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Anyone Know a Good Psychiatrist Within 25 Miles of Camarillo ?

I have tried 4 different psychiatrists since January and I keep running into this cycle of MDs that talk to me for initially 10 minutes than each visit for 5 minutes, hand me a prescription: " Here, if what you are taking is not working, double it, or try something new" has been the standard response so far. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced anything better? Is it just me being unrealistic, or is this psych industry the least talked about most overcharging ($450 initial visit) underperforming profession of the century?
The bottom line is I need help finding someone who can help me with my depression, my family is suffering because of it, I am drowning with all the resources available to me, I can't seem to find adequate help. I am taking Cymbalta 60 mg now, some say I need to stop all together, some say I need to double it, some say I need something completely different....talk about inconsistency. I can't trust any of this.
I am experiencing frequent ups and downs....I mean really down to suicidal downs.

What can I do next?

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I live in Camarillo. I'm sorry to hear that you feel so down. If you ever want to get together, I'm always looking to meet new people. I'm a good listener. I wanted to be a Psychologist when I "grew up" but became a mom instead (not that I don't use the skills that I learned every once in a while). I know of a great lady in Oxnard. Her name is Linda Cameron and she works primarily with women. She does individual and group therapy. She also does a women's retreat once a year and different classes throughout the year also. Her phone number is ###-###-####.
I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck!!

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble with depression. I'm sure it's really hard on your family.

That being said, you are right about it being a guessing game for psychiatrists. The reason they have to keep guessing on the diagnosis as well as the treatment is that there is not standard way of treating "mental illness". Unfortunately, psychiatrists don't practice science. According to dictionary.com, science is defined as 1. A branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws: the mathematical sciences. and 7. Skill, esp. reflecting a precise application of facts or principles; proficiency. So, the truth is that there is NO science to psychiatry or psychology. None of there research show any sort of laws or "precise application of facts or principles; proficiency". That's why you can't get a medication that works or a psychiatrist that knows what he's doing because they don't know what they are doing. The truth is THEY DON'T KNOW THE CAUSE OF MENTAL ILLNESS. If you don't know the cause, how in the heck are you going to have a cure? This is something that they will in fact admit to. They don't have a cure because they don't know the cause.

The medication has serious side affects that hurt your nervous system permanently and the damage can't be reversed. If you don't believe me, look at the long list of side effects. It's right there. Please stop taking medication! If you want more information on alternatives, give me a call.

Thanks for listening.

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I have been seeing dr. Kassem at Clinicas.They have done the same with me. It is not a perfected science. What yo need is some one easy to get to who is available easily. They need to be smart. It is not easy to find what will work with the right person I know, I am on 15 meds right now. the still don't have it right and I can tell you it is a mix of definately PTSD ( (which they don't believe yet I have experienced every simptom of for years), post traumatic stress disorder (which they mostly blame), manic depression ( an old diagnosis), and demension (which is my added guess because I'm a 26 year old sun downer). anyway be honest with them and complain til their ears fall off and you feel better. phones help too. they can chang your dose over the phone sometimes. mine has. be carefull with the stuff they give you and take it just as they tell you though and if you have problems go to the hospital. oh, and my family is having a hard time dealing with all of this too. I'm supposed to be mommy, insted i'm like zombie, bitc# moodswinging, crying, away from everyone, can't work, screams when people touch her wrong K.. I know what you mean. sorry. It sucks huh. I'm supposed to be the one taking care of people and now people are taking care of me. I hope they find my meds right soon. I have ups and downs more than anyone I know. Distractions help. Breathing exercises help. exercise helps. I started a garden to distract myself. Crafts help too. Find your thing and use it. get enough sleep, not too much. eat right. exercise, keep active and productive, and follow your schedule. don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

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Hi there,

you sound just like me. I have severe depression
and the meds I am taking just don't seem to help enough.
My family is also suffing very much!!!
If you need to talk email me and also would
you let me know what you find out?

Hang in There, Every one keeps telling me
things will be okay (ha ha)actually,
I am tired of hearing this,
just make it okay then already!

Good luck,

mom,39 with twin boy/girl and older boy.

I live in Camarillo. I'm sorry to hear that you feel so down. If you ever want to get together, I'm always looking to meet new people. I'm a good listener. I wanted to be a Psychologist when I "grew up" but became a mom instead (not that I don't use the skills that I learned every once in a while). I know of a great lady in Oxnard. Her name is Linda Cameron and she works primarily with women. She does individual and group therapy. She also does a women's retreat once a year and different classes throughout the year also. Her phone number is ###-###-####.
I hope to hear from you soon. Good luck!!


I am sorry to hear that you are struggling so much with your depression and I am sorry to hear that you cant find a doctor that can help you. I suffered from depression yaers ago so I know what you are going through. I saw Dr. Neil Rocklin for my depression awhile ago. He has 2 offices, one in Camarillo and another one in Woodland Hills. I believe he is a Psychologist rather than a psychiatrist but if you need medication then he can always send you to soemone who can take care of that for you. I had a very positive experience with him. He was caring, concerned and helped me reach the root of my problems. With his help and the proper medication I have not been depressed for years. Hang in there, I know its tough but it will get better, have faith. Good luck to you and God Bless.

I don't have any dr recommendations, but I wonder if you're seeing a psychologist in addition to a psychiatrist. What you describe in terms of care from a psychiatrist is fairly typical. Psychiatrists generally treat the chemical side of things while psychologists treat the emotional/psychological side of things. That's definitely an incredible oversimplification, but it is the gist.

I personally think that the best course is to see a psychologist who specializes in depression once a week. The psychologist will see and notice when your meds need to be tweaked and will suggest that you see the psychiatrist. Most psychologists know and can recommend good psychiatrists to see.

I wish you all the best.

Hi M.,

A few years ago I took my then 11 year old daughter to this psychiatrist who was wonderful. He did not advise putting her on medication which was great because I wasn't going to anyway. I just wanted to know what we were possibly dealing with. He has an office in Westlake Village and Santa Barbara. His name is Gerald Correa and his westlake office number is ###-###-####. There is also a fabulous naturopath doctor in Westlake who is also a medical doctor and I also took my daughter there. His name is John Horton and his number is ###-###-####. Neither of them thought she should be on medication which is a switch from most doctors, including our pediatrician. She had a combo of anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Have you ever thought of seeing an energy healer? Just thought I would throw that out to you. My personal opinion is that a lot of people are on meds that don't need to be and I know you are getting a lot of opinions being thrown your way. Good luck in your quest and I hope the universe brings you what you need!

Hi M.,

This is my friends husband...Good for you to reach out!! Depression is debilitating and makes it impossible to enjoy life.I have had my struggles too,so I "get it"...May you see the sunshine very soon!!!

Sending you peace


Dr. Bruce Whitney Psychologist
2239 Townsgate Road
Suite 104
Westlake Village, California 91361
Show map Contact Information
phone: ###-###-####
fax: ###-###-#### Email me
Send profile to friend

“Dr. Whitney pursued a career in Clinical Psychology in order to further his deep desire to help individuals suffering with the emotional pain and upheaval that life can bring. He enjoys an extraordinary ability to create a collaborative trust based connection with his patients, which brings the reward of personal growth and stimulates the healing process. With more than 22 years in the mental health profession, and 18 plus years in private practice, Dr. Whitney continues to expand his education and experience to include a wide variety of psychotherapeutical skill sets.

Dr. Whitney specializes in the treatment of Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and issues relating to anxiety or fears. He is advanced at working with dissociate disorders and marital problems.

Dr. Whitney also enjoys teaching biofeedback and relaxation methodology techniques for coping with stress, and severe pain management. On a day-to-day basis, he offers psychological services to the community, which includes individual, marital, group psychotherapy, family issues, and divorce mediation.”
Dr. Bruce Whitney offers a free phone consultation
To arrange a time, send an email to Dr. Bruce Whitney

Gender: Male
Years in Practice: 15+ Years
Avg Cost (per session): $140 - $150
Sliding Scale: Yes
Accepts Insurance: Yes
Please ask about your health
insurance coverage when you
arrange your first visit.
Ethnicity: Any
Gender: All
Religious Orientation: Any
Age: Adolescents, Adults
Graduate School: California Coast
License No. and State: PSY14884 California
(Strengths in green)
Trauma and PTSD
Anxiety or Fears
Relationship Issues
Addictions or Substance Abuse
Child or Adolescent Issues
Chronic Pain or Illness
Domestic Abuse or Violence
Eating Disorders
Gay Lesbian Issues
Life Coaching
Loss or Grief
Dissociative Disorders
Impulse Control Disorders
Personality Disorders
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
Nearby Towns: Newbury Park, CA, Thousand Oaks, CA, Westlake Village, CA
Nearby Counties: Ventura
Nearby Zips: 91320, 91361, 91362


I have gone through the same thing with a little different condition. There are good psychiatrists; I just havent found one in Ventura yet. I had a great one in Santa Maria but our insurance change right before we moved otherwise I would probably visit him a few times a year.

Due to my last psychiatrist refusing to refill my meds unless I made an appointment with him each month, I SLOWLY weaned myself off the meds. I have become very educated about my condition and vigilant about my mental and physical health.

Amazingly I also have experience with having twin boys and a girl although they are 19 and 17 now. I also have an almost 6 year old boy. So I have some real life advice about that as well.

My advice: First off make sure that you have some time for yourself. I am talking an afternoon to do whatever you want to or nothing at all. Leave the house and just read a book, go to the movies (my favorite), window shop, walk at the beach or a great park or hiking, ride a bike. Give your mind and soul a break. I am not sure of you childrens ages but I am guessing that they are still young because of you question about car seats. Having 3 children young and close together(?) is like juggling without a break. If you don't step back and take a break there will be times when you will drop the ball. A human body and mind can not take it. If you say "we can't afford help for me to take an afternoon off" think of the cost of the doc's and meds. What if taking care of yourself means that you don't have to deal with those. What would you be saving? Anyway I will get off my soap box and give you just a few more pointers before I go.

*Make sure you are getting plenty of water.
*If you drink coffee limit to a couple cups per day.
*Limit the amount of sugar you have and try to always have a protein along with it.
*This also includes limiting or ridding your life of alcohol.
*Rid your cupboards of High Fructose Corn Syrup and read all labels when shopping so you don't bring into your kitchen.
*Get some relaxing exersize everyday.
*Take a one a day vitamin and a Omega 3 fatty acid supplement everyday. Make sure you have something in your stomach.
*Do something everyday for yourself even if it is a bubble bath. Find a place in your home or backyard (or patio) that you can go to for relaxation. The TV will not relax your mind so I recommend books for your enjoyment (not educational).

Feel free to email me if you need to talk. There are a couple great support groups in Ventura through DBSA. One meets in the afternoon twice a month and the other meets every Tuesday evening. Leave the kids with dad for the evening and try it out sometime. Learn how other people are dealing with their depression.

Take deep breaths,


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