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Anyone Have Significant Weight Gain Around Middle/adrenal Fatigue/low Energy?

I would love to hear from other women out there who might be experiencing or have experienced similar health issues -- especially if anyone has battled this and overcome it. My youngest is 3 1/2 now, but instead of losing the "baby weight", I ended up gaining about 30 pounds. So much of it is around my middle, which I know is a sign of stress and possibly related to insulin resistance? Basically a result of being way too stressed out for too long and eating the wrong kinds of foods (and not exercising). I am very sensitive to simple carbs now, so I try to limit them (but honestly, when stress gets to me, I still turn to the worst kinds of foods to "get me through"). A lab test about a year ago showed that I have "adrenal fatigue", and at that time it was hard for me even getting through a 15 minute workout (anything more than that would cause fatigue that would last a few days -- very frustrating!). I finally felt I was over that after really trying to take good care of myself for several months. Last fall I started working with a personal trainer and lost about 5 pounds. Initially I was feeling really good, but within a month or so I developed tremors and exercise-induced migraines. Needless to say, I am not doing any strenuous exercise at this time. I plan to start doing some basic yoga at home. I guess I'm just reaching out to anyone who has gone through similar experiences. It would help immensely to know if/how you've been able to overcome this. Like most SAHM/WAHMs, I have so much I really need to do everyday, and it's so frustrating that I have SUCH a hard time focusing and getting up the energy to do anything beyond the most critical tasks each day. It's also quite frustrating to have such a huge middle and do have such a hard time losing weight. I know eating right is critical, as well as exercise, but even when I'm doing all those things, weight loss is painfully slow for me. But honestly, I would rather feel energetic and motivated than be able to lose weight, if I had to choose! I appreciate feedback from anyone who has first-hand experience with similar issues (or 2nd-hand -- any meaningful advice would be fantastic!).
Thanks everyone.

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Hi S.,
Thank you for being honest with your frustrations regarding your situation. Identifying and recognizing the problem is the first step towards ending the cycle and starting a healthier life.

I had my last baby at 41+years of age. Seemed normal at the time, but now I know was a rather advanced maternal age. I gained lots of weight, moved numerous times, was beyond stressed, then was seriously injured in a terrible accident. I've had adrenal fatigue, kidney/liver damage, muscle/ligament injuriess, fibromyalgia, and no energy to get out of bed some days. I am not yet a 100%, but am getting there day by day.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no one on this planet who is better designed and able to raise your precious children than you. They are counting on you.

Here are my simple steps to staying healthy:

Simple, gentle exercise and stretching, like walking with the kids, the dog, alone...start with 15-20 minutes, work up to 30. Where good supportive shoes and stretch your calves when your done. Today I gardened, sometimes I swim. Cleaning windows, mopping, sweeping - all of this counts towards building stamina.

Eat lots of fresh fruits. Every morning I cut up fresh fruit for the family for breakfast, refrigerate the leftovers, then enjoy throughout the day. Eat whole grain breads, like Ezekial for breakfast.

Same with veggies, lean meats, fish, nuts, yogurts. Take a good pre-natal multi-vitamin. Plan dinner after breakfast is done. Make it early and eat it early.

Play outside with the children. Lay on a blanket on the grass. You'll get natural Vit D & K from the sunshine.

After western medicine did all they could for me, I started seeing an accupuncurist/herbalist. This really kick started my immune system and I was extremely impressed with the immediate and lasting results. They also did a Chinese type of auridology, which is placing herbal seeds on points on the ears. I had so many seeds on my ears due to all my problems, that people would just stare at my ears in shock. I didn't care b/c for the first time I was feeling better, more energetic, I slept better, I was motivated to eat better, I was in less pain. LIfe was looking good again.

I also have tried and have been very happy with using EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique. The results for pain specifically have been quite remarkable. This is a totally FREE technique you can learn on youube. It is a self-tapping of your acccupressure points. Very impressive results I must say. Honestly, google it, learn it and give it a try. You will be impressed too.

IN a nutshell: Eat foods as natural as possible and cut way back on the junk/bad stuff. Don't have it around so it's not there when you're feeling low. Move more. Anyway you like. Dance with the kids, play hide and go seek with them, walk with them. SLEEP well. Make sure you get a good nights rest. Go to bed by 10pm every night. Brush your teeth, put on nice smelling lotion, and cuddle into bed for sweet dreams. Ask family/friends for assistance in getting your new life style started. And SIMPLIFY your life so that you have the time and energy to devote to your family and you.

I hope you feel well soon.

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My youngest is 14 and I have dealt with the belly weight all this time until now. I have been taking Himalayan GoChi juice for 4 years now. Great product I sleep like a baby it has taken away my migraines,joint pain and fatigue. It is just an over all make you feel wonderful drink and better yet it is preservative free all natural. They just came out with a weight loss product TAIslim and in 2 months I have lost 15 lbs and the belly is leaving finally. I have tried so many things and this works. No side effects shakiness or anything. I have so much energy I am up and at boot camp 3 days a week by 520 a.m. back get my 4 kids ready for school. Clean the house run a in home daycare and have dinner and after school activities in the afternoon. I normally go to bed at around 900pm and I wake up ready to go again. These products are so worth the try they offer a 90 day money back guarantee. You can see more info at Barbgarcia.com or feel free to call me at ###-###-####

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About 6-9 months ago I began haveing skin breakouts, severe fatigue and also panic attacks. After having blood work done by my primary care physician and OB/GYN for hormone related issues, I contacted a Naturopathic doctor who then diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue. The bad news is that the adrenal gland affects EVERYTHING in your body from sleeping, to weight loss to your immune system. The good thing is that there are a lot of supplements that you can take to help you feel better. B-vitamin complex for high stress can be found anywhere (Costco, Wal-mart, etc.) and helps with energy. Also calcium, magnesium and zinc are good. I also take super high doses of vitamin c and flaxseed oil. Melatonin can also help your sleeping at night become more restful. There is also a specific adrenal support tablet called Isocort which helps rebuild the adrenal gland. It is only available from a naturopathic doctor I believe. I also get a high-energy multi-vitamin and a liver detox tablet from my naturopath as well. My doctor also told me to lay down and close my eyes every day for at least 20 minutes, even if I don't sleep. The act of closing your eyes begins the body's rebuilding process. I have been taking the combination for about 6 months and feel much better. It can take a very long time to rebuild the adrenal so progress is slow. The doctor I went to is a bit expensive (About $400 with exam and all of the supplements) and wasn't covered by insurance but it was well worth it to get some answers and relief. If you would like the doctor's name or contact info, please contact me. I hope this helps.

L. Smith
Founder, Canine Liver Disease Foundation
"Helping to Heal"

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I developed Insuin Resistance after the birth of my third child.

I was so frustrated that my weight always stayed at my pregnancy high even after giving birth and it was all around my middle UG! I had no energy, couldn't focus and would fall asleep right after eating.

I finally started taking Metformin for the Insulin Resistance, the side effects are pretty rough at first (it made me very nauseated and gave me headaches) but I am determined to power through the adjustment period and hope to see results soon.

The Insulin Resistance also is comorbid with PCOS which has been affecting my fertility, so I am determined to loose the weight to help with fertility.

I found it helpful to also follow the Insulin reistance diet book. It is all about linking and balancing carbs with protein. I am finding that helpful as well.

I would advise a good workup with an endocrinologist.

Good luck to us both!

Your body is speaking to you....it's telling you that it lacks certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I would be more than happy to work with you and have you feeling better than you ever have. Drop me a note if you are interested.

Have a great day,


I am teachig "mommy and me class",you can joing us.
Kat ###-###-####)

Hello fellow Mommy. I struggle with low energy and have since I got pregnant with my 18 mo daughter. I recently started taking an iron vitamin that has truly increased my energy level about 30-35%. Plus, I still need a mountain dew mid day to get me thru the afternoon without a nap. But before the iron vitamin I would drink a coke in addition to my mountain dew.
I know diet is important and it is sometimes harder to eat healthy opposed to eating easy... but if you can try to keep away from sugars like cake and candy. Easier said than done I struggle with it daily, but I do notice a difference in my energy level.
I also try to start my day by going to an exercise class first thing and that really helps to get both me and my daughter going on the right path. Plus in a class you don't need much self motivation cause all the other mom's around you help to get you through the class.
Hope this helps.
God bless you.

Wow you just decribed me. Thanks for asking. I don't have any advise for you but I am able to read what people write to you. I just went to my Dr. and told him about my problem, same as yours except I DO excersize a lot and still gain wieght. He checked my thyroid and said all is fine with me and I should cut out carbs. I was already cutting most carbs. Needless to say I was frustrated with him. But, I guess I just excepted that I will be overweight, my family is very overweight and I will just have to work harder to not get to 300 lbs. I will try some of the stuff people recomend to you. Thanks again, and good luck!

I wished that I had advice... but, I was honestly looking on here to see what responses you had gotten, since I am in a similar situation. Except (not to scare you... because it happened because of giving birth), that it still going unchecked for so long... I had a stroke 6 months ago. 12 days after giving birth to my youngest. So now, I am even more limited on what I can do. So - I hope you get some advice, as I too would love to hear it. Hang in there! You see people losing weight all the time on the Biggest Loser... so there has to be a way out there somewhere.... right?!?

Hi S.,
We are about the same age and I have a 4 1/2 year old son. When I had my other children, at a much younger age it was very easy to lose the weight. My last child (having him in my thirties) I just think takes a harder toll on the body. We have to work much harder, and see even smaller results. The main thing is that you can not give up. Weight loss does not come easy or fast. (especially in the tummy area) What worked for me was first of all (taking a vitamin) I take (one a day womens) start out walking about 15, 20 minutes a day. (walking is still proven to be a very successful form of exercise) you have to work your way up to going to the gym. And even at the gym you can walk on the treadmill. This works well if you live in areas with bad weather. (too hot, too windy, too cold) there are many gyms that have day care inside of them. My gym (L.A Fitness) only cost 10.00 a month per child. You may be tired as well, if your body is carrying around too much weight. Once you start to lose the weight it helps a lot with your energy level. I also had to put myself on some sort of schedule as far as eating. Eat a bigger breakfast and less carbs throughout the day. Any big meals would put me straight in a "sleepy zone" i'm sorry but food does that. I would say, just start out very slow with the exercise. (watch your food intake, at least what times you are eating and how it affects your energy level) The main thing, is that when you start to get sleepy. force yourself to get up and move about. Once you start moving you are fighting the "sleepy monster" and the calories that are trying to just live in your body and turn into fat. You have to burn your food off. (somehow) I would find little projects around my house to focus on. Take some time and write down all of the things you need to do around the house. (clean a book shelf, under sinks, scrapbook pictures, dust off photos, laundry, folding, throw out old toys, get rid of old dishes) I started being so creative. It's like everytime I got rid of a bag of clutter, I lost weight. I don't know how they relate, but they somehow do. Maybe it was just not allowing myself to just (sit there) As a SAH/WAH mom your time is probably already busy doing all of this. But you can involve the children in a fun way. They will love the short walks and being involved with cleaning things out and putting things in bags.
Good luck, and keep in touch with your progress!!!


Hi S.,
I have been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 25 years and I have definitely met many women with this problem. I had my kids at 36 and 38 so I know how it feels to be 37 with little ones.
There are so many possible things that could be causing the problem but you sound as though you really know pretty much what it is. You say you are stressed, have adrenal fatique and most likely a insulin resistance which is just a step away from diabetes type 2. You also seem to know how to fix it but have not gotten to the place you need to to make the changes that you know you have to. Having little ones is so stressfull and especially with them so close together. Remember that you want to set a great example for those little ones by eating right and exercising. Also, your trainer may have been working you to hard. We seem to feel that if it doesn't hurt it can't be working. That if we don't spend 45 minutes to an hour working out it will never work. Who has 45 minutes to an hour with two little ones and a home and lord knows what else you have to do in a day. I have some suggestions that might be helpful for you. If you'd like, email me at ____@____.com so I can share some more information with you. It would also help to be able to ask you specific questions. In the mean time, try to take 10 minutes a day to just move, dance, take a walk just for 10 minutes. You have to start somewhere and belive me when you start exercising, eating right and taking some good quality supplements you will gain energy. I gaurantee. I can certainly make some recomendations on diet and supplementation as well. My websites are www.fitnessandpilates.com and www.shaklee.net/choosetobehealthy and check out my blog as well www.fitnessandpilates.com/blog/.

S., I would love to hear from you and I would love to help.

HI S., I too suffered from Adrenal fatigue after my first child (34 yrs) I'm now pregnant with my 2nd at 37. I went to Dr Susan Wilder at Lifescape medical associates (Bell/101) she is wonderful and has a more natural approach to things, she did several tests on me the first one being a complete anlysis of the vitamins and minerals in my system and where I was lacking, 2nd test was for food intolerances (not allergies) I found out that I was intolerant to 24 different foods from white sugar to wheat to a whole group of vegetables. eating these foods can have several affects on ones body from headaches to bloating to weight gain to fatigue, muscle aches etc. lastly she did a check for adrenal fatigue and found that I was out of wack in several areas, I was given a diet to follow and several different supplements to help me. all of this is a process and can be expensive but worth it to me because I was tired of just guessing or trying things on my own. I'm extremly tired with this pregnancy so I know I will most likely have to restart my regimen of supplements once the baby is born, but at least I know what my triggers are now. I really hope you find the relief you are looking for it is really hard to feel this way and I sympathize with you.

I would suggest you get a consult with Steven Komadina, M.D. at ###-###-#### if you are in Albuquerque. He will be able to give you lots of suggestions and do lab work to see what is going on. It is not normal and you should not have to live like that. I too was very tired all the time...but now feel so much better. Good luck

I have dealt with adrenal fatigue. It is a facet of something called "Wilson's Syndrome." (not to be confused with wilson's disease, which is totally different) I see a naturopath and take a T-3 supplement and that makes all the difference in the world. Check out www.wilsonssyndrome.com to see if you feel like you fit the symptom picture. I see Dr. Gladys Ceballos-Logan in Gilbert for my treatment.

All the symptoms you have listed make it sound like to you need to detoxify your body. Spring is the best time of year to do an internal cleanse. There are some excellent products from the Amazon rainforest that cleanse and support all those organs of elimination. They are completely all natural, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and they work. If you want more information about specifics feel free to contact me or visit my website: www.shootingstarherbs.amazonherb.net.

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