steroids. The constant wheezing is worse for him than the medication.


Yes, my son has been on it 4 times since he was 8 months...he just turned 1 yesterday. I find it does help...the only thing I notice with him, is he might get a little kranky. I don't like having to give it to him either due to the strength...but I also don't want him in the ER because he can't breathe. My son goes on it for 5 days and it clears up the wheezing. I hope your son feels better soon!!!


My daughter is now 2 1/2 and is doing much better but starting at 5 months she had her first cold....which instantly turned into wheezing, we have struggled with controlling her asthma ever since. I will not bore or scare you with all the details, but if your doctor thinks he needs prednisone, please give it to him. My daughter has unfortunately taken it many times. She is now well controlled due to several asthma medications, and a cold remains just a cold. She has suffered no side effects from the many times she has had to take steroids. If you are truly worried, or questioning your pediatrician get a second opinion or ask to see a specialist. Hope he feels better soon!!

we have used this with all 3 of my children and yes it works. the only adverse reaction i saw was my oldest son got very itchy after being on it for multiple days. if this happens, you can give him benadryl--although check with your doctor because he is still so young. i would also reccommend taking him to a respiratory specialist. my ped was always hesistant to put my son on long term steroids and he was hospitalized 4 times (and almost intubated the last time) before i took him to a specialist. i wish i had done it much much sooner. good luck. you could also try giving him cod liver oil, it is supposed to help respiratory health. A.

My little guy had to be hospitalized with breathing problems when he was just 6 weeks old (he's almost 9 months now). He was given Prednisolone as well as breathing treatments with a nebulizer. The prednisolone did help with the wheezing, and he made a full recovery within a few weeks. As far as side effects go, what we experienced was a starving, grouchy baby. He gained two pounds in four days- quite a lot when he was only nine pounds to start with! He was also very irritable, which was a complete personality change. These side effects disappeared within a few days of discontinuing the medication. Well, the weight stayed on, but he wasn't ravenous anymore! Basically, what I would tell you from my own experience is that Prednisolone works- just be prepared for an off week if you choose to give it to your son. Hope this helps!

they just put my 4 month old on it and she has not eaten or slept properly since, i get this in pill form for my astmatic lungs and i dislike what it does to me, and have stopped giving it to her in hopes that her sleeping and eating patterns back to normal, however for the 3 days that she was given it her lungs are far less bubbly and raspy

I've had asthma most of my life and both of my children had to be on prednisone (as well as me) before. Yes, it is a strong drug and has multiple side effects, but if your baby is suffering with breathing and wheezing, you don't have much of a choice. Are they doing nebulizer treatments too? What are the other medications and symptoms? Moodiness might be a side effect and soft stool as well as increased hunger. Usually, you have to worry about calcium depletion, but if it's only for a few days he should bounce back. IMHO 3 days is not going to provide a very therapeutic level, but maybe because he's so young they don't want him on it too long.

Feel free to email me directly if you want to talk more. ____@____.com

Thanks and good luck. I know how hard it is to watch your baby suffer.

My son was on it when he was a baby! He always got a bad cough and wheezing and the prednisone helped. He is on it right now! He is 5 years old now! He wasn't breathing on Sunday and I took him to doctor and they did 2 nebulizer treatments in the office and I have a inhaler and the prednisone for home. He is feeling better! If doctor prescribed it, it should be safe! His cough could turn to amunnia and get worse! Humidifier helped my son! GOOD LUCK! It's NOT FUN when kids are sick! I have twins So one is sick and then shortly after the other one gets sick too!Hope he feels better!

Hi- when my baby was about 16 mnths old, he had his second bout of croup. They have him sine prednisolone in the hospital and then the next day the doctor gave us a prescription for it in case he got it again. He is the type of baby who catches hints just by looking at other kids. The steamy shower, going out into the cold air didn't seem to help him. The medicine did. The second night, his barking, croupy cough was gone. And he could sleep. Good luck!

Hi J. Z
I am sorry that your little man is having so much trouble & hope he gets better real quick.
I was fortunate not to have to do it when she was that little, but my daughter has been on prednisone many times in her 19 years. Always for upper respitory infections which cause wheezing. It helped so much the first time that I really didn't mind the next. As the MD told me it won't hurt them taking it 10 days and under and it helps them get rid of the extra mucus they have built up and their body isn't getting rid of naturally. MD told me wheezing and struggling the way she was was more serious then taking a med for it.
However, I found if I didn't wait so long to go to the MD then he didn't have to give it. I also found that grape juice helps rid the body of that mucus as does vinegar. I don't recommend those for such a tiny little fellow, but for anyone with a 2yo & up, it works great. 2T of vinegar will gag up a lot of mucus, at least it did/does my daughter-- 4oz of grape juice daily given when you first see a cold coming on will help protect the bronchial tubes which MD always said was our daughters problem. She was diagnosed with sickness induced asthma.
God bless you with wisdom as you walk along the path
K. SAHM married 39 years --- adult children 38,33 and twins 19

My son just got through a serious case of croup. His wheezing and coughing was intense, and he needed the Prednisolone. It's the only thing that helped clear it up and got him breathing normally.

No side effects that I could tell, and it really helped him feel better.

Good luck! I hope he feels better soon.

My son will be 2 in December and he was on it for 10 days last month for the an URI and asthma. Within 3 days I notice a big difference and now he's fine. I was a little worried about giving it to him at first too, but he won't be on it for that long.

Hi J.,

My son was dx with croup at about 5 months, and was prescribed Prednisolone. I did see an improvement, though we were also given a script for a nebulizer to use at home with Albuterol treatments every 2-3 hours. He was wheezing so badly, he was breathing every second. The two medications together helped a lot. We found out within the year that our son has seasonal asthma, and when he gets a cold, many times it turns into croup. Best of luck with your little guy. Hope he feels better soon!

My son had been on it once, maybe twice. I hated giving it to him but I also hated that he couldn't breathe so of course I did. I think it made him hyper and affected his sleep - he was wired - but it was just a small amount prescribed and it was only for a short time. I also think it gave him mood swings - but that my opinion and considering he was REALLY SICK - that could have contributed just as much.

Yes, I have used it when it was an emergency situation. However, when the sypmtoms subsided, I stopped using it. So if the sypmtoms stopped after day 1, I no longer gave it to him. Please note that my child could not breath and was not SLIGHTLy weazing. When he is slightly weazing, I do not give it to him. I also give him fish oil,now cod liver oil, which has helped to reduce the weazing bouts.

My daughter was on prednisolone for an allergic reaction at around the same age. She was too young to tell me if she felt any relief from her hives. We did not see any side effects. Good luck with your son. J.

I've never used it for any of my children, but I found out the hard way that I am allergic to it.

The side effects for me were chest pains, rapid heart rate,hard to catch my breath, and abdominal inflammation.

If your doctor prescribed it, read all the information ahead of time.

Hi J.,
I have used prednislone for my daughter now for 2 years. She was diagnosed with Asthma a little after she turned 1. It works really well. FAST! I think you should give it to him. If he has an upper respitory infection thus should knock it right out! How ever you should monitor him for MORE asthma related symptoms! Please know that the medication is a STEROID!


Is he on a nebulizer. If he is, the steroids can be
given that way. If not you may want to ask about
a nebulizer. Very effective way to treat wheezing.

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