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Anyone Heard of "Cradle Cap" on a 19 Month Old??

So my daughter had cradle cap as an infant that took forever to go away but it did I think! Now I noticed when I pull her hair back she has a patch of it. I am wondering if I havent been getting shampoo off that part good enough when she gets bathed. I cant find much on internet for that age.. Should I take her to doc or just try to use oil,scrubbing,etc.. thanks!

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Thank you all for the great advise.. You are great!!

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Try using Selsun Blue shampoo on her hair. It works on my son, who's 2 now, and has just recently finally stopped having it!
Good luck!

My three year old had it this winter. His doctor said to use a little baby oil, let it sit for a few minutes and use a hair brush to get it out. It did the trick for the most part. It came back again but not as bad. This time I switched to a kids shampoo instead of a baby shampoo and that did the trick. Good Luck!

My youngest son fought that stuff till he was in kingergarden. I would put baby oil on his head about 5 minutes before he would shower then use a dandruff shampoo on his head. The Paul Mitchell's "Tea Tree" was the best. (I think that is the name of it)
Good luck!


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My son still had cradle cap when he was 2. The doctor told us to put hydrocortisone cream on once a day. It made his hair greasy, and I'm sure the other parents thought we never bathed our kid, but it really worked. In a couple of weeks it was all gone.

My son has had it off and on for his first 4 years of life. The doctor says it's dandruff. Treat it with a dandruff shampoo. I also use Paul Mitchell Tea Tree conditioner once a week, and it seems to keep it under control.

My 3 1/2 yr old still gets patches of cradle cap we just wash and use a soft bristle brush and use conditioner at least once a week to keep his scalp from drying out

My daughter had it when she was younger, we used vaseline and brushed it in with a baby brush, She hasn't had it since... I hope that works.... Let us know!

Hi A., I'm a pharmacist and my son is 7 and just started having similar issues with his scalp. It is probably seborrheic dermatitis (which is basically what cradle cap is). I did the oil with some scrubbing and then washed his hair with t-gel shampoo(I let it sit for about 5 min). I have only done it once so far but it seemed to help. It is thought to be fungal in nature, so you could also try Nizoral shampoo (1% is now over the counter), or you could try some of the other dandruff type shampoos such as selsun blue, or head and shoulders. You are looking for anything with selenium sulfide, tar, ketoconazole, or zinc pyrithione in the label. I just realized how young your daughter is...it may be a little bit more difficult for you to wash her hair with some of these shampoos b/c they are not "no tears", so you may want to just do the oil/scrubbing first and see how that works. Good luck...I would probably try that before going to the doctor.


Try using Selsun Blue shampoo on her hair. It works on my son, who's 2 now, and has just recently finally stopped having it!
Good luck!

YES! Even on my 4 year old!!! We had a tough time with a patch of it on top of her head. I knew that I was scrubbing adequately enough, had tried rubbing in a little oil,etc. Her doctor had even given us a prescription for Nizoral shampoo(which I didn't buy), but the best thing seemed to be using a very fine-toothed comb and just getting under it, lifting it out right after a bath. This was not pleasant for her because it made her scalp pink from me trying to scrape under the stuff. We also usually brought out several hairs with it, but now her hair looks great and has gotten somewhat thicker all over.

My son who is now 21 months STILL has small spots on his head that have cradle cap.Course he has alot of hair so it's not noticable unless I actually look or it.But it doesn't bother him, it's not from shampoo and it will eventually go away on it's on without doing anything at all.I never done any of the tricks to get rid of it on either of my children.I just let it go away on it's on.

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